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See amid the Winter's Snow-Edward Caswall See th'Eternal Judge Descending-Anonymous around See the Blessed Savior Dying-Albert Midlane See the Destined Day Arise-Venantius Fortunatus See the Gloomy Gathering Cloud-John Newton See the Gold upon the Hills-J H Saxton See the Ransomed Millions Stand-Josiah Conder See the Shining Dewdrops-Anonymous See! From the Morning Land-Fanny Crosby See! The Morning Star-W Wood See, Another Year Is Gone-John Newton See, Father, Thy Beloved Son-William Jervois See, Jesus, Thy Disciples See-Charles Wesley See, Lord, Before Thy Throne-F W Clunk See, Sinners, in the Gospel Glass-Charles Wesley See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph-Christopher Wordsworth Seek Ye First-Eliza Hewitt Seek the Lord Who Now Is Present-Fred Green Seeking for Me-A N Seeking for a Living Spring-Francis Appleton Seeking the Lost(Buchanan)-Adoniram Buchanan Seeking the Lost(Ogden)-William Ogden Seeking to Save-Philip Bliss Seeking, Calling, Knocking-Charlotte Murray Send Down Thy Truth, O God-Edward Sill Send Forth the Gospel!-Henry Fox Send Forth, O God, Thy Light and Truth-John Adams Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth-From Psalm Send Out a Light-Mary Bernstecher Send Out the Sunlight-Fanny Crosby Send Out the Tidings-Ida Reed Send Them, O Lord-Wakefield MacGill Send Thou, O Lord, to Every Place-Mary Gates Send Thy Blessing-Irvin Mack ca Send Thy Spirit, I Beseech Thee-William Winks Send Us Showers of Blessing-Fanny Crosby Send Us the Light-Charles Brown Send a Wave of Salvation Today-Johnson Oatman Send the Fire-William Booth Send the Gospel Light-Fanny Crosby Send the Light(Barrows)-Emma Barrows Send the Light(Bell)-William Bell Send the Light(Gabriel)-Charles Gabriel Send, O Lord, Thy Holy Spirit-Anonymous th Century Sentinel upon the Heights-Caroline Howe Servant of All-Charles Finch Servant of All, to Toil for Man-Charles Wesley Servant of God, Remember-Aurelius Prudentius Servant of God, Well Done!-James Montgomery Servant of God, Well Done!-John Wesley Servants of God, in Joyful Lays-James Montgomery Shades of Silent Night Dividing-G W Druce Shadows-Robert Harkness Shake Hands with Mother Again-W A Berry Shall Atheists Dare Insult the Cross-Isaac Watts Shall Hymns of Grateful Love-James Cummins Shall I Be Saved Tonight-Fanny Crosby Shall I, for Fear of Feeble Man-Johann Winckler Shall Man, O God of Light and Life-Timothy Dwight Shall We Gather at the River-Robert Lowry Shall We Know Each Other There-W M Shall We Meet-Horace Hastings Shall Wisdom Cry Aloud-Isaac Watts Shall You Shall I-James McGranahan She Loved Her Savior-William Cutter She Only Touched the Hem of His Garment-George Root She Sweetly Dwells Up There-Ellen McAfee Shepherd Divine, Our Wants Relieve-Charles Wesley Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless-James Montgomery Shepherd of Souls, with Pitying Eye-Charles Wesley Shepherd of Tender Youth-Clement of Alexandria ca Shepherd of the Holy Hills-H C Leonard Shepherd, Show Me How to Go-Mary Eddy Shepherds! Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep-Traditional French Shepherds, Rejoice! Lift Up Your Eyes-Isaac Watts Shepherds, What Joyful Tidings-th Century Dutch carol Shine Calm and Bright, Ye Moonbeams Light-George Grantham Shine Forth, O Sun of Boundless Love-Simon Browne Shine On-C S Kauffman Shine On, Bethlehem's Star-Lizzie DeArmond Shine On, O Star!(Harrington)-Bell Harrington Shine On, O Star!(Stuart)-Victoria Stuart Shine Thou upon Us, Lord-John Ellerton Shine for Jesus-Julian Alford Shine for Jesus Where You Are-Harry Loes ca Shine in His Name-Helen Duff Shine on Me, O Lord Jesus!-Henry Fox Shine on Our Land-Isaac Watts Shines Our Morning Star-Lizzie DeArmond Shining Out of Darkness-Flora Kirkland Shining for Jesus-Johnson Oatman Shout Aloud, All Ye Lands-Fanny Crosby Shout Forth the Tidings-Adam Geibel ca Shout and Sing-Fanny Crosby Shout the Glad Tidings-William Muhlenberg Shout the Tidings-D M Chute Shout the Tidings of Salvation-Lucius Hart Shout! Shout for Joy-Lizzie DeArmond Shout, for the Blessed Jesus Reigns-Benjamin Beddome Shouting His Praise-Fanny Crosby

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.