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Footprints on My Stomach

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Footprints on My Stomach

Footprints on My Stomach
(David Hughes(?))
D                                G
Well, I still recall the first time that I met you
D                                E  A7
I knew then I'd want you for my bride
     D                             G
You served me up the nicest mess o' hawg jowls
      D                    A7             D
With little bitty peas and onions on the side

   G        D
I never knew a woman who could cook the way you do
E                                    A    E
I gained nearly forty pounds and it's all because of you
         D              D7              G
Well, I nearly lost my dinner when you said we'd have to part
               G                 D               A                D
You left your footprints on my stomach when you walked out of my heart


When I saw your note my knees just started shaking

The good times that we shared were gone forever

I guess I must have panicked when I
How could I go on without you in my life
A mobile home, a pickup truck, a shotgun
I had all a man could want except a wife

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