Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
False True Love

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False True Love

False True Love

Come in, come in, you old true love,
And chat for awhile with me,
For it's been three quarters of a long year or more,
Since I spoke one word to thee.

I shan't come in, I shan't set down,
I ain't got a moment's time,
And since you are engaged with another true love,
Then your heart is no longer mine.

When you were mine, my old true love,
Then your lead lay on my breast,
You could make me believe by the falling of your arm,
That the sun rose up in the west.

There is many the star shall jingle in the west,
There is many the leaf below,
There is many the damn that shall lite upon a man,
For treating a poor girl so.

I wish to the Lord I'd never been born,
Or had died when I was young,
Then I never would have mourned for my old true love,
Nor have courted no other one.

From the singing of Shirley Collins. Folkways FG 3564.
[Compare to "Love Henry" BPT]
seems to be a mix of Young Hunting, Wanton Will, etc. [SOF]
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