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When Gathering Clouds Around I View-Robert Grant When God Is Nigh-Isaac Watts When God Is Seen with Men to Dwell-Hosea Ballou When God of Old Came Down from Heav'n-John Keble When God, Provoked with Daring Crimes-Isaac Watts When Hagar Found the Bottle Spent-William Cowper When Hannah, Pressed with Grief-John Newton When He Cometh-William Cushing When I Awake from Slumber-Louis Benson When I Can Read My Title Clear-Isaac Watts When I Get to the End of the Way-Charlie Tillman When I Go Home-Charles Gabriel When I Have Finished My Pilgrimage Here-Alfred Ackley When I Look in His Face-Lizzie DeArmond ca When I See My Savior-Maud Frazer When I See the Blood-John Foote and E A H th Century When I Shall Fall Asleep-Moses Shirley When I Stand in Yonder City-Amelia Starkweather When I Survey the Wondrous Cross-Isaac Watts When I Walk Up the Streets of Gold-Anonymous When Israel Out of Bondage Came-Henry Zelley When Israel Out of Egypt Went-The Psalter When Israel Sins, the Lord Reproves-Clara Scott When Israel Was in Egypt's Land-AfricanAmerican spiritual When Israel, Freed from Pharaoh's Hand-Isaac Watts When Israel, of the Lord Beloved-Walter Scott When Jesus Came My Way-Hoffman Batten When Jesus Comes-Philip Bliss When Jesus Comes in Glory-Samuel Miller When Jesus Comes to Reign-William Winter When Jesus Dwelt in Mortal Clay-Thomas Gibbons When Jesus Left His Father's Throne-James Montgomery When Jesus Returns for His Own-Herbert Buffum When Jesus Shall Appear-Alfred Ackley When Jesus Speaks-Eliza Hewitt When John Baptized by Jordan's River-Timoth DudleySmith When Joseph His Brethren Beheld-John Newton When Joseph Went with Mary-Richard Adams When Languor and Disease Invade-Augustus Toplady When Love Shines In-Carrie Breck When Man Grows Bold in Sin-Isaac Watts When Marshaled on the Nightly Plain-Henry White When Morning Gilds the Skies-th Century German When Morning Lights the Eastern Skies-The Psalter When Mother Love Makes All Things Bright-Tudor Jenks When Mother Prayed-C F O When Mothers of Salem-William Hutchings When Musing Sorrow Weeps the Past-Gerard Noel When My Love to God Grows Weak-John Wreford When My Weary Hands Are Folded-Philip Bliss When Our Heads Are Bowed with Woe-Henry Milman When Our Lord Shall Come Again-Johnson Oatman Jr When Pain and Anguish Seize Me, Lord-Isaac Watts When Peter Boasted, Soon He Fell-John Newton When Pharaoh Dared to Vex the Saints-Isaac Watts When Quiet in My House I Sit-Charles Wesley When Rising from the Bed of Death-Joseph Addison When Saints Gather Round Thee-Anonymous before When Shades of Night Around Us Close-Charles Coffin When Shall Thy Lovely Face Be Seen-Isaac Watts ca When Shall the Voice of Singing-James Edmeston When Sinners See Their Lost Condition-Magnus Landstad When Spring Unlocks the Flowers-Reginald Heber When There's Love at Home-John McNaughton When They Ring the Golden Bells-Daniel de Marbelle When Thickly Beat the Storms of Life-Gurdon Robins When This Life Is O'er-Houston Smith When This Passing World Is Done-Robert McCheyne When This Song of Praise Shall Cease-William Bryant When Thou, My Righteous Judge, Shall Come-Countess of Huntingdon When Through the Torn Sail-Reginald Heber When Through the Whirl of Wheels-Geoffrey StuddertKennedy When Thy Heart, with Joy O'erflowing-Theodore Williams When Thy Soldiers Take Their Swords-Mary Owen ca When Time Seems Short and Death Is Near-George Bethune When We All Get to Heaven-Eliza Hewitt When We Get Home-Charles Gabriel When We Reach the Glory Land-Rodney Chirpe When We Use Our Talents-E D Elliott When Will He Come-John McPherson When Wilt Thou Save the People-Ebenezer Elliott When Winds Are Raging-Harriet Stowe When Wise Men Came Seeking-Richard Slater When Wounded Sore the Stricken Heart-Cecil Alexander When Zion in Her Low Estate-The Psalter When at This Distance, Lord, We Trace-Philip Doddridge When at Thy Footstool, Lord, I Bend-Henry Lyte When from the East the Wise Men Came-John Hopkins before When in His Might the Lord-The Psalter When in the Hour of Utmost Need-Paul Eber When in the Night I Meditate-The Psalter When o'er My Sins I Sorrow-Justus Gesenius When on Her Maker's Bosom-Reginald Heber When on My Day of Life-John Whittier When the Battle's Over-Isaac Watts When the Bridegroom Comes-Eden Latta When the Bridegroom Comes-Barney Warren When the Bridegroom Comes-Robert Winsett When the Bridegroom Cometh-John Harris When the Burden Bearer Came-Fanny Crosby

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.