Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Folk o the Border

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The Folk o' the Border

The Folk o' the Border

cho: I want tae be wi' the friendly folk
     The friendly folk o' the border,
     Where the people are kind
     I will find peace o' mind
     With the friendly folk o' the border

O they sing o' the highlands
And beautiful islands,
They sing o' their mountains and glens
But the fairest on earth
Is the land o' my birth,
And I'm longin' to go there again.

There are memories I treasure
With wondrous pleasure
Of dates then dear of when we were young
And I'll never forget
When my love I first met
And she spoke in that soft lowland tongue

When in Kelswold Aanan in Coldstream or Langham
You'll get a fair welcome indeed
And where would you find folk
More friendly and kind
Than the folk in Berry and Tweed

So come let us make our way down by the songway
And linger by gatehouse a wee
Then its onward until
You've enjoyed every thrill
And the wonderful people you'll meet

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