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Praise to Our God, Whose Bounteous Hand-John Ellereton Praise to Thee and Adoration-Thomas Kingo Praise to the Heavenly Wisdom-John Ellerton Praise to the Holiest in the Height-John Newman Praise to the Holy One-Fanny Crosby Praise to the Living God!-Daniel ben Judah ca Praise to the Lord, the Almighty-Joachim Neander Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven-Henry Lyte Praise, My Soul, the Lord in Glory-Alfred Steinmetz Praise, O Praise Our God and King-Henry Baker Praise, Praise His Name-Fanny Crosby Pray That Jerusalem May Have-Scottish Psalter Pray When the Morn Is Breaking-Jane Simpson Pray, Pray-Lizzie DeArmond Prayer Is Appointed to Convey-Joseph Hart Prayer Is the Key-Anonymous before Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire-James Montgomery Prayer for Creation-Cathy Yost Praying Always-Philip Bliss Preach the Gospel-Daniel Whittle Precious Bible! What a Treasure-John Newton Precious Blessings-Fanny Crosby Precious Blood-MacLeod Wylie Precious Child, So Sweetly Sleeping-Anna Hoppe Precious Hiding Place-Avis Christiansen Precious Jesus-Henry Jackson Precious Lord, Take My Hand-Thomas Dorsey Precious Moments-Fanny Crosby Precious Name-Lydia Baxter Precious Promise-Nathaniel Niles Precious Words-Fanny Crosby Prepare Thy God to Meet-Hugh McGranahan Prepare the Way, O Zion!-Frans Franze Prepare to Meet Thy God-James Stanley Preserve Me, Lord-Isaac Watts Press On, Press On, Ye Sons of Light-William Gaskell Press On, Press On, Ye Workers-Fanny Crosby Priceless Is Thy Treasure-Howard Grose Prince of Peace, Control My Will-Mary Barber or Mary Shindler Print Thine Image, Pure and Holy-Thomas Kingo Prisoners of Hope, Arise-Probably Charles Wesley Proclaim the Tidings-Fronia Smith Proclaim, Saith Christ, My Wondrous Grace-James Newton Promoted to Glory-Herbert Booth Prophetic Era! Blissful Day!-Edward Steane Prostrate, Dear Jesus, at Thy Feet-Samuel Stennett Protect and Save Me, O My God-The Psalter Psalm of the Valley-William Heavner Pull for the Shore-Philip Bliss Pure Within-Fanny Crosby Purer Yet and Purer-Johann von Goethe Purer in Heart, O God-Fannie Davison Put Thou Thy Trust in God-Paul Gerhardt Quickly Coming-Martin Knapp Quiet, Lord, My Froward Heart-John Newton Raise High the Notes of Exultation-Johann Schöner Raise His Praise-Franklin Hunter Raise Me, Jesus, to Thy Bosom-George Birdseye Raise the Psalm Let Earth Adoring-Edward Churton Raise the Song-Edith Tillotson Raise the Song of Triumph-Thomas Crawford Raise, Raise the Ensign-John Bell ca Rally, Soldiers, One and All-Fanny Crosby Rapture Indeed!-James Rowe ca Read to Me the Blessed Bible-Mary McLean Ready-A C Palmer Reapers Are Needed(DeArmond)-Lizzie DeArmond ca Reapers Are Needed(Gabriel)-Charles Gabriel Rebels, Who Had Dared to Show-The Psalter Receive, O Lord, in Heaven Above-Ephraim of Edessa Records-Eleanor Long Redeemed-Daniel Whittle Redeemed by the Blood-Martin Knapp Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It!-Fanny Crosby Redeemed, Restored, Forgiven-Henry Baker Redeemed, and with the Price of Blood-Fanny Crosby Redeemer of Israel-Joseph Swain and William Phelps Redeeming Grace-Fanny Crosby Redemption Ground-Daniel Whittle Redemption(Sayford)-Samuel Sayford Redemption(Toy)-Isaiah Toy Reflect the Christ-Ella Davis Regard My Grief and Rescue Me-The Psalter Rejoice Today-Henry Baldwin ca Rejoice Today with One Accord-Henry Baker Rejoice and Be Glad!-Horatius Bonar Rejoice in God-Susan Peterson Rejoice in the Lord Alway-Wilbur Crafts ca Rejoice with Me(Atchinson)-Jonathan Atchinson Rejoice with Me(Scott)-Clara Scott Rejoice! Rejoice!-Charles Gabriel Rejoice! The Year upon Its Way-From the Latin Rejoice, Believer, in the Lord-John Newton Rejoice, O Land, in God Thy Might-Robert Bridges Rejoice, Rejoice, Believer-Fanny Crosby Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers-Laurentius Laurenti Rejoice, Rejoice, This Happy Morn-Birgitte Boye Rejoice, Rejoice, Ye Christians-Geistliche Lieder Rejoice, Rejoice, the Lost Is Found-Frank Bristow Rejoice, Ye People, Homage Give-The Psalter

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.