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Tried and True-Fanny Crosby Trifle Not-Fanny Crosby Trim Thy Lamp-Fanny Crosby Trim Your Lamps and Be Ready-E F Miller th Century Trim Your Lamps!-E F Miller th Century Triumph, Ye Heavens!-Gerhard Tersteegen Triumphal Entry-Dwight Pratt Triumphant Zion! Lift Thy Head-Philip Doddridge Truehearted, Wholehearted, Faithful and Loyal-Frances Havergal Trumpet of God, Sound High-Arnold Brooks Trust-Lewi Pethrus Trust-Florence Kellogg Trust On!-Anonymous Trust and Obey-John Sammis Trust in the Lord-Thomas Chisholm Trust in the Promise-Fanny Crosby Trust the Eternal-William McKenzie Trusting Jesus-Edgar Stites Trusting Jesus-Fanny Crosby Trusting Jesus, Wonderful Guide-Robert Harkness Trusting Thee-Mary Wyeth Trusting and Hoping-Fanny Crosby Trusting in Jesus-Frederick Stanton Trusting in Thee-Fanny Crosby Truth Triumphant-Julia Howe Try Us, O God-Charles Wesley Turn Back, O Man-Clifford Bax Turn Not Away-Robert Winthrop Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus-Helen Lemmel Turn a New Leaf for Me-Eliza Hewitt Twilight Is Falling-Aldine Kieffer Two Babes-Anonymous Two Brothers Freely Cast Their Lot-John Newman Unanswered Yet-Charles Tillman Unchanging God, Hear from Eternal Heav'n-Samuel Stone Unclean, of Life and Heart Unclean-John Wesley Under His Wings-William Cushing Under the Blood-Ida Guirey Under the Blood-Eliza Hewitt Under the Cross of Jesus-Leonard Jenkins Under the Shadow of Thy Wing-Margarette Snodgrass Under the Shadow of the Cross-E Hanks Under the Stars-Anna Driscoll Unless the Lord the House Shall Build-The Psalter Unmoved by Fear, My Praise Is Due-Joseph Smith Unsearchable Riches-Fanny Crosby Until the Day Dawn-J H Stuart ca Unto God Our Savior-The Psalter Unto Him Be Glory-Emma Pitt Unto My Lord Jehovah Said-Irish Psalter Unto Thy Temple, Lord, We Come-Robert Collyer Unto Us a Boy Is Born-Moosburg Gradual ca Unto Us a Child Is Born-Old German Unto Us a Child Is Born-Harry Sanders Unto the Hills Around Do I Lift Up-John Campbell Unveil Thy Bosom, Faithful Tomb-Isaac Watts Up and Away-Fanny Crosby Up and Onward-Fanny Crosby Up in Heaven-Cecil Alexander Up with Thy Hands to Jesus-Sophia Griswold Up, Arouse Ye-Lucy Fair Upheld by Hope-May Grimes Upon the Cross Extended-Paul Gerhardt Upon the Gospel's Sacred Page-John Bowring Upon the Sixth Day of the Week-Christopher Wordsworth Uprouse You! Soldiers of the Cross-Francis Partridge Upward Where the Stars Are Burning-Horatius Bonar Vain Are All Terrestrial Pleasures-David Ford Vain Are the Hopes That Rebels Place-Isaac Watts Vain Man, Thy Fond Pursuits Forbear-Jo­seph Hart Vain Man, on Foolish Pleasures Bent-Isaac Watts Vain, Delusive World, Adieu-Charles Wesley Vale of Beulah-Elisha Hoffman Valley Lilies-Flora Kirkland Veil, Lord, Mine Eyes till She Be Past-George Wither Veiled in Darkness Judah Lay-Douglas Rights Verily, I Say unto You-James McGranahan Very Bread, Good Shepherd, Tend Us-Thomas Aquinas Victim Divine, Thy Grace We Claim-Charles Wesley Victorious-Priscilla Owens Victory-Barney Warren Victory Ahead-William Grum Victory All the Time-Lelia Morris Victory Is Nigh-F H Shaul Victory for Me-Anna Hughes Victory in Jesus-Eliza Hewitt ca Victory in My Soul-James Gray Victory over Sin-Henry Perkins Vital Spark of Heavenly Flame-John Gould Wait on the Lord-Fanny Crosby Wait, My Soul, upon the Lord-William Lloyd Wait, O My Soul, Thy Maker's Will-Benjamin Beddome Wait, Patiently Wait-John Kurzenknabe Wait, and Murmur Not-W H Bellamy Waiting-Frances Mace ca Waiting and Watching for Me-Marianne Hearn Waiting at the Door-Katherine Reasoner Waiting for Me-Frank Hendricks Waiting for Thy Coming-Fanny Crosby Waiting for the Promise-Fanny Cosby ca

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.