Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Glow Lil Glow-Worm

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Glow Li'l Glow-Worm

Glow Li'l Glow-Worm

Glow li'l worm with a hot caboose
Hey li'l critter is yer tail light loose?
Light up the night with your Morse-code flasher
Peek-a-booing with your dot and dasher
Hey there bug when it's deep and dark out
That is the time when I'd like to park out.
Feed your li'l flame and blow, blow, blow!
Glow li'l glow-worm, glow.

Lovers smoochin' on a moonless night
Wax romantic with a fire fly's flight.
Flash in the fog, now dive and twist
Pretend you're a spirit or a will-o-the wisp:
Goblins playin' at touch and go
That's how the glimmering glow-worms glow
Gleam in the steam of the stream and glow!
Glow li'l glow-worm, glow.
Hey there bug with bowels afire
Fairy buggy with a hot spare tire
You aren't fit for carrying mail, Yer
More like a Florida rocket failure
Winter nights are not the same out:
Frost has put the glow--worm's flame out
Shovel the coal on, melt the snow:
Glow li'l glow-worm, glow.

Glow lil' glow-worm, peek-a-boo ember
Scabbin' on a U.E.W. member
Somebody's bound to catch that bug out;
Somebody's sure gonna pull his plug out!
Fan your fanny till the fire gets redder,
Ya still won't light no double-header
I'm gonna stay, but fellas know
That bug's gotta GLOW!

So Glow lil' glow-worm, evanescent,
Glow like a broken-down fluourescent:
Could be your bulb has a burnt out starter
Maybe you got a burr in your garter.
Light up the faces of the furtive smoochers
Peek at the amateur hootchy-cootchers.
Fan your flame and let-er glow!
Glow li'l glow-worm, glow.

Glow lil' glow worm, park patrolman,
Diogenes withg a cold-light Coleman
Flash between two sweaty faces
Love finds fire in the funniest places!
Hey lil' fella, turn the switch on
Look at all the folks that you could snitch on!
Light that poop-deck Sterno, glow!
Glow li'l glow-worm, glow.

Twilight flows like velvet vapour
Glow worm glows like a distant taper
Nuzzling shadows like a curious bunny
Shifty as a bee in search of honey
Flying at night by dots and dashes
--Wonder is that he never crashes
In the dusk by the stream 'neath the mistletoe
Kissed by the glow-worm's glow.
-- Kissed by the Glow-worm's glow,
-- Kissed -- by- the -- Glow-worm's -- glow.

From Spike Werner
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