Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Fair Maid Walking

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Fair Maid Walking

Fair Maid Walking

A fair maid walking all in her garden.
A brisk young sailor she chanced to spy.
He stepped up to her, thinking to gain her,
And said "fair maid can you fancy I."

"You seem to me like a man of honour,
A man of honour you seem to be.
How can you impose on a poor young woman
Who is not fit your servant to be."

"Well if you are not fit to be my servant,
Yet I have great regard for thee.
I'll marry you, I'll make you my lady,
And you'll have servants to wait on thee."

"But I have a true lover of my own sir,
And seven years he's been gone from me,
And seven more I will wait all for him,
For if he's alive, he'll be true to me."

"If for seven years your love has endured,
I'm sure he's either dead or drowned."
"Well if he's alive, I do love him dearly,
And if he's dead I hope he's in glory crowned."

When he did see his true love was loyal
All down before her he did fall,
Saying "I am your poor and young single sailor,
For many years on the ocean did sail."

"Well if you are my poor and young single sailor,
Show me the token I gave to thee,
For seven years have made alteration
Since my true lover has gone to sea."

He pulled his hand out of his bosom,
His fingers they being long and small,
Saying "here is the ring that was broke between us"
And when she saw it then down she fall.

He took her up all in his arms
And kisses gave her one, two and three,
Saying "I am your poor and young single sailor
Just now returned for to marry thee."

from the singing of Roy Bailey.
DT #462
Laws N42
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