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8000+ Christian Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics with downloadable PDF for printing.

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Welcome, Yule-From a Sloane manuscript in the reign of Henry VI Were You There-AfricanAmerican spiritual What Am I, O Thou Glorious God!-Charles Wesley What Are These That Glow from Afar-Christina Rossetti What Are These in Bright Array-James Montgomery What Are They Doing in Heaven-Charles Tindley What Are We For-Anonymous What Art Thou Doing for Jesus-William Luckenbach th Century What Cheeering Words Are These!-John Kent What Child Is This-William Dix What Did He Do-James Gray What Do the Flowers Say-Lizzie DeArmond What Easter Brings-Emma Lent What Equal Honors Shall We Bring-Isaac Watts What God Hath Promised-Annie Flint What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty Shone-Edward Denny What Happy Men, or Angels, These-Isaac Watts What Have I Done for Jesus-Frederick Howard What Have We Done Today-Nixon Waterman What Have You Done for Jesus-Kate Hinkle What Heavenly Music-Hymns for God's Peculiar People What Is He Worth to Your Soul-James Rowe What Is Our Calling's Glorious Hope-Charles Wesley What Is the Message-Emma Pitt What Is the Thing of Greatest Price-James Montgomery What Is the World to Me-Georg Pfefferkorn What Joy There Is-Johan Runeberg What Means This Glory Round Our Feet-James Lowell What More Can He Do-Rachel Rivers What Must I Do-Avis Christiansen What Must It Be to Be There!-J M Kieffer What My Soul Seeks-Catherine BoothClibborn What Our Father Does Is Well-Benjamin Schmolck What Raised the Wondrous Thought-George Wigram What Shall I Do to Be Saved-J W Holman What Shall I Do, My God to Love-Charles Wesley What Shall I Render to My God-Isaac Watts What Shall I Render to My God-Charles Wesley What Shall I Render to the Lord-The Psalter What Shall It Profit-Johnson Oatman What Shall Our Answers Be-Eden Latta What Shall We Offer Our Good Lord-Augustus Spangenberg What Shall We Say-Susan Peterson What Shall the Dying Sinner Do-Isaac Watts What Shall the Harvest Be-Emily Oakley What Soul Inspiring Music-Henry Bramley What Star Is This, with Beams So Bright-Charles Coffin What Sweet of Life Endureth-John of Damascus What Thanks and Praise to Thee We Owe-William MacLagan What Think You of Christ-John Newton What This Host-Neil Barham What Though I Cannot Break My Chain-Augustus Toplady What Time I Am Afraid-The Psalter What Time the Evening Shadows Fall-John Hewett What Various Hindrances We Meet-William Cowper What Wait I for but Thee-The Psalter What We Stand For-James Garrison What Will It Be-Charles Gabriel What Will It Be When We See Him-Ada Habershon What Will It Matter-Fanny Crosby What Will You Do with Jesus-Nathaniel Norton What Will You Do with Jesus-Albert Simpson What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do-Philip Bliss What Wisdom, Majesty and Grace-Samuel Stennett What Wondrous Love Is This-Before What Would Jesus Do-Ina Ogdon What Would Jesus Do-Lanta Smith What Would We Do Without the Clouds-Alfred Ackley What a Friend Thou Art to Me!-Fanny Crosby What a Friend We Have in Jesus-Joseph Scriven What a Gathering-Fanny Crosby What a Gathering That Will Be-John Kurzenknabe What a Morning That Will Be-Lucinda Bateman What a Savior Is Mine!-Lelia Morris What a Savior!-Charles Gabriel What a Wonderful Savior!-Elisha Hoffman What if It Were Today-Lelia Morris What the World Needs Is Jesus-Benjamin Baur What's the News-Anonymous before What, Never Thirst Again-May Stephens Whate'er It Be-Elta Lewis Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right-Samuel Rodigast Whatever Dims Thy Sense of Truth-Mary Hale Whatever He Would Like-E M Ferbuson When Adam Fell-John Newton When All Thy Mercies, O My God-Joseph Addison When Any Turn from Zion's Way-John Newton When Came in Flesh the Incarnate Word-Joseph Anstice When Christ Arose-Fanny Crosby When Christ Our Lord Had Passed Once More-From the Latin When Christ Was Born in Bethlehem-Laurence Housman When Christ Was Born in Bethlehem-Grace Davis When Christ to Judgment Shall Descend-Isaac Watts When Christ's Appearing Was Made Known-Caelius Sedulius th Century When Christmas Morn Is Dawning-Possibly Abel Burckhardt When Cold Our Hearts-John Monsell When Comes the Golden Sunset-Calvin Laufer When Day's Shadows Lengthen-Frederick Lee When Descending from the Sky-John Newton When Each Others Face We See-Fanny Crosby

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.