Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Frog Kissing

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Frog Kissing

Frog Kissing
(Chet Atkins?)

Do you remember in the fairy tale
How the wicked witch's spell
Turned a handsome prince to a toad.
How the power of her potion,
Handed her the notion,
He was lower than the dirt in the road.
And though she left him green and warted,
Her evil plan was thwarted,
When there happened by a young miss.
Who in spite of his complexion,
Offered her affection
And broke the evil curse with a kiss.

If you've never been frog-kissin'.
Then you don't know what you've been missin'.
There's a world of opportunity,
Under each and every log.
If you've never been a charm breaker,
If you've never been a handsome prince maker.
Just slow down, turn around,
Bend down and kiss you a frog.

Once upon a time ago,
I was down and feelin' low,
Like a lonely frog in a pond.
Life was just a joke and
I was steadily a croakin',
I'd been zapped by life's wicked wand.
In the depth of my depression,
There came a true expression
Of love from a lady so sweet.
Who gave me warm fuzzy feelin's,
Feelin's that were healin',
And knocked me off my little web feet.


There's a happy ever after land,
Deep within the heart of man,
Where a prince or princess abides.
But all we catch are glimpses
Of handsome prince or princess
'cause they're covered by a green horny hide.
And thought they're full of life's potential,
They're lackin' one essential,
To enable them to shine like a star.
And that's for some guy or missus,
To smother them with kisses,
And to love 'em 'cause they're just who they are.

And that's the secret of frog-kissin',
You can do it too if you just listen.
You just slow down, turn around,
Bend down and kiss you a frog.

Of course, these lyrics have gone through the
'folk-process' in my mind and are only an
approximation of the original. But, yes, Chet
Atkins wrote it. I taped it off a Prairie Home
Companion with him performing it. I think he
might of played some guitar on it, too.RH

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