Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Ballad of Parkway Patriot

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Ballad of Parkway Patriot

Ballad of Parkway Patriot
(David Diamond)

Come all ye men of Government, ye businessmen also,
     Whose labours are increasing and whose duties daily grow.
You need not work so hard, my boys, there is a better plan;
     Write and RFP, and soon you'll see
The Bold Consulting Man.

When bleak September rolls around, of money you've no lack,
     You've got a budget surplus and you hate to turn it back.
If you can't shift that money, well, there's someone here that can,
     For in a flash, he'll stash your cash,
The Bold Consulting Man.

Sometimes you have a great idea, the boss just won't agree.
     The prophet has no honor in his native company,
But bring high priced consultants there to tell the boss your plan,
He has no shame, he'll take the blame
The Bold Consulting Man.

And if Security's your game, I've clearances galore,
     From CIA and DIA and half a dozen more.
"The Government spent thousands just my lurid past to scan,
     And that is why I cannot lie."
Says the Bold Consulting Man.

Sometimes, in course of business, around the world you roam;
     You're forced to go and leave your wives and daughters all at home.
No need to hurry back, my lads, from China or Japan,
     You need not chafe, for they'll be safe
With the Bold Consulting Man.

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