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Furry Day Carol

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Furry Day Carol

Furry Day Carol

Remember us poor Mayers all!
And thus we do begin -a,
To lead our lives in righteousness
Or else we die in sin-a.

With Holano, Holanto, Holanto,
Sing merry with Holanto,

We have been rambling half the night
And almost the day-a,
And now, returned back again,
We've brought you a branch of May-a.

O, we were up as soon as day,
To fetch the summer home-a,
The summer is a-coming on,
And the winters a-gone-a.
Then let us all most merry be,
And sing with a cheerful voice-a,
For we have good occasion now,
This time for to rejoice-a.

Saint George he next shall be our song:
Saint George, he was a knight-a,
Of all the men in Christendom,
Saint George he was the right-a.

God bless our land with power and might,
God send us peace in England,
Pray send us peace both day and night,
For ever in merry England.

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