Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Black Diamond

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Black Diamond

Black Diamond
(M. Garvey)

Black as a miner's face
Black as a foreman's heart
Black as the weather when we buried them together
Cause we couldn't tell their bones apart...couldn't tell their bones apart

Green the few dollars we earn
Green the wet wood we must burn
By the banks of Green River the miners' children shiver
And they know that it soon will be my turn
Know that it soon will be my turn

White for our sliver of soap
White for our last ray of hope
White for the coffin that our town has seen so often
Carried up that wet mossy slope
Carried up that wet mossy slope

Red for the sun we hear shines
And red for the red danger signs
And the fires underground that will burn the year around
In the tunnels of the Black Diamond Mines
Tunnels of the Black Diamond Mines..
(supposedly fires are still burning....Black Diamond is a town southeast
of Seattle...very soft coal...not mined now...a graveyard with one grave
and six bodies..."Morte in esplosione" is the gravestone...5
maybe  Czech???

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