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Blow the Wind Westerly

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Blow the Wind Westerly

Blow the Wind Westerly
(Traditional Newfoundland)

Up jumps a crab with his crooked leg
Saying "You play the cribbage and I'll stick the pegs"

cho: Singing blow the wind westerly, let the wind blow
     By a gentle nor'wester how steady she goes

Up jumps a dolphin with his chuckle-head
He jumps up on deck saying "Pull out the lead!"

Up jumps a flounder so flat on the ground
Syaing "Damn your old chocolate, mind how you sound"

Up jumps a salmon so bright as the sun
He jumped down between decks and fired off a gun

Up jumps a whale, the biggest of all
He jumped up aloft and he's pawl after pawl

Up jumps a herring, the king of the sea
He jumps up on deck saying "Helms a-lee"

Up jumps a shark with his big row of teeth
He jumped up between decks and shook out the reefs

Well it's some different from SONGFISH, so there you are - AJS

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