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When I was a lad in nineteen six
I joined a band of Bolsheviks
I read the Manifesto and the Kapital
And I even learned to sing the Internationale
I sang that song in a voice so true
That now I'm in the prisons of the GPU

When Lenin's boys insurrection made
I found myself on a barricade
At Kerensky's troops I aimed my gun
And I never stopped shooting 'till the Reds had won.
I shot that gun with an aim so true etc.

When NEP was started and Lenin died
I found myself on Trotsky's side
Well, all went well 'till twenty-eight
And then I was forced to capitulate.
Well, my capitulation had a ring so true, etc.

Now, since that time I've had no peace
My steps have been dogged by the Secret Police.
I denounced the traitors, time and again
I denounced the traitors with tongue and pen.
And my denunciations had a ring so true, etc.
Now revisionists all, wherever you may be
If you want to be a success, like me ---
Confess to terrorism and espionage
To Counterrevolution and sabotage.
Adhere to the line of Lenin, too
And you'll wind up in the prisons of the GPU.

Note: Dick Eney has pointed out that the Russian pronunciation of the
    acronym  GPU--- Gay Pay Oo---may not be clear to non-Russians.

from Glazer Ballads for Sectarians
tune of Gilbert and Sullivan "When I was a Lad"
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