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Foggy Foggy Dew(The Frightned Yorkshire Damosel or Fear Dispearsd By

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Foggy, Foggy Dew (The Fright'ned Yorkshire Damosel, or, Fear Dispears'd By

Foggy, Foggy Dew (The Fright'Ned Yorkshire Damosel, or, Fear Dispears'd By

When first I began to court, and pretty young maids to wooe
I could not win the virgin fort, but by the Bogulmaroo.
I kiss'd her in the summer time, and in the cold winter too;
At last I took her in the prime, but by the Bogulmaroo.
My love she was going one Night to bed as she us'd to do,
When on the stairs whe saw a Spright it was the Bogulmaroo.
She came to my chamber-door, and could not tell what to do;
But straight began to weep full sore, for fear of the Bogulmaroo.
At last she came boldly in, tho' still her poor heart did rue
For looking back the Spright did grin O cruel Bogulmaroo.
She started and run in haste, and close to my bed-side drew;
Her eyes she durst not backward cast, for fear of Bogulmaroo.
But into my bed she crept, and did her sorrows renew,
She wrung her hands, and sadly wept, for fear of Bogulmaroo.
I turn'd about to the maid, as lovers are wont to do;
And bid her be no more afraid of th' ugly Bogul
We lay abed next day till ten, for fear of Bogulmaroo.
My love she was all dismay'd, to think of what she had done,
Arise, said I, be not afraid, the Bogulmaroo is gone.
I maarry'd her the next day, and did her pleasures renew;
Each night we spend in charming play,mfor all the Bogulmaroo.
I ne'r said a word of the thing, nor never intend to do;
But ev'ry time she smiles on me, I think of Bogulmaroo.
Printed and Sold by J. Millet, ... 1689.
Bogulmaroo = Buggle/Bugle Bow, or now, Buggabo, was a big black devil that
played tricks on travelers at night. This superstition goes back at least to the
early 17th century. A chapbook published in 1660 was The Meickle Black Diel, or
the Boggle Bo.
"Bugle Bow" was the name of a tune, 1595, and is given in Simpson's BBBM.
Play: Original tune not certainly known, but may be "Ay, marry, and thank you
too", B017-8
To the tune of, I met with a Country Lass, &c. WBO

The Original? RG

DT #333
Laws O3

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