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Ben Bolt

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Ben Bolt

Ben Bolt
Writers: (Dr. Thomas Dunn and Nelson Kneass)

D         A7
Oh don't you remember sweet Alice, Ben Bolt
Sweet Alice whose hair was so brown
                D7              G         Em7
Who wept with delight when you gave her a smile
     D             A7           D
And trembled with fear at your frown

E7      A
A      E7   A
In the old church yard in the valley, Ben Bolt
      Bm7     E7         A
In a corner obscure and alone
 A7        D            D7  G
They have fitted a slab of granite so gray
A7       F#7
And sweet Alice lies under the stone
 A7        D            D7  G
They have fitted a slab of granite so gray
A7        D
And sweet Alice lies under the stone
Under the hickory tree, Ben Bolt
Which stood at the end of the hill
Together we've lain in the noonday shade
And listened to Appleton's mill

The mill wheel has fallen to pieces, Ben Bolt
The rafters have tumbled in
And a quiet that crawls 'round the walls as you gaze
Has followed the olden din
And don't you remember the school, Ben Bolt
With the master so cruel and grim
And the shaded nook by the running brook
Where the children went to swim

Grass grows on the master's grave, Ben Bolt
The spring of the brook is dry
And of all the boys who were schoolmates then
There are only you and I

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