Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics: Titles Beginning EAS

8000+ Christian Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics with downloadable PDF for printing.

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Easter Visits Earth Again-Eliza Hewitt Easter, Joyous Easter-Flora Kirkland Echoes of Bethlehem-J Howard Entwisle Echoes of Glory-John McPherson Elijah's God Still Lives-William Grum Encouraged by Thy Word-John Newton Endeavor Hymn-Nathan Carter Endure to the End-Fanny Crosby Enslaved by Sin and Bound in Chains-Anne Steele Enslaved to Sense, to Pleasure Prone-Charles Wesley Enter and Worship Here-Charles Alberton Enthroned Is Jesus Now-Thomas Judkin Enthroned on High, Almighty Lord!-Thomas Haweis Entreat Me Not to Leave Thee-Fanny Crosby Ere God Had Built the Mountains-William Cowper Ere I Sleep, for Every Favor-John Cennick Ere Mountains Reared Their Forms Sublime-Harriet Auber Ere Yet the Dawn Has Filled the Skies-Johann Heerman Ere the Blue Heav'ns Were Stretched Abroad-Isaac Watts Escape for Thy Life-Jared Waterbury Established in the Highest Heavens-The Psalter Eternal Beam of Light Divine-Charles Wesley Eternal Depth of Love Divine-Nikolaus von Zinzendorf Eternal Father, Strong to Save-William Whiting Eternal Father, Thou Hast Said-Ray Palmer Eternal Father, When to Thee-Hervey Ganse Eternal Glory of the Sky-Ambrose of Milan th Century Eternal God, How They're Increased-Cotton Mather Eternal God, Mover Unmoved-Joshua Drake Eternal God, We Look to Thee-James Merrick Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds-Henry Tweedy Eternal Light-Thomas Binney Eternal Light, Divinity-From the Latin Eternal Monarch, King Most High-From the Latin Eternal One, Thou Living God-Samuel Longfellow Eternal Power, Whose High Abode-Isaac Watts Eternal Power, of Earth and Air!-Anne Bronte Eternal Rest-Thoro Harris Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round-John Chadwick Eternal Son, Eternal Love-Charles Wesley Eternal Source of Every Joy-Philip Doddridge Eternal Source of Joys Divine-Anne Steele Eternal Source of Life and Light-John Estlin Eternal Spirit, Come-Charles Wesley Eternal Spirit, God of Truth-Thomas Cotterill Eternal Spirit, We Confess-Isaac Watts Eternal Sun of Righteousness-Charles Wesley Eternal Wisdom, Thee We Praise-Isaac Watts Eternal, Spotless Lamb of God-Charles Wesley Eternity-Ellen Gates Eternity-Fanny Crosby Eternity! Eternity!-th Century German Eternity's Night-A F Ferris rev L L Picket Even Me-Elizabeth Codner Evening and Morning-Paul Gerhardt Evensong Is Hushed in Silence-John Purchas Ever Forward! Up and Onward-Elisha Hoffman Ever Would I Fain Be Reading-Luise Hensel Evergreen, Holly and Laurel-John Hopkins Everlasting Life-William Ogden Every Bridge Is Burned Behind Me-Johnson Oatman Jr Every Day Will I Bless Thee-Caesar Malan Every Day Will I Bless Thee-C├ęsar Malan Every Hour I Need Thy Blessing-Elizabeth Thompson Every Morning Mercies New-Greville Phillimore Every Morning the Red Sun-Cecil Alexander Every Word I Believe-Johnson Oatman Jr Everyone Should Be Quick to Listen-Susan Peterson Everywhere with Jesus-John Haugh Exalt the King-Salathiel Kirk Exalt the Lord Our God-Isaac Watts Exalt the Lord, His Praise Proclaim-The Psalter Exalted High at God's Right Hand-Rowland Hill Extended on a Cursed Tree-Paul Gerhardt Eye Hath Not Seen-Fanny Crosby Face to Face with Christ, My Savior-Carrie Breck Facing the Throne-Stella Thompson Fain Would I, Lord of Grace-From the Greek Faint Falls the Gentle Voice of Prayer-Henry Timrod Faint, Yet Pursuing-Sophia Griswold Fair Freedom's Land-Jeremiah Rankin Fair Waved the Golden Corn-John Gurney Fairer Than the Morning-Fanny Crosby Fairest Lord Jesus-Munster Gesangbuch Faith Brings the Victory-Melvin Hill Faith Grasps the Blessing-Harriet Martineau Faith Is a Living Power from Heaven-Petrus Herbert Faith Is the Victory-John Yates Faith Means We're Sure-Susan Peterson Faith and Works-Caroline Soule Music Solomon Straub Faith in Jesus-Fanny Crosby Faith in the Blood-Erik Pontopiddan Faith in the Word of God-Mabel Camp Faith of Our Brothers-Susan Peterson Faith of Our Fathers-Frederick Faber Faith of Our Mothers-Arthur Patten Faith, Hope and Love-Neal McAnlay Faithful Shepherd, Feed Me-Thomas Pollock Falter Not-Fanny Crosby Far Away-Alonzo Abbey

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.