Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Freddy the Fishermans Son

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Freddy the Fisherman's Son

Freddy the Fisherman's Son
(Ruth Wallis)

Freddy the fisherman's son,
He's got all the girls on the run.
With his pole in his hand,
He goes fishing on land.
That way he say's it's more fun.

Freddy knows how the girls feel.
When they see his rod they all reel.
And this fabulous rod
Measures over a yard,
And a thing like that you can't conceal.

Under the moon
He hollers, "Harpoon!"
That means Freddy is at it again.
In some little nook
He is dropping his hook,
Playing the old fishing game.

When Freddy goes fishing at night,
He carries a great big flashlight.
And I know it sounds odd
It's tied onto his rod
The girls know his sinker by sight.

When Freddy was only a boy,
His pole was his only toy.
His Dad said, "You can bend it,
And ever extend it,
But once it gets broken you never can mend it

Then he had the awfullest fright.
He had just put his pole out of sight,
When some dizzy dame
Who was searching for fame
Tried to carve her initials one night.

He'll always remember
That day in September
He almost ran into his fate.
He met a big barracuda
Just up from Bermuda
And she wouldn't let go of his bait.

He sure had a narrow escape.
Took days to get back into shape.
His rod was all bent
And it had a big dent,
But he soon patched it up with scotch tape.

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