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Country Vicar

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The Country Vicar

The Country Vicar

 There once was a country vicar who said to his curate John,
 "I bet I've had more women than you" and the curate said
 "You're on! You're on!" and the curate said "you're on!"
 "Tomorrow outside the church we'll stand and this shall be the sign"
 "You ding-a-ding for the women you've had,
 and I'll ding-a-dong for mine, for mine
 and I'll ding-a-dong for mine".

 There were more ding-a-dings than ding-a-dong dongs
 'till a pretty young maid walked by
 and the curate went ding-dong
 "Ah", said the vicar "Don't ding-a-dong there
 that's my wife I do declare"
 "Well" said the curate "I don't care"
 with a ding-a ding-dong ding-dong ding-dong
 with a ding-a ding-a ding-a ding-dong.

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