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Men of God, Go Take Your Stations-Thomas Kelly Merciful Savior, Come and Be My Comfort-Katarina Posse Mercy Is Boundless and Free-Fanny Crosby Mercy Is Free-Elisha Hoffmann Mercy and Judgment Are My Song-Isaac Watts Mercy, O Thou Son of David!-John Newton Merrily, Cheerily-Irvin Mack Merry Christmas Bells-Eden Latta Merry Christmas Bells Are Ringing-M E Waite Merry Christmas to You All-L H Parthemore Merry Missionaries-Harriet Castle Merry, Merry Chiming Bells-Fanny Crosby Message of Christmas Time-Lincoln Hall Messiah, Full of Grace-Charles Wesley Messiah, Joy of Every Heart-Charles Wesley Messiah, Prince of Peace-The Wesleys Mighty Army of the Young-John Colgan Mighty Father, Blessed Son-John Monsell Mighty God, Come Build Your Mighty Church-Neil Barham Mighty God, While Angels Bless Thee-Robert Robinson Mighty Lord, Extend Thy Kingdom-Joseph Cottle Mighty One, Before Whose Face-William Bryant Mighty Rock, Whose Towering Form-Fanny Crosby Mighty to Save(Thompson)-Gordon Thompson Mighty to Save(Todd)-Robert Todd Mindful of Our Human Frailty-The Psalter Mine Eyes Have Seen the Dawning-R H Thomas Mine Eyes Look Toward the Mountains-From Psalm Mine Eyes and My Desire-Isaac Watts Mine!-Arranged from John Ryle Mine, Still Mine-Eliza Hewitt Mission War Song-George Railton Missionary Hymn-W F Arms Missionary Prayer Hymn-Benjamin Beall Missionary's Farewell-Isaiah Baltzell Mistaken Souls, That Dream of Heav'n-Isaac Watts Mistful Are Our Waiting Eyes-Samuel Stone Mizpah-Ellice Lacie Modern Christianity-Charles Wesley Moment by Moment-Daniel Whittle More About Jesus-Eliza Hewitt More Abundantly-Charles Gabriel More Abundantly-Thoro Harris More Holiness Give Me-Philip Bliss More Light Shall Break-Allan Cross More Like Jesus Would I Be-Fanny Crosby More Like the Master-Charles Gabriel More Love to Thee, O Christ-Elizabeth Prentiss More Marred Than Any Man's-William Russell More Than Conquerors-Jeremiah Rankin More Than These-Ina Ogdon More Than Tongue Can Tell-Jonathan Hall Morn of Joy-Frank Sewall Morn of Morns, and Day of Days-Charles Coffin Morn's Roseate Hues Have Decked the Sky-Nicolas le Tourneaux Morning-Ambrose of Milan Morning Breaks upon the Tomb-William Collyer Morning Light-Solomon Straub Morning Prayer-James Reed Morning Red-Rossiter Raymond Mortals Awake, with Angels Join-Samuel Medley Most Glorious Lord of Life-Edmund Spenser Most Holy Lord and God of Heaven-Latin Most Perfect Is the Law of God-The Psalter Mother Is Praying for Me-Elisha Hoffman Mother's Gone-E E Matthews Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me-Lizzie DeArmond Mourn for the Thousands Slain-Seth Brace Move Forward-Eliza Hewitt Move Forward!-George Crofts Moved by Love-Frederick Graves Mummers' Carol-Traditional Sussexx carol Music and Love-Fanny Crosby Music of the Angels-Fanny Crosby Music on Christmas Morning-Anne Bronte Must I Go, and Empty Handed-Charles Luther Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone-Various sources My Ain Countrie-Mary Demarest My Anchor Holds-William Martin My Blessed Savior, Is Thy Love-Joseph Stennett My Brother's Keeper-Mary Stansbury My Bud in Heaven-F I Darling My Business Lays at Wisdom's Gate-Erskine and Berridge My Country, 'Tis of Thee-Samuel Smith My Crucified Savior-Fredrika Falck My Days Are Swiftly Gliding By-David Nelson My Dear Redeemer and My Lord-Isaac Watts My Dearest, Lovely, Native Land-Lewis Shuck My End, Lord, Make Me Know-The Psalter My Faith Has Found a Resting Place-Eliza Hewitt My Faith Looks Up to Thee-Ray Palmer My Faith Still Clings-Henry Colby My Faith, It Is an Oaken Staff-Thomas Lynch My Faithful Shepherd Is the Lord-The Psalter My Far Away Home-Ephraim Hildebrand ca My Father Knows-Sarepta Henry My Father Leads Me-Lillian Pence My Father Watches over Me-William Martin My Father, Hear My Prayer-ECW My Father, for Another Night-Henry Baker

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.