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Courting is a Pleasure(Lovely Molly)

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Courting is a Pleasure (Lovely Molly)

Courting is a Pleasure (Lovely Molly)

Courting is a pleasure between my love and I,
And it's down in yonder valley I'll meet her by and by.
It's down in yonder valley she is my heart's delight,
And it's with you, lovely Molly, I would stay 'til the broad daylight.

I first produced a bottle and held it in my hand,
Saying, "Here's to you, my lovely Molly, for our courtship is at an end.
So raise your glass, lovely Molly. Leave the bottom dry to me,
For there are ten guineas wagered that married we ne'er shall be."

While going to church last Sunday, my love she passed me by,
I knew her mind was changing by the roving of her eye.
I knew her mind was altered to a man of high degree,
And it's Molly, lovely Molly, your looks have wounded me.

Never court a wee lassie with a dark and a roving eye.
Just kiss her and caress her. Never tell her the reason why.
Just kiss her and caress her. It will cause her heart to yield,
For a faint-hearted soldier never gained the battlefield.

Oh, I wish I was in London, in Kilburn or in Camden Town.
I would call for liquor of the best and I'd pay my money down.
I'd call for the finest liquor and I'd pay before I would go,
And I'd roll my Molly in my arms, let the wind blow high or low.

Fare thee well, Tipperary, and likewise farewell, Mayo.
For a thousand times, my lovely Molly, wherever you may go,
America is far away across the ocean blue,
But it's there I'd go, my lovely Molly, and again would I ne'er see you.

As sung by Any Old Time on "Phoenix." Sean Keane sings a similar version called,
 "Meeting Is A Pleasure," on "Turn a Phase."

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