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Deem Not That They Are Blest Alone-William Bryant Deep Are the Wounds That Sin Has Made-Anne Steele Deep River-AfricanAmerican spiritual Deep in Our Hearts Let Us Record-Isaac Watts Deep in the Dust Before Thy Throne-Isaac Watts Deeper Yet-Johnson Oatman Jr Deeper and Deeper-Oswald Smith Deeper, Deeper-Charles Jones Defend Me, Lord, from Shame-The Psalter Defend Us, Lord, from Every Ill-John Hay Delay Not, O Sinner, Draw Near-Thomas Hastings Deliver Me from Evil-From Psalm Deliverance Will Come-John Matthias Depth of Mercy-Charles Wesley Desire of Every Nation-Anna Hoppe Dew of Mercy-Fanny Crosby Did Christ Descend from Majesty-Neil Barham Did Christ o'er Sinners Weep-Benjamin Beddome Did You Think to Pray-Mary Kidder Ding Dong Merrily on High-George Woodward Disciples of All Nations-Richard Adams Dismiss Me Not Thy Service, Lord-Thomas Lynch Disposer Supreme, and Judge of the Earth-Jean de Santeuil Dives and Lazarus-English carol Divine Wrath-John Keble Do All the Good You Can-Fanny Crosby Do It Now-M M Lightcap Do No Sinful Action-Cecil Alexander Do Not Be Surprised-Susan Peterson Do Not I Love Thee, O My Lord-Philip Doddridge Do Not Worry-Susan Peterson Do Something for Jesus-Paul Arnold Do This; Remember Me!-Keith McIlwain Do Ye, O Men, Speak Righteousness-From Psalm Do You Know How Many Stars-Uknown Do You Know the Song That the Angels Sang-Abner Cobb Do You See the Hebrew Captive Kneeling-Philip Bliss Do You Wonder Why We're Glad-Lizzie DeArmond Doers of the Word-Daniel Whittle Does Jesus Care-Frank Graeff Does Thy Savior Pilot Thee-William Hadley Doing His Will-Christopher Blackall Doing the Will of God-Ethelwyn Taylor Don't Forget the Sabbath-Fanny Crosby Don't Lose the Vision-Frederick Suffield Dost Thou Truly Seek Renown-Louis IX of France Dost Thou in a Manger Lie-Jean Mauburn Down at the Cross-Elisha Hoffman Down by the Fountain of His Love-Joel Bond Down from His Glory-William BoothClibborn Down from Their Home on High-James Carter Down from the Worlds of Radiant Light-Joseph Proud Down in the Valley-Anonymous Down to the Sacred Wave-Samuel Smith Draw Me Closer, Lord, to Thee-Elisha Hoffman Draw Me Nearer-Helen Pierce Draw Me to Thee-Martha Cook Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord-th Century Latin Draw Nigh to Thy Jerusalem-Jeremy Taylor Draw Thou My Soul, O Christ-Lucy Larcom Drawn to the Cross-Genevieve Irons Dread Jehovah, God of Nations-Thomas Cotterill Drifting Away from God-Frank Simpkins Drop, Drop, Slow Tears-Phineas Fletcher Dusky Hands-Haldor Lillenas Dust to Dust, the Mortal Dies-From Psalm Dwell in Me, O Blessed Spirit-Fanny Crosby Dwelling in Beulah Land-Austin Miles Dying Souls, Fast Bound in Sin-Thomas Hastings Early Ere the Dawn of the Morning-John Hopkins Early, My God, Without Delay-Isaac Watts Earnest Toilers-William Penney Earth Has Many a Noble City-Aurelius Prudentius Earth's Mighty Maker, Whose Command-th Century Latin Earth's Ten Thousand Voices-Walter Hawkins Earth, with All Thy Thousand Voices-Edward Churton Earth, with Its Dark and Dreadful Ills-Alice Cary Easter After Calvary-Marian Froelich Easter Bells-Charles Gabriel Easter Bells-F E Pettingell Easter Bells-Pauline Camp Easter Bells-Alice Cleator Easter Bells-Lizzie Akers Easter Bells Are Pealing-Lizzie DeArmond Easter Carol-William Barton Easter Carol-Fanny Crosby Easter Carol(Lathbury)-Mary Lathbury Easter Flowers-Myra Plantz Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright-Mary Nicholson Easter Flowers, Easter Carols-W J Roberts Easter Gifts-Julia Johnston Easter Lilies-Myra Plantz Easter Morn Is Breaking-Lavinia Brauff Easter Morning-Myra Plantz Easter Offerings-Eliza Sherman Easter Offerings-A M Goodman Easter Song-Maizie Blaikie Easter Song-Mary Lathbury Easter Song-Mary Sparrow Easter Song(-I L Andrews

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.