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Bonnie Gallowa

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Bonnie Gallowa'

Bonnie Gallowa'

Wha but lo'e the bonnie hills,
Wha bur lo'es the shinin' rills,
Aye for thee my bosom fills,
Bonnie Gallowa'
Land o' darkly rollin' Dee,
Land o' silvery windin' Cree,
Kissed by Solway's foamy sea,
Bonnie Gallowa'.
Wha 'mang Scotia's chiefs can shine,
Heroes o' the Douglas line,
Maxwells, Gordons, a' are thine,
Bonnie Gallowa'
Land o' birk and rowan tree,
Land o' fell and forest free,
Land that's aye sae dear tae me,
Bonnie Gallowa'.

As sung by Moira Anderson:
C7] ""Son, k
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