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Falsify Taxes

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Falsify Taxes

Falsify Taxes
(Dean Clamons and Carly Gewirz)
I've paid all my taxes each year they are due
Yearly they're due, it is true,
But while big corporations pay nothing at all
Have to falsify taxes with you.

I could falsify taxes with you any day
Falsify taxes with you.
With storybook figures I'd lead them astray
I could falsify taxes with you

I've never had money enough to invest
In a real estate shelter or two
But to pay for the shelter that's over our head
Have to falsify taxes with you.

It's for you Ronald Reagan we've written this verse
You changed the tax laws, it is true
Tax simplification just made things get worse
Have to falsify taxes like you.
tune: Waltz Across Texas
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