Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Firing the Mauritania

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Firing the Mauritania

Firing the Mauritania
(songwriter unknown)

In nineteen hundred twenty four
Found myself in Liverpool on the floor
So I went to the Cunard office door
Got a job on the Mauritania

Chorus: Oh, firing the Mauritania
She surely is a slaver
To Hell with the Mauritania

The Mauritania'a a wonderful sight
Sixty-four fires a-burning bright
But you'll shovel coal from morning to night
A-firing the Mauritania

The coal was so hard and full of slate
And that's what got to the four-to-eight
It very soon wearied the four-to-eight
A-firing the Mauritania

The eight-to-twelve were much better men
But they were weary by half part ten
So tired and weary by half past ten
A-firing the Mauritania

The fan's on the bum and fire won't draw
And that's what got to the twelve-to-four
It very soon buggered the twelve-to-four
A-firing the Mauritania

So come all you firemen, listen to me
The Mauritania spells purgatory
Stick to the coast, don't go deep sea
A-firing the Mauritania

The source of this song is Stephen Canwright, one of the regular singers at the
shanty sings held at the Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco. Steve is a great sin
ger and has the honor of having recorded with Louis Killen.

Steve's notes: I copied this from a tape by Bermuda Quadrangle titled "A Beautif
ul Life." They credit Stan Hugill's "The Bosun's Locker" column in The Folksong
Magazine, Vol 1, # 9, 1962. He credited collection and arrangement by Redd Sulli
van of the Thameside 4, who was apparently a fireman himself.

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