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1900 traditional Christian hymn lyrics

THIS COLLECTION OF HYMN LYRICS includes more than 1900 songs, most of them date back to the 19th century but many of them are much earlier. These transcriptions come from various sources and may differ from the version in "your" hymnbook the versions given here are not intended to be definitive or representative of any particular artist or performance. At the bottom of the page you will find a list of all the titles available. Usage notes These lyrics are provided for personal study and inspiration and are not intended for any kind of public performance.

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Abide Among Us With Thy Grace
Abide With Me Fast Falls The Eventide
Above The Clear Blue Sky
Above The Starry Spheres
Above The Voices Of The World Around Me
Abroad The Regal Banners Fly
Accept O Lord Our Alms Though Small
According To Thy Gracious Word
Across The Sky The Shades Of Night
Adored Forever Be The Lord
Advent Tells Us Christ Is Near
Affirm Anew The Threefold Name
Affliction Is A Stormy Deep
Again As Evenings Shadow Falls
Again O Loving Savior
Again The Churchs Year Hath Run Its Round
Again The Lords Own Day Is Here
Again The Lord Of Life And Light
Again The Morn Of Gladness
Ah Holy Jesus How Hast Thou Offended
Ah How Shall Fallen Man
Alas And Did My Savior Bleed
Alas What Hourly Dangers Rise
All-merciful Almighty Lord
All-seeing God Thy Love Sustains
Alleluia Alleluia Hearts And Voices Heavenward Raise
Alleluia Alleluia Hearts To Heaven And Voices Raise
Alleluia Alleluia Let The Holy Anthem Rise
Alleluia Christ Is Risen
Alleluia Dulce Carmen
Alleluia Fairest Morning
Alleluia Sing To Jesus
Alleluia Song Of Gladness
Alleluia Song Of Sweetness
Alleluia Sweetest Anthem
Allleluia Alleluia Hearts To Heaven And Voices Raise
All As God Wills Who Wisely Heeds
All Beautiful The March Of Days
All Creatures Of Our God And King
All Depends On Our Possessing
All For Jesus All For Jesus
All Glorious God What Hymns Of Praise
All Glory Be To God On High His Peace
All Glory Be To God On High Who Hath
All Glory Laud And Honor
All Glory To The Father Be
All Hail Adored Trinity
All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name
All Hail Thou Resurrection
All Hail Ye Little Martyr Flowers
All Holy Sovereign Of The Sky
All In An Easter Garden
All Is Bright And Cheerful Round Us
All Is Oer The Pain The Sorrow
All Labor Gained New Dignity
All My Heart This Night Rejoices
All My Hope On God Is Founded
All Night All Day
All Our Sinful Words And Ways
All People That On Earth Do Dwell
All Praise Be To God
All Praise Be To God Whom All Things Obey
All Praise To God The Father
All Praise To God Who Reigns Above
All Praise To Him Who Built The Hills
All Praise To Him Who Dwells In Bliss
All Praise To Our Redeeming Lord
All Praise To Thee Eternal Lord
All Praise To Thee My God This Night
All Praise To Thee O Lord
All Praise To Thee Who Safe Hast Kept
All Shall Be Well
All Thats Good And Great And True
All The Past We Leave Behind
All The Scenes Of Nature Quicken
All The Wayall The Way
All The Way My Savior Leads Me
All Things Are Ready Theres A Place Of Rest
All Things Bright And Beautiful
All Things Praise Thee Lord Most High
All Things Which Live Below The Sky
All To Jesus I Surrender
All Who Believe And Are Baptized
All Who Love And Serve Your City
All Ye Who Faithful Servants Are
All Ye Who Seek A Certain Cure
All Ye Who Seek A Comfort Sure
All Ye Who Seek A Rest Above
All Ye Who Seek For Jesus Raise
All Ye Who Seek For Sure Relief
All You That Pass By
Almighty Father Bless The Word
Almighty Father Hear Our Cry
Almighty Father Heaven And Earth
Almighty Father Lord Most High
Almighty Father Of All Things That Be
Almighty Father Strong To Save
Almighty Father Take This Bread
Almighty Father Unoriginate
Almighty Father Who Dost Give
Almighty God I Call To Thee
Almighty God Thy Piercing Eye
Almighty God Thy Throne Above
Almighty God Thy Word Is Cast
Almighty God Whose Only Son
Almighty God Who From The Flood
Almighty Lord Before Thy Throne
Almighty Ruler God Of Truth (chambers)
Alone Thou Troddst The Winepress
Alone With None But Thee My God
Although The Vine Its Fruit Deny
Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound
Amen We Praise Your Name O God
Am I A Soldier Of The Cross
Ancient Of Days Who Sittest Throned In Glory
And Are We Now Brought Near To God
And Can It Be That I Should Gain
And Didst Thou Love The Race That Loved Not Thee
And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time
And Dost Thou Say Ask What Thou Wilt
And Everyone Beneath The Vine And Fig Tree
And Now Another Day Is Gone
And Now Beloved Lord Thy Soul Resigning
And Now Mid Myriad Worlds Enthroned
And Now My Soul Another Year
And Now O Father Mindful Of The Love
And Now The Wants Are Told That Brought
And Now This Holy Day
And Will The Judge Descend
And Wilt Thou O Eternal God
Angels And Ministers Spirits Of Grace
Angels From The Realms Of Glory
Angels Lament Behold Your God
Angels Roll The Rock Away
Angels We Have Heard On High
Angel Bands In Strains Sweet Sounding
Angel Voices Ever Singing
Another Day Begun
Another Gone Home Where There Is No Weeping
Another Six Days Work Is Done
Another Week Has Passed Away
Another Year Completed
Another Year Has Now Begun
Another Year Hath Fled Renew
Another Year Is Dawning
An Exile For The Faith
An Image Of That Heavenly Light
Approach My Soul The Mercy-seat
Arise My Soul With Rapture Rise
Ashamed Of Thee O Dearest Lord
Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know
Asleep In Jesus Blessed Sleep
As Christ Our Saviors Gone Before
As Comes The Breath Of Spring
As Darker Darker Fall Around
As Every Day Thy Mercy Spares
As Jacob With Travel Was Weary One Day
As Joseph Was A-walking
As Longs The Deer For Cooling Streams
As Man And Woman We Were Made
As Mounts On High The Orb Of Day
As Near The Wished-for Port We Draw
As Now The Suns Declining Rays
As Now Thy Children Lowly Kneel
As Panting In The Sultry Beam
As Pants The Hart For Cooling Streams
As Pants The Wearied Hart For Cooling Springs
As The Bird Whose Clarion Gay
As The Day Declineth
As The Disciples When Thy Son Had Left Them
As The Sun Doth Daily Rise
As The Sweet Flower That Scents The Morn
As Thou Didst Rest O Father
As Water To The Thirsty
As When The Weary Traveler Gains
As With Gladness Men Of Old
At Canas Wedding Long Ago
At Even Ere The Sun Was Set
At Gods Right Hand In Countless Numbers
At Length The Longed-for Joy Is Given
At The Cross Her Station Keeping
At The Lambs High Feast We Sing
At The Name Of Jesus
At Thy Feet Our God And Father
At Thy Feet O Christ We Lay
Author Of Faith Eternal Word
Author Of Life Divine
Ave Colenda Trinitas
Ave Maria Blessed Maid
Awaked From Sleep We Fall
Awake And Sing The Song
Awake Arise Lift Up Thy Voice
Awake Arise Lift Up Your Voice
Awake Awake O Christian
Awake Awake To Love And Work
Awake Glad Soul Awake Awake
Awake My Soul And With The Sun
Awake My Soul Stretch Every Nerve
Awake My Soul To Joyful Lays
Awake Our Souls Away Our Fears
Awake O Lord As In The Time Of Old
Awake Ye Saints Awake
Away In A Manger No Crib For A Bed
Away With Our Fears
Awhile In Spirit Lord To Thee
A Babe Lies In The Cradle
A Brighter Dawn Is Breaking
A Broken Heart My God My King
A Burdened Heart That Bleeds
A Charge To Keep I Have
A Child This Day Is Born
A City Radiant As A Bride
A Cry As Of Pain
A Debtor To Mercy Alone
A Few More Years Shall Roll
A Fortress Sure Is God Our King
A Glory Gilds The Sacred Page
A Great And Mighty Wonder
A Heavenly Splendor From On High
A Hymn For Martyrs Sweetly
A Hymn Of Glory Let Us Sing
A Just And Righteous Cause
A Little Child The Savior Came
A Little Kingdom I Possess
A Little Ship Was On The Sea
A Little While Our Lord Shall Come
A Living Stream As Crystal Clear
A Man There Lived In Galilee
A Message Came To A Maiden Young
A Messenger Within The Grave
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
A Mountain Fastness Is Our God
A New Commandment I Give Unto You
A New Heart Lord Create In Me
A Pilgrim Through This Lonely World
A Prophet-woman Broke A Jar
A Purple Robe
A Safe Stronghold Our God Is Still
A Song Was Heard At Christmas
A Stranger Once Did Bless The Earth
A Sure Stronghold Our God Is He
A Tower Of Strength Our God Doth Stand
A Virgin Most Pure As The Prophet Foretold
A Virgin Unspotted The Prophet Foretold
A Voice Is Heard On Earth
A Voice Upon The Midnight Air
A Widows Hand In Days Of Old
A Workman In A Village Home
Baptized Into Thy Name Most Holy
Before Jehovahs Awful Throne
Before The Cock Crew Twice
Before The Day Draws Near Its Ending
Before The Ending Of The Day
Before The Lords Eternal Throne
Before The Lord We Bow
Before The Throne Of God Above
Before Thine Awful Presence Lord
Before Thy Feet I Fall
Before Thy Throne O God We Kneel
Before Thy Throne O Lord Of Heaven
Begin My Soul The Exalted Lay
Begin My Tongue Some Heavenly Theme
Behold A Humble Train
Behold A Little Child
Behold A Rose Is Growing
Behold A Sower From Afar
Behold A Stranger At The Door
Behold Me Standing At The Door
Behold They Gain The Lonely Height
Behold The Amazing Gift Of Love
Behold The Bridegroom Cometh
Behold The Bridegroom Draweth Nigh
Behold The Eternal King And Priest
Behold The Glories Of The Lamb
Behold The Great Creator Makes
Behold The Lamb Of God
Behold The Lamb Of God Who Bears
Behold The Lamb Of God Who Bore
Behold The Lamb O Thou For Sinners Slain
Behold The Master Passeth By
Behold The Messengers Of Christ
Behold The Morning Sun
Behold The Mountain Of The Lord
Behold The Savior Of Mankind
Behold The Shade Of Night Departs
Behold The Sun That Seemed But Now
Behold Thy Servant Drawing Near
Behold Us Lord A Little Space
Behold Us Lord Before Thee Met
Believing Fathers Oft Have Told
Beloved Let Us Love For Love Is Of God
Beloved Let Us Love Love Is Of God
Bending Before Thee Let Our Hymn Go Upwards
Beneath The Cross Of Jesus
Bethlehem Of Noblest Cities
Beyond Beyond That Boundless Sea
Beyond The Holy City Wall
Be Gone Unbelief My Savior Is Near
Be Known To Us In Breaking Bread
Be Near Us Holy Trinity
Be Present Holy Trinity
Be Still And Know That I Am God
Be Still My Heart These Anxious Cares
Be Still My Soul For God Is Near
Be Still My Soul The Lord Is On Thy Side
Be Thou My Guardian And My Guide
Be Thou My Vision O Lord Of My Heart
Be With Me Lord Whereer I Go
Be With Us All For Evermore
Bishop Of The Souls Of Men
Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine
Blessed Be The God Of Israel (daw)
Blessed Be Thy Name
Blessed City Happy Salem
Blessed City Heavenly Salem
Blessed Feasts Of Blessed Martyrs
Blessed Jesus At Thy Word
Blessed Jesus Here We Stand
Blessed Lord Whose Tender Care
Blessed Night When First That Plain
Blessed Savior Thou Hast Taught Us
Blessing Honor Thanks And Praise
Bless God My Soul Thou Lord Alone
Bless Me O My Savior Bless Me
Bless The Lord As Day Departs
Bless The Lord Creation Sings
Blest Are The Moments Doubly Blest
Blest Are The Pure In Heart
Blest Be The Everlasting God
Blest Be The King Whose Coming
Blest Be The Tie That Binds
Blest Creator Of The Light
Blest Day Of God Most Calm Most Bright
Blest Day On Which The Savior Shed
Blest Framer Of The Starry Height
Blest Is The Man Whose Softening Heart
Blest Is The Tie That Binds
Blest Martyr Let Thy Triumph-day
Blest Morning Whose Young Dawning Rays
Blest Source Of Mercy Truth And Love
Blest Trinity From Mortal Sight
Blest Voice Of Love O Word Divine
Blot Out Our Sins Of Old
Blow Winds Of God
Book Of Books Our Peoples Strength
Born By The Holy Spirits Breath
Born In The Night Marys Child
Bound Upon The Accursed Tree
Bow Down Thine Ear Almighty Lord
Bread Of The World In Mercy Broken
Break Day Of God O Break
Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light
Break Thou The Bread Of Life
Breast The Wave Christian
Breathe On Me Breath Of God
Brethren Let Us Join To Bless
Bride Of Christ Through Him Contending
Bride Of Christ Whose Glorious Warfare
Brief Life Is Here Our Portion
Brightest And Best Of The Sons Of The Morning
Brightly Did The Light Divine
Brightly Gleams Our Banner
Brightly O Father When Morning Is Breaking
Brightness Of The Fathers Glory
Bright And Joyful Is The Morn
Bright The Vision That Delighted
Bring Many Names Beautiful And Good
Brothers Joining Hand To Hand
Brother Calls To Brother
Bulwark Of A Mighty Nation
By Christ Redeemed
By Cool Siloams Shady Rill
By Every Nation Race And Tongue
By Gracious Powers So Wonderfully Sheltered
By Jesus Grave On Either Hand
By Precepts Taught Of Ages Past
By The Breadth Of The Blue
By The Cross Her Station Keeping
By The Gracious Saving Call
By Thy Birth O Lord Of All
Caeli Deus Sanctissime
Call Jehovah Thy Salvation
Call Them In The Poor The Wretched
Calm Me My God And Keep Me Calm
Calm On The Listening Ear Of Night
Calvary Calvary
Canst Thou Count The Stars That Twinkle
Can A Little Child Like Me
Can I See Anothers Woe
Can You Count The Stars That Brightly
Captains Of The Saintly Band
Captain Of Israels Host And Guide
Captain Of Our Salvation Take
Carol Sweetly Carol
Cast Away The Works Of Darkness
Cast Thy Care On Jesus
Celestial Word To This Our Earth
Change Is Our Portion Here
Cheer Up Desponding Soul
Chief Of Martyrs He Whose Name
Chief Of Sinners Though I Be
Childhoods Years Are Passing Oer Us
Children Of Earth For Heaven We Seek
Children Of Jerusalem
Children Of The Heavenly King
Child In The Manger
Child Of The Stables Secret Birth
Christians Awake Salute The Happy Morn
Christians Sing Out With Exultation
Christians Sing The Incarnation
Christians To The Paschal Victim
Christian Children Advent Bids You
Christian Dost Thou See Them
Christian Seek Not Yet Repose
Christian Unflinching Stand
Christ Above All Glory Seated
Christ Be My Leader By Night As By Day
Christ Be The Lord Of All Our Days
Christ Be With Me
Christ By Heavenly Hosts Adored
Christ Enthroned In Highest Heaven
Christ For The World We Sing
Christ From The Dead Is Raisd And Made
Christ Had Regained The Sky
Christ Hath A Garden Walled Around
Christ In Highest Heaven Enthroned
Christ Is Alive Let Christians Sing
Christ Is Born Exalt His Name
Christ Is Coming Let Creation
Christ Is Gone Up Yet Ere He Passed
Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation
Christ Is Now Risen Again
Christ Is Our Cornerstone
Christ Is Risen Alleluia
Christ Is Risen As He Said
Christ Is Risen Christ Is Risen
Christ Is Risen Shout Hosanna
Christ Is The Foundation Of The House We Raise
Christ Is The One Who Calls
Christ Is The Worlds Light
Christ Is The Worlds Redeemer
Christ I Am Christs
Christ Jesus Lay In Deaths Strong Bands
Christ Leads Me Through No Darker Rooms
Christ Of All My Hopes The Ground
Christ Our King To Heaven Ascendeth
Christ Our Passover Has Been Sacrificed For Us
Christ Our Redeemer Knew Temptations Hour
Christ The Fair Glory Of The Holy Angels
Christ The Life Of All The Living
Christ The Lord Is Risen
Christ The Lord Is Risen Again
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (leeson)
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (wesley)
Christ The Victorious Give To Your Servants
Christ The Way Of Life Possess Me
Christ The Worker
Christ Upon The Mountain Peak
Christ Was Born On Christmas Day
Christ We Come Before Thee
Christ Whose Glory Fills The Skies
Christ Who Called Disciples To Him
Christ Who Once Amongst Us
Christ Will Gather In His Own
Church Of The Living God
City Of God How Broad And Far
Come Dearest Lord Descend And Dwell
Come Down O Love Divine
Come Ever Blessed Spirit Come
Come Faithful People Come Away
Come Gracious Spirit Heavenly Dove
Come Holy Ghost Creator Blest
Come Holy Ghost Creator Come
Come Holy Ghost Our Hearts Inspire
Come Holy Ghost Our Souls Inspire
Come Holy Ghost Who Ever One
Come Holy Ghost With God The Son
Come Holy Spirit Come Let Thy Bright Beams Arise
Come Holy Spirit Heavenly Dove
Come Labor On
Come Let Our Voices Join
Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs
Come Let Us Join Our Friends Above
Come Let Us Join The Church Above
Come Let Us To The Lord Our God
Come Let Us With Our Lord Arise
Come My Soul Thou Must Be Waking
Come My Soul Thy Suit Prepare
Come My Way My Truth My Life
Come O Come In Pious Lays
Come O Creator Spirit Come
Come O Thou Traveler Unknown
Come Pure Hearts In Sweetest Measures
Come Rejoicing Faithful Men
Come See The Place Where Jesus Lay
Come Sing With Holy Gladness
Come Sing Ye Choirs Exultant
Come Thou Almighty King
Come Thou Holy Paraclete
Come Thou Holy Spirit Come
Come Thou Long-expected Jesus
Come Thou Redeemer Of The Earth
Come To Calvarys Holy Mountain
Come To Me Lord When First I Wake
Come To Our Poor Natures Night
Come To The Savior Make No Delay
Come Unto Me Ye Weary
Come Ye Disconsolate
Come Ye Faithful Raise The Anthem
Come Ye Faithful Raise The Strain
Come Ye People Raise The Anthem
Come Ye Thankful People Come
Come Ye That Love The Lord
Come Ye Yourselves Apart And Rest Awhile
Command Thy Blessing From Above
Commit Thou All Thy Griefs
Commit Thou All Thy Ways
Conquering Kings Their Titles Take
Creator Of The Earth And Sky
Creator Of The Starry Height
Creator Of The World To Thee
Creator Spirit By Whose Aid
Crown Him With Many Crowns
Daily Daily Sing The Praises
Darkening Night The Land Doth Cover
Dark Is The Sky That Overhangs My Soul
Dark Was The Night And Cold The Ground
Dawn Purples All The East With Light
Days And Moments Quickly Flying
Day By Day We Magnify Thee
Day Of Wrath O Day Of Mourning
Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind
Dear Lord On This Thy Servants Day
Deck Thyself My Soul With Gladness
Deluded Souls That Dream Of Heaven
Dismiss Me Not Thy Service Lord
Disowned Of Heaven By Man Opprest
Disposer Supreme And Judge Of The Earth
Don Oíche �sd I Mbeithil
Dost Thou In A Manger Lie
Dost Thou Truly Seek Renown
Do No Sinful Action
Draw Nigh And Take The Body Of The Lord
Dread Jehovah God Of Nations
Earths Mighty Maker Whose Command
Earth Has Many A Noble City
Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright
Ein Feste Burg
Enduring Soul Of All Our Life
England Arise The Long Long Night Is Over
Ere In Thy Childhood Mid The Desert Places
Eternal Beam Of Light Divine
Eternal Father Strong To Save
Eternal Glory Of The Sky
Eternal God We Look To Thee
Eternal Light Divinity
Eternal Light Eternal Light
Eternal Monarch King Most High
Eternal Power Whose High Abode
Eternal Ruler Of The Ceaseless Round
Eternal Source Of Every Joy
Evensong Is Hushed In Silence
Every Morning The Red Sun
Exalted High At Gods Right Hand
Fairest Lord Jesus Ruler Of All Nature
Fair Waved The Golden Corn
Faithful Shepherd Feed Me
Faithful Vigil Ended
Faith Is The Christians Evidence
Faith Of Our Fathers Living Still
Fambai Makristu Mukrwa Kwenyu
Far Be Sorrow Tears And Sighing
Far Down The Ages Now
Far From My Heavenly Home
Far From My Thoughts Vain World Be Gone
Father Again In Jesus Name We Meet
Father Eternal Ruler Of Creation
Father Hear The Prayer We Offer
Father In Heaven Who Lovest All
Father Let Me Dedicate
Father Most Holy Merciful And Loving
Father Most Holy Merciful And Tender
Father Of All From Land And Sea
Father Of All To Thee
Father Of All Whose Love Profound
Father Of Heaven Whose Love Profound
Father Of Heaven Who Hast Created All
Father Of Men In Whom Are One
Father Of Mercies Bow Thine Ear
Father Of Mercies God Of Love
Father Of Mercies In Thy Word
Father Of Spirits Whose Divine Control
Father See Thy Children
Father Son And Holy Ghost In Solemn Power Come Down
Father Son And Holy Ghost One In Three And Three In One
Father To Thee My Soul I Lift
Father To Thee We Look In All Our Sorrow
Father We Praise Thee Now The Night Is Over
Father Whateer Of Earthly Bliss
Father Whose Love We Have Wronged
Father Who Hast Gathered
Father Who On Man Dost Shower
Fierce Raged The Tempest Oer The Deep
Fierce Was The Wild Billow
Fight The Good Fight With All Thy Might
Fill Thou My Life O Lord My God
Firmly I Believe And Truly
First Of Martyrs
Fling Out The Banner Let It Float
Forgive Them O My Father
Forsaken Once And Thrice Denied
Forth In Thy Name O Lord I Go
Forty Days And Forty Nights
Forward Be Our Watchword
For All The Saints Who From Their Labors Rest
For All Thy Saints A Noble Throng
For All Thy Saints O Lord
For Ever We Would Gaze On Thee
For Ever With The Lord
For Mercy Courage Kindness Mirth
For My Sake And The Gospels Go
For Thee O Dear Dear Country
For The Beauty Of The Earth
For The Dear Ones Parted From Us
For Those We Love Within The Veil
For Thy Dear Saints O Lord
For Thy Dear Saint O Lord
For Thy Mercy And Thy Grace
Fountain Of Mercy God Of Love
From All That Dwell Below The Skies
From All Thy Saints In Warfare
From East To West From Shore To Shore
From Egypts Bondage Come
From Every Stormy Wind That Blows
From Foes That Would The Land Devour
From Glory To Glory Advancing We Praise Thee O Lord
From Glory Unto Glory Be This Our Joyous Song
From Greenlands Icy Mountains
From Highest Heaven The Eternal Son
From Lowest Depths Of Woe
From Ocean Unto Ocean
From Out The Cloud Of Amber Light
From Thee All Skill And Science Flow
From The Deeps Of Grief And Fear
From The Eastern Mountains
From Virgins Womb This Christmas Day Did Spring
From Whence These Dire Omens Round
Gabriels Message Does Away
Gelobet Seist Du Jesu Christ
Gentle Jesus Meek And Mild
Gentle Shepherd Thou Hast Stilled
Gird On Thy Sword O Man Thy Strength Endue
Giver Of The Perfect Gift
Give Light O Lord That We May Learn
Give Me The Wings Of Faith To Rise
Glorious Is Thy Name O Lord
Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken
Glory Be To Jesus
Glory Love And Praise And Honor
Glory To Thee In Light Arrayed
Glory To Thee My God This Night
Glory To Thee O Lord
Glory To Thee Who Safe Hast Kept
Glory To The Blessed Jesus
Glory To The Father Give
Glory To The First-begotten
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
God Bless Our Native Land
God Eternal Mighty King
God From On High Hath Heard
God Hath Sent His Angels To The Earth Again
God Is Ascended Up On High Alleluia
God Is A Stronghold And A Tower
God Is Love His Mercy Brightens
God Is Our Stronghold And Our Stay
God Is Working His Purpose Out
God Made Me For Himself
God Moves In A Mysterious Way
God My King Thy Might Confessing
God Of Grace O Let Thy Light
God Of Mercy God Of Grace
God Of My Life To Thee I Call
God Of Our Fathers Known Of Old
God Of Our Fathers Unto Thee
God Of Our Fathers Whose Almighty Hand
God Of The Living
God Of The Morning At Whose Voice
God Of The Nations Who Hast Led
God Of The Prophets Bless The Prophets Sons
God Of The Sea Thine Awful Voice
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
God Reveals His Presence
God Save Our Gracious Queen
God That Madest Earth And Heaven
God The All-terrible King Who Ordainest
God The Fathers Only Son
God The Father God The Son
God The Father God The Son (four Last Things)
God The Father God The Son (passion)
God The Father God The Son (penitence)
God The Father Whose Creation
God The Omnipotent King Who Ordainest
God Whose Citys Sure Foundation
God Who Created Me
God Who Madest Earth And Heaven
Golden Harps Are Sounding
Good Christians All Rejoice
Good Christian Men Rejoice
Good Christian Men Rejoice And Sing
Good It Is To Keep The Feast
Go Forth Ye Heralds In My Name
Go Forward Christian Soldier
Go Labor On Spend And Be Spent
Go Preach My Gospel Saith The Lord
Go To Dark Gethsemane
Grace Tis A Charming Sound
Gracious Savior Gentle Shepherd
Gracious Savior Who Didst Honor
Gracious Spirit Dwell With Me
Gracious Spirit Holy Ghost
Grant To This Child The Inward Grace
Great First Of Beings Mighty Lord
Great God Of Hosts Our Ears Have Heard
Great God This Sacred Day Of Thine
Great God To Thee Our Hearts We Raise
Great God What Do I See And Hear
Great God Who Hid From Mortal Sight
Great God Who Knowest Each Mans Need
Great God With Wonder And With Praise
Great King Of Nations Hear Our Prayer
Great Mover Of All Hearts
Great Shepherd Of Thy People Hear
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer
Hail Body True Of Mary Born
Hail Father Whose Creating Call
Hail Festal Day (ascension)
Hail Festal Day (easter)
Hail Gladdening Light
Hail Glorious Spirits Heirs Of Light
Hail Harbinger Of Morn
Hail O Star That Pointest
Hail Sacred Day Of Earthly Rest
Hail Thee Festival Day
Hail Thee Festival Day (ascension)
Hail Thee Festival Day (easter)
Hail Thee Festival Day (pentecost)
Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise
Hail The Sign The Sign Of Jesus
Hail Thou Long-expected Jesus
Hail Thou Once-despised Jesus
Hail Thou Source Of Every Blessing
Hail To The Lords Anointed
Hail To The Lord Who Comes
Hail True Body Born Of Mary
Hark A Herald Voice Is Calling
Hark A Thrilling Voice Is Sounding
Hark Creations Alleluia
Hark Hark My Soul Angelic Songs Are Swelling
Hark How All The Welkin Rings
Hark My Soul How Everything
Hark My Soul It Is The Lord
Hark The Glad Sound The Savior Comes
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Hark The Song Of Jubilee
Hark The Sound Of Holy Voices
Hark The Swelling Breezes Rising From Afar
Hark The Voice Eternal
Hark Tis The Watchmans Cry
Hark What A Sound And Too Divine
Hark What Mean Those Holy Voices
Hasten Sinner To Be Wise
Hasten The Time Appointed
Hast Thou Not Known Hast Thou Not Heard
Have Mercy Lord On Me
Have Mercy On Us God Most High
Heal Me O My Savior Heal
Hear Our Prayer O Heavenly Father
Hear Us O Lord From Heaven
Hear Us Thou That Broodest
Hear What God The Lord Hath Spoken
Hear What The Voice From Heaven Declares
Heavenly Father Send Thy Blessing
Help Us O Lord To Learn
Here In The Countrys Heart
Here O My Lord I See Thee Face To Face
Her Virgin Eyes Saw God Incarnate Born
Hes Come Let Every Knee Be Bent
He Dies The Friend Of Sinners Dies
He Is Gone
He Is Risen He Is Risen
He Leadeth Me O Blessed Thought
He Sat To Watch Oer Customs Paid
He That Is Down Needs Fear No Fall
He Wants Not Friends That Hath Thy Love
He Whose Confession God
He Who Once In Righteous Vengeance
He Who Would Valiant Be
High In The Heavens Eternal God
High Let Us Swell Our Tuneful Notes
High On The Bending Willows Hung
High Word Of God Who Once Didst Come
Hills Of The North Rejoice
His Are The Thousand Sparkling Rills
His Cheering Message From The Grave
Hold Thou My Hands
Holy Father Cheer Our Way
Holy Father Great Creator
Holy Father Hear Me
Holy Father In Thy Mercy
Holy Ghost Come Down Upon Thy Children
Holy Ghost Illuminator
Holy Ghost We Offer Here
Holy God We Show Forth Here
Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty
Holy Holy Holy Lord God Of Hosts
Holy Jesus By Thy Passion
Holy Jesus God Of Love
Holy Offerings Rich And Rare
Holy Spirit Lord Of Love
Holy Spirit Truth Divine
Hosanna To The Living Lord
Hosanna We Sing Like The Children Dear
How Are Thy Servants Blest O Lord
How Beauteous Are Their Feet
How Beauteous Were The Marks Divine
How Blessed From The Bonds Of Sin
How Blest Is He Who Neer Consents
How Bright Appears The Morning Star
How Bright These Glorious Spirits Shine
How Can I Cease To Pray For Thee
How Firm A Foundation
How Happy Is He Born And Taught
How Helpless Guilty Nature Lies
How Oft Alas The Wretched Heart
How Oft O Lord Thy Face Hath Shone
How Shall I Sing That Majesty
How Short The Race Our Friend Has Run
How Sweet The Hour Of Closing Day
How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds
How Vain The Cruel Herods Fear
How Welcome Was The Call
How Wondrous And Great
Ho My Comrades See The Signal
Hushed Was The Evening Hymn

If There Be That Skills To Reckon
Ill Praise My Maker While Ive Breath
Immortal Invisible God Only Wise
Inspirer And Hearer Of Prayer
In Christ There Is No East Or West(1)
In Christ There Is No East Or West
In Grief And Fear To Thee O Lord
In Heavenly Love Abiding
In His Own Raiment Clad
In His Temple Now Behold Him
In Loud Exalted Strains
In Our Day Of Thanksgiving One Psalm Let Us Offer
In Our Work And In Our Play
In Paradise Reposing
In Royal Robes Of Splendor
In Stature Grows The Heavenly Child
In The Bleak Midwinter
In The Cross Of Christ I Glory(1)
In The Cross Of Christ I Glory
In The Hour Of My Distress
In The Hour Of Trial
In The Lords Atoning Grief
In Token That Thou Shalt Not Fear
Is This A Holy Thing To See
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
It Is A Thing Most Wonderful
It Is Finished Blessed Jesus
It Is Finished Christ Hath Known
It Was The Calm And Silent Night
I Adore Thee I Adore Thee
I Am Not Worthy Holy Lord
I Bind Unto Myself Today
I Could Not Do Without Thee
I Danced In The Morning
I Do Not Ask O Lord That Life May Be
I Heard The Sound Of Voices
I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say
I Hear Thy Welcome Voice
I Hunger And I Thirst
I Lay My Sins On Jesus
I Look To Thee In Every Need
I Love Thy Kingdom Lord
I Love To Hear The Story
I Love To Tell The Story
I Need Thee Precious Jesus
I See The Crowd In Pilates Hall
I Sing The Birth Was Born Tonight
I Sought Thee Round About O Thou My God
I Sought The Lord And Afterward I Knew
I Think When I Read That Sweet Story
I Vow To Thee My Country All Earthly Things Above
I Was A Wandering Sheep
I Was Made A Christian
Jerusalem High Tower Thy Glorious Walls
Jerusalem My Happy Home
Jerusalem On High
Jerusalem That Place Divine
Jerusalem The Golden
Jerusalem Thou City Blest
Jesus And Shall It Ever Be
Jesus Calls Us Oer The Tumult
Jesus Came The Heavens Adoring
Jesus Christ Is Risen
Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
Jesus From Thy Throne On High
Jesus Gentlest Savior
Jesus Good Above All Other
Jesus Grant Me This I Pray
Jesus Guide Our Way
Jesus In Thy Dying Woes
Jesus Is God The Solid Earth
Jesus I Live To Thee
Jesus I My Cross Have Taken
Jesus King Of Glory
Jesus Lives Thy Terrors Now
Jesus Lord Of Life And Glory
Jesus Lord Of Our Salvation
Jesus Lord We Look To Thee
Jesus Lover Of My Soul
Jesus Master Whom I Serve
Jesus Meek And Gentle
Jesus Meek And Lowly
Jesus My Lord My God My All
Jesus My Savior Look On Me
Jesus My Strength My Hope
Jesus Name All Names Above
Jesus Name Of Wondrous Love
Jesus Our Hope Our Hearts Desire
Jesus Our Lenten Fast Of Thee
Jesus Priceless Treasure
Jesus Savior Of My Soul
Jesus Shall Reign Whereer The Sun
Jesus Son Of Mary
Jesus Still Lead On
Jesus Sun Of Righteousness
Jesus Tender Shepherd Hear Me
Jesus These Eyes Have Never Seen
Jesus The Crucified Pleads For Me
Jesus The Fathers Only Son
Jesus The Very Thought Is Sweet
Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee
Jesus The Virgins Crown Do Thou
Jesus The Worlds Redeeming Lord
Jesus Thou Hast Willed It
Jesus Thou Joy Of Loving Hearts
Jesus Thy Boundless Love To Me
Jesus Thy Mercies Are Untold
Jesus To Thy Table Led
Jesus Whereer Thy People Meet
Jesus With Thy Church Abide
Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee
Joy And Triumph Everlasting
Joy Because The Circling Year
Joy Dawned Again On Easter Day
Joy Fills Our Inmost Heart Today
Joy Is A Fruit That Will Not Grow
Joy To The World The Lord Is Come
Judge Eternal Throned In Splendor
Just As I Am Without One Plea
Keep Thyself Pure Christs Soldier
Kindly Spring Again Is Here
King Of Glory King Of Peace
King Of Saints To Whom The Number
King Of Saints We Offer
Know Ye The Lord Hath Borne Away
Lamb Of God I Look To Thee
Lamb Of God My Savior
Lamb Of God To Thee We Raise
Lamb Of God Whose Dying Love
Lamp Of Our Feet Whereby We Trace
Land Of Our Birth We Pledge To Thee
Laud O Zion Thy Salvation
Lead Kindly Light Amid The Encircling Gloom
Lead Me Almighty Father Spirit Son
Lead On O King Eternal
Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us
Lead Us O Father In The Paths Of Peace
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
Let All On Earth Their Voices Raise

Let All The World In Every Corner Sing
Let God Arise To Lead Forth Those
Let Heaven Arise Let Earth Appear
Let Our Choir New Anthems Raise
Let Saints On Earth In Concert Sing
Let Sighing Cease And Woe
Let The Round World With Songs Rejoice
Let The Song Go Round The Earth
Let Thine Example Holy John
Let Thy Blood In Mercy Poured
Let Us With A Gladsome Mind
Life Nor Death Shall Us Dissever
Life Of Ages Richly Poured
Lift The Strain Of High Thanksgiving
Lift Up Your Heads Ye Gates Of Brass
Lift Up Your Heads Ye Mighty Gates
Lift Up Your Hearts We Lift Them Lord To Thee
Lift Your Glad Voices In Triumph On High
Lighten The Darkness Of Our Lifes Long Night
Lights Abode Celestial Salem
Lights Glittering Morn Bedecks The Sky
Light Of The Lonely Pilgrims Heart
Light Of The Minds That Know Him
Light Of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling
Like Noahs Weary Dove
Like Silver Lamps In A Distant Shrine
Little Drops Of Water
Long Ago Prophets Knew
Long Did I Toil And Knew No Earthly Rest
Look Down Upon Us God Of Grace
Look Ye Saints The Sight Is Glorious
Lord As To Thy Dear Cross We Flee
Lord Behold Us With Thy Blessing
Lord Behold Us With Thy Favor
Lord Be Thy Word My Rule
Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing Fill Our Hearts
Lord Enthroned In Heavenly Splendor
Lord For Ever At Thy Side
Lord For The Just Thou Dost Provide
Lord For Tomorrow And Its Needs
Lord God By Whom All Change Is Wrought
Lord God Of Hosts Whose Mighty Hand
Lord God Of Hosts Within Whose Hand
Lord God The Holy Ghost
Lord God We Worship Thee
Lord Hear The Voice Of My Complaint
Lord Her Watch Thy Church Is Keeping
Lord How Delightful Tis To See
Lord In This Thy Mercys Day
Lord In Thy Name Thy Servants Plead
Lord In Thy Presence Dread And Sweet
Lord It Belongs Not To My Care
Lord It Is Good For Us To Be
Lord I Hear Of Showers Of Blessing
Lord I Hear Of Showers Of Blessing I
Lord I Would Own Thy Tender Care
Lord Jesus Christ Our Lord Most Dear
Lord Jesus God And Man
Lord Jesus Think On Me
Lord Jesus When We Stand Afar
Lord Jesus Who At Lazarus Tomb
Lord Jesus Who Our Souls To Save
Lord Keep Us Safe This Night
Lord Most Holy God Most Mighty
Lord My Weak Thought In Vain Would Climb
Lord Not Despairingly
Lord Now The Time Returns
Lord Of All Being Throned Afar
Lord Of All Creation
Lord Of Beauty Thine The Splendor
Lord Of Creation Bow Thine Ear O Christ To Hear
Lord Of Glory Who Hast Bought Us
Lord Of Health Thou Life Within Us
Lord Of Heaven And Earth And Ocean
Lord Of Life All Praise Excelling
Lord Of Life And King Of Glory
Lord Of Mercy And Of Might
Lord Of Our Life And God Of Our Salvation
Lord Of The Harvest It Is Right And Meet
Lord Of The Harvest Once Again
Lord Of The Living Harvest
Lord Of The Strong
Lord Of The Worlds Above
Lord Pour Thy Spirit From On High
Lord Shall Thy Children Come To Thee
Lord Speak To Me That I May Speak
Lord Teach Us How To Pray Aright
Lord The Wind And Sea Obey Thee
Lord Thou Lovst The Cheerful Giver
Lord Through This Holy Week Of Our Salvation
Lord Thy Children Guide And Keep
Lord Thy Word Abideth
Lord To Thee Alone We Turn
Lord When Before Thy Throne We Meet
Lord When Thy Kingdom Comes Remember Me
Lord When We Bend Before Thy Throne
Lord While Afar Our Brothers Fight
Lord While For All Mankind We Pray
Lord Who Shall Dwell Above With Thee
Lord Who Shall Sit Beside Thee
Lord Who Throughout These Forty Days
Lord With Glowing Heart Id Praise Thee
Loves Redeeming Work Is Done
Love Came Down At Christmas
Love Divine All Loves Excelling(1)
Love Divine All Loves Excelling
Love Of Love And Light Of Light
Love Of The Father Love Of God The Son
Love Unto Thine Own Who Camest
Loving Shepherd Of Thy Sheep
Lo From The Desert Homes
Lo God Is Here Let Us Adore
Lo Golden Light Rekindles Day
Lo He Comes With Clouds Descending
Lo Now Is Our Accepted Day
Lo Round The Throne A Glorious Band
Lo The Angels Food Is Given
Lo The Pilgrim Magi
Lo What A Cloud Of Witnesses
Lo What A Glorious Sight Appears
Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned
Maker Of Earth To Thee Alone
Maker Of Man Who From Thy Throne
Make Me A Captive Lord
Martyr Of God Whose Strength Was Steeled
Mary Weep Not Weep No Longer
Master No Offering
Men Of England Who Inherit
Men Whose Boast It Is That Ye
Mercy Descending From Above
Met At This Most Solemn Time
Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory
Morn Of Morns And Day Of Days
Most Ancient Of All Mysteries
Most Glorious Lord Of Life That On This Day
Most Holy Lord And God Of Heaven
Motherhood Sublime Eternal
My Country Tis Of Thee
My Faith Looks Up To Thee
My Father For Another Night
My God Accept My Heart This Day
My God And Father While I Stray
My God And Is Thy Table Spread
My God How Wonderful Thou Art
My God I Love Thee Not Because
My God I Thank Thee Who Hast Made
My God My Father While I Stray
My God My God And Can It Be
My God My God Why Dost Thou Me Forsake
My God My King Thy Various Praise
My God Permit Me Not To Be
My God Since Thou Hast Raised Me Up
My Grateful Soul For Ever Praise
My Heart Is Resting
My Jesus As Thou Wilt
My Lord My Life My Love
My Lord My Love Was Crucified
My Lord My Master At Thy Feet Adoring
My Opening Eyes With Rapture See
My Savior Hanging On The Tree
My Sins Have Taken Such A Hold On Me
My Song Is Love Unknown
My Soul Be On Thy Guard
My Soul Praise The Lord
My Soul Repeat His Praise
My Soul There Is A Country
My Soul With Patience Waits
My Spirit Longs For Thee
My Spirit On Thy Care
Nature With Open Volume Stands
Nearer My God To Thee
Never Further Than Thy Cross
New Every Morning Is The Love
New Wonders Of Thy Mighty Hand
Nights Shadows Falling
Not All The Blood Of Beasts
Not Always On The Mount May We
Not By The Martyrs Death Alone
Not By Thy Mighty Hand
Not For Our Sins Alone
Not To The Terrors Of The Lord
Not With A Choir Of Angels Without Number
Not Worthy Lord To Gather
Now Doth The Sun Ascend The Sky
Now From The Altar Of My Heart
Now God Be With Us
Now Gracious Lord Thine Arm Reveal
Now In Holy Celebration
Now In Lifes Breezy Morning
Now Is The Healing Time Decreed
Now Let Our Cheerful Eyes Survey
Now May He Who From The Dead
Now May The God Of Grace And Power
Now My Soul Thy Voice Upraising
Now My Tongue The Mystery Telling
Now On Land And Sea
Now Thank We All Our God
Now That The Daylight Dies Away
Now That The Daylight Fills The Sky
Now That The Sun Is Gleaming Bright
Now The Busy Week Is Done
Now The Day Is Over
Now The Laborers Task Is Oer
Now To Him Who Loved Us Gave Us
No Coward Soul Is Mine
No Gospel Like This Feast
No Not Despairingly
Oerwhelmed In Depths Of Woe
Oer Mountain Tops The Mount Of God
Oft In Danger Oft In Woe
Of The Fathers Love Begotten
Of The Glorious Body Telling
Of Thy Love Some Gracious Token
Once In Royal Davids City
Once More The Solemn Season Calls
Once Only Once And Once For All
Once Pledged By The Cross As Children Of God
Once To Every Man And Nation
One Sole Baptismal Sign
One Sweetly Solemn Thought
One Thy Light The Temple Filling
Only-begotten Word Of God Eternal
Onward Christian Soldiers
On Jordans Bank The Baptists Cry
On Our Way Rejoicing
On The Resurrection Morning
On The Waters Dark And Drear
On This Day The First Of Days
On What Has Now Been Sown
On Wings Of Living Light
On Zion And On Lebanon
Our Blest Redeemer Ere He Breathed
Our Day Of Praise Is Done
Our Fathers Home Eternal
Our Father By Whose Servants
Our Father Thy Dear Name Doth Show
Our Father While Our Hearts Unlearn
Our God Of Love Who Reigns Above
Our Lord Christ Hath Risen
Our Lord Is Risen From The Dead
Our Lord The Path Of Suffering Trod
Out Of The Deep I Call
O Beautiful My Country
O Blessed Day When First Was Poured
O Bless The Lord My Soul
O Blest Creator Of The Light
O Boundless Wisdom God Most High
O Brightness Of The Immortal Fathers Face
O Brothers Lift Your Voices
O Brother Man Fold To Thy Heart
O Christ Our God Who With Thine Own Hast Been
O Christ Our Hope Our Hearts Desire
O Christ Our Joy Gone Upon On High
O Christ Our Joy Gone Up On High
O Christ Our Joy To Whom Is Given
O Christ Redeemer Of Our Race
O Christ The Heavens Eternal King
O Christ Thou Hast Ascended
O Christ Who Art The Light And Day
O Christ Who Holds The Open Gate
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Come And Mourn With Me Awhile
O Come Loud Anthems Let Us Sing
O Come O Come Emmanuel
O Come Redeemer Of Mankind Appear
O Come Redeemer Of The Earth
O Come To The Merciful Savior Who Calls You
O Could I Speak The Matchless Worth
O Day Of Rest And Gladness
O Dearest Lord By All Adored
O Deued Pob Cristion
O Faith Of England Taught Of Old
O Father All Creating
O Father Bless The Children
O Father In Whose Great Design
O Father Thou Who Hast Created All
O Father We Would Thank Thee
O Father Who Didst All Things Make
O Father Who The Earth Hast Given
O Food Of Men Wayfaring
O Food That Weary Pilgrims Love
O For A Closer Walk With God
O For A Faith That Will Not Shrink
O For A Heart To Praise My God
O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
O Gladsome Light O Grace
O Glorious King Of Martyr Hosts
O Glorious Maid Exalted Far
O God Creations Secret Force
O God My Heart Is Fixed Tis Bent
O God My Strength And Fortitude
O God Of All The Strength And Power
O God Of Bethel By Whose Hand
O God Of Earth And Altar
O God Of God O Light Of Light
O God Of Good The Unfathomed Sea
O God Of Hosts The Mighty Lord
O God Of Jacob By Whose Hand
O God Of Love O King Of Peace
O God Of Mercy God Of Might
O God Of Mercy Hearken Now
O God Of Truth O Lord Of Might
O God Of Truth Whose Living Word
O God Our Help In Ages Past
O God The Rock Of Ages
O God The Son Eternal Thy Dread Might
O God The Worlds Sustaining Force
O God Thy Soldiers Crown And Guard
O God To Know That Thou Art Just
O God Unseen Yet Ever Near
O Happy Band Of Pilgrims
O Happy Day That Stays My Choice
O Happy Day When First Was Poured
O Heavenly Jerusalem
O Help Us Lord Each Hour Of Need
O Holy Father Who In Tender Love
O Holy Ghost Thy People Bless
O Holy Holy Holy Lord
O Holy Spirit Lord Of Grace
O Holy Spirit Whom Our Master Sent
O In The Morn Of Life When Youth
O It Is Hard To Work For God
O Jesus Blessed Lord To Thee
O Jesus Christ From Thee Began
O Jesus Christ If Aught There Be
O Jesus Crowned With All Renown
O Jesus Crowned With All Renown (original)
O Jesus Crucified For Man
O Jesus I Have Promised
O Jesus King Most Wonderful
O Jesus Lord Most Merciful
O Jesus Lord Of Heavenly Grace
O Jesus Lord Of Light And Grace
O Jesus Thou Art Standing
O Jesus Thou The Beauty Art
O Jesus Thou The Virgins Crown
O Joy Because The Circling Year
O Kind Creator Bow Thine Ear
O King Enthroned On High
O King Most High Of Earth And Sky
O King Of Kings Before Whose Throne
O King Of Kings Whose Reign Of Old
O Lamb Of God Still Keep Me
O Lamb Of God Whose Love Divine
O Lead My Blindness By The Hand
O Let Him Whose Sorrow
O Let The Children Come To Me
O Let The Heart Beat High With Bliss
O Let Triumphant Faith Dispel
O Life That Makest All Things New
O Light From Age To Age The Same
O Light Of Light By Love Inclined
O Light Whose Beams Illumine All
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
O Lord Almighty Thou Whose Hands
O Lord And Master Of Us All
O Lord Be With Us When We Sail
O Lord How Happy Should We Be
O Lord How Joyful Tis To See
O Lord In Me There Lieth Nought
O Lord Most High Eternal King
O Lord Of Heaven And Earth And Sea
O Lord Of Hosts All Heaven Possessing
O Lord Of Hosts Almighty King
O Lord Of Hosts Whose Glory Fills
O Lord Of Hosts Who Didst Upraise
O Lord Our God Arise
O Lord Our Strength In Weakness
O Lord The Holy Innocents
O Lord To Whom The Spirits Live
O Lord Turn Not Thy Face From Me
O Lord Who Formedst Me To Wear
O Love Divine That Stooped To Share
O Love Of God How Strong And True
O Love That Casts Out Fear
O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go
O Love Who Formedst Me To Wear
O Maker Of The Earth And Sky
O Master It Is Good To Be
O Master Let Me Walk With Thee
O Merciful Creator Hear
O Most Merciful
O Most Mighty O Most Holy
O Mother Dear Jerusalem
O My Savior Lifted
O North With All Thy Vales Of Green
O One With God The Father
O Paradise O Paradise
O Perfect God Thy Love
O Perfect Life Of Love
O Perfect Love All Human Thought Transcending
O Praise Our God Today
O Praise Our Great And Gracious Lord
O Praise The Lord Ye Servants Of The Lord
O Praise Ye The Lord Praise Him In The Height
O Prince Of Peace Who Man Wast Born
O Quickly Come Dread Judge Of All
O Sacred Head Sore Wounded
O Sacred Head Surrounded
O Saving Victim Opening Wide
O Savior Bless Us Ere We Go
O Savior Ere We Part
O Savior Jesus Not Alone
O Savior Lord To Thee We Pray
O Savior May We Never Rest
O Savior Precious Savior
O Savior When Thy Loving Hand
O Savior Where Shall Guilty Man
O Savior Who For Man Hast Trod
O Say Can You See By The Dawns Early Light
O Shepherd Of The Sheep
O Sing To The Lord Whose Bountiful Hand
O Sinner Lift The Eye Of Faith
O Sometimes Gleams Upon Our Sight
O Sons And Daughters Let Us Sing
O Son Of God Our Captain Of Salvation
O Source Divine And Life Of All
O Spirit Of The Living God
O Splendor Of Gods Glory Bright
O Strength And Stay Upholding All Creation
O That My Load Of Sin Were Gone
O The Bitter Shame And Sorrow
O Thou Before The World Began
O Thou Before Whose Presence
O Thou Eternal King Most High
O Thou From Whom All Goodness Flows
O Thou In All Thy Might So Far
O Thou In Whom Thy Saints Repose
O Thou Not Made With Hands
O Thou That Hearest When Sinners Cry
O Thou That Movest All O Power
O Thou To Whose All-searching Sight
O Thou Whose All Redeeming Might
O Thou Whose Feet Have Climbed Lifes Hill
O Thou Who At Thy Eucharist Didst Pray
O Thou Who By A Star Didst Guide
O Thou Who Camest From Above
O Thou Who Didst With Love Untold
O Thou Who Dost To Man Accord
O Thou Who Gavest Power To Love
O Thou Who Gavst Thy Servant Grace
O Thou Who Makest Souls To Shine
O Thou Who Through This Holy Week
O Throned O Crowned With All Renown
O Trinity Of Blessed Light
O Trinity Of Blessed Light (alt)
O Twas A Joyful Sound To Hear
O Unity Of Threefold Light
O Valiant Hearts Who To Your Glory Came
O Very God Of Very God
O Voice Of The Beloved
O What If We Are Christs
O What Their Joy And Their Glory Must Be
O Where Are Kings And Empires Now
O Wondrous Type O Vision Fair
O Word Immortal Of Eternal God
O Word Of God Above
O Word Of God Incarnate
O Word Of Pity For Our Pardon Pleading
O World Invisible We View Thee
O Worship The King All Glorious Above
O Worship The Lord In The Beauty Of Holiness
O Zion Haste Thy Mission High Fulfilling
O Zion Open Wide Thy Gates
Palms Of Glory Raiment Bright
Peace Perfect Peace In This Dark World Of Sin
Peace Troubled Soul Whose Plaintive Moan
Pleasant Are Thy Courts Above
Portal Of The Worlds Salvation
Pour Down Thy Spirit Gracious Lord
Pour Out Thy Spirit From On High
Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven
Praise O Praise Our God And King
Praise The Lord His Glories Show
Praise The Lord Of Heaven Praise Him In The Height
Praise The Lord Through Every Nation
Praise The Lord Through Every Nation (original)
Praise The Lord Ye Heavens Adore Him
Praise The Rock Of Our Salvation
Praise To God Immortal Praise
Praise To God Immortal Praise (original)
Praise To God Who Reigns Above
Praise To Our God Whose Bounteous Hand
Praise To The Heavenly Wisdom
Praise To The Holiest In The Height
Praise To The Lord The Almighty The King Of Creation
Praise We The Lord This Day
Prayer Is The Souls Sincere Desire
Pray That Jerusalem May Have
Pray When The Morn Is Breaking
Prepared The Trumpets Call To Greet
Puer Natus In Bethlehem (text)
Put Thou Thy Trust In God
Quiet Lord My Froward Heart
Receive O Lord In Heaven Above
Redeemed Restored Forgiven
Rejoice O Land In God Thy Might
Rejoice Rejoice Believers
Rejoice The Lord Is King
Rejoice The Year Upon Its Way
Rejoice Today With One Accord
Rejoice Ye Pure In Heart
Rescue The Perishing Care For The Dying
Resting From His Work Today
Rest Of The Weary
Return O Wanderer To Thy Home
Revive Thy Work O Lord
Rich Are The Joys Which Cannot Die
Ride On Ride On In Majesty
Ring Out Wild Bells To The Wild Sky
Rise Crowned With Light Imperial Salem Rise
Rise Crowned With Light Imperial Salem Rise1
Rise My Soul And Stretch Thy Wings
Rise O My Soul The Hours Review
Rise Up O Men Of God
Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me
Round Me Falls The Night
Round The Lord In Glory Seated
Round The Sacred City Gather
Ruler Of The Hosts Of Light
Safely Safely Gathered In
Safely Through Another Week
Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
Safe Upon The Billowy Deep
Saints Of God Lo Jesus People
Saint Of God Elect And Precious
Salvation Doth To God Belong
Salvation O The Joyful Sound
Savior Again To Thy Dear Name We Raise
Savior And Can It Be
Savior Blessed Savior
Savior Breathe An Evening Blessing
Savior Eternal Health And Life Of The World
Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us
Savior Source Of Every Blessing
Savior Sprinkle Many Nations
Savior Teach Me Day By Day
Savior When In Dust To Thee
Savior When Night Involves The Skies
Savior Who Didst Healing Give
Savior Who Thy Flock Art Feeding
Saw You Never In The Twilight
Say Not The Struggle Nought Availeth
See Amid The Winters Snow
See Father Thy Beloved Son
See In The Vineyard Of The Lord
See The Conqueror Mounts In Triumph
See The Destined Day Arise
Send Thou O Lord To Every Place
Servants Of God Awake
Servant Of God Remember
Shall We Not Love Thee Mother Dear
Shepherd Divine Our Wants Relieve
Shepherd Of Souls Refresh And Bless
Shine On Our Souls Eternal God
Shine Thou Upon Us Lord
Shout The Glad Tidings Exultingly Sing
Silent Night Holy Night
Since Christ Our Passover Is Slain
Sinful Sighing To Be Blest
Sing Alleluia Forth In Duteous Praise
Sing My Soul His Wondrous Love
Sing My Tongue The Glorious Battle
Sing My Tongue The Glorious Battle
Sing O Sing This Blessed Morn
Sing Praise To God Who Reigns Above
Sing Praise To The Lord The Childrens Hymn
Sing To The Lord The Childrens Hymn
Sing We All The Joys And Sorrows
Sing We The Glory Of Our God
Sing We Triumphant Hymns Of Praise
Sing Ye Faithful Sing With Gladness
Six Days Of Labor Now Are Past
Softly Now The Light Of Day
Soldiers Of Christ Arise
Soldiers Of The Cross Arise
Soldiers Who Are Christs Below
Sometimes A Light Surprises
Songs Of Praise The Angels Sang
Songs Of Thankfulness And Praise
Sons Of Men Behold From Afar
Son Of A Virgin Maker Of Thy Mother
Son Of God Eternal Savior
Son Of The Highest Deign To Cast
Soon May The Last Glad Song Arise
Souls In Heathen Darkness Lying
Souls Of Men Why Will Ye Scatter
Soul Of My Savior Sanctify My Breast
Sound Aloud Jehovahs Praises
Sovereign Ruler Of The Skies
Sow The Seed Beside All Waters
Speed Thy Servants Savior Speed Them
Spirit Blest Who Art Adored
Spirit Divine Attend Our Prayers
Spirit Of Mercy Truth And Love
Spread O Spread Thou Mighty Word
Stand Up And Bless The Lord
Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus
Stars Of The Morning So Gloriously Bright
Stay Thou Insulted Spirit Stay
Stern Daughter Of The Voice Of God
Still Throned In Heaven To Men In Unbelief
Still Will We Trust Though Earth Seem Dark
Strengthen For Service Lord The Hands
Strong Son Of God Immortal Love
Summer Suns Are Glowing
Sunset And Evening Star
Sun Of My Soul Thou Savior Dear
Sweet Day So Cool So Calm So Bright
Sweet Feast Of Love Divine
Sweet Flowerets Of The Martyr Band
Sweet Infancy
Sweet Is The Work My God My King
Sweet Sacrament Divine
Sweet Savior Bless Us Ere We Go
Sweet Savior In Thy Pitying Grace
Sweet The Moments Rich In Blessing
Take My Life And Let It Be
Take Up Thy Cross The Savior Said
Tarry With Me O My Savior
Teach Me My God And King
Tell Me The Old Old Story
Tell Out My Soul The Greatness Of The Lord
Temple Of Gods Holy Spirit
Tender Shepherd Thou Hast Stilled
Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand
That Day Of Wrath That Dreadful Day
That Eastertide With Joy Was Bright
Thee O Christ The Fathers Splendor
Thee We Adore O Hidden Savior Thee
Therefore We Before Him Bending
Theres A Friend For Little Children
Theres A Wideness In Gods Mercy
There Is A Blessed Home
There Is A Book Who Runs May Read
There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
There Is A Green Hill Far Away
There Is A Happy Land
There Is A Land Of Pure Delight
There Is A Stream Which Issues Forth
There Is No Night In Heaven
There Is One Way And Only One
There Was Joy In Heaven
There Were Ninety And Nine
These Things Shall Be A Loftier Race
They All Were Looking For A King
They Are All Gone Into The World Of Light
They Come Gods Messengers Of Love
They Whose Course On Earth Is Oer
The Advent Of Our God
The Advent Of Our King
The Ancient Law Departs
The Apostles Hearts Were Full
The Call To Arms Is Sounding
The Churchs One Foundation
The Church Has Waited Long
The Church Of God A Kingdom Is
The Church Triumphant In Thy Love
The Cross Is On Our Brow
The Dawn Is Sprinkling In The East
The Day Draws On With Golden Light
The Day Is Gently Sinking To A Close
The Day Is Past And Gone
The Day Is Past And Over
The Day Of Resurrection
The Day Of The Lord Is At Hand At Hand
The Day O Lord Is Spent
The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended
The Duteous Day Now Closeth
The Dying Robber Raised His Aching Brow
The Earth O Lord Is One Wide Field
The Eternal Gates Lift Up Their Heads
The Eternal Gifts Of Christ The King
The Fast As Taught By Holy Lore
The Fathers Sole-begotten Son
The First Nowell The Angel Did Say
The Fish In Wave The Bird On Wing
The Foe Behind The Deep Before
The Gentle Savior Calls
The Glory Of These Forty Days
The God Of Abraham Praise
The God Of Life Whose Constant Care
The God Of Love My Shepherd Is
The God Whom Earth And Sea And Sky
The Golden Gates Are Lifted Up
The Grave Itself A Garden Is
The Great Forerunner Of The Morn
The Great God Of Heaven Is Come Down To Earth
The Happy Morn Is Come
The Head That Once Was Crowned With Thorns
The Heavenly Child In Stature Grows
The Heavenly Word Proceeding Forth
The Heaven Of Heavens Cannot Contain
The Highest And The Holiest Place
The Holy Son Of God Most High
The Hymn For Conquering Martyrs Raise
The King Of Love My Shepherd Is
The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns
The Lambs High Banquet Called To Share
The Lambs High Banquet We Await
The Life Which Gods Incarnate Word
The Lords My Shepherd Ill Not Want
The Lord And King Of All Things
The Lord Ascendeth Up On High
The Lord Be With Us As We Bend
The Lord Is Come On Syrian Soil
The Lord Is In His Holy Place
The Lord Is Risen Indeed
The Lord My Pasture Shall Prepare
The Lord Of Might From Sinais Brow
The Lord Will Come And Not Be Slow
The Lord Will Happiness Divine
The Love Of Christ Constraineth
The Maker Of The Sun And Moon
The Master Comes He Calls For Thee
The Merits Of The Saints
The Mighty God The Lord Hath Spoken
The Morning Light Is Breaking
The Night Is Come Like To The Day
The Old Years Long Campaign Over
The People That In Darkness Sat
The Praises Of That Saint We Sing
The Queen O God Her Heart
The Race That Long In Darkness Pined
The Radiant Morn Hath Passed Away
The Roseate Hues Of Early Dawn
The Royal Banners Forward Go
The Saints Of God Their Conflict Past
The Saint Who First Found Grace To Pen
The Savior When To Heaven He Rose
The Shadows Of The Evening Hours
The Shepherds Had An Angel
The Shepherd Now Was Smitten
The Son Of Consolation
The Son Of God Goes Forth To War
The Sower Went Forth Sowing
The Spacious Firmament On High
The Spirit In Our Hearts
The Strain Upraise Of Joy And Praise
The Strife Is Oer The Battle Done
The Summer Days Are Coming Again
The Sun Is Sinking Fast
The Triumphs Of The Saints
The Voice Says Cry
The Voice That Breathed Oer Eden
The Winged Herald Of The Day
The Winters Sleep Was Long And Deep
The Word Of God Proceeding Forth
The Worlds Great Age Begins Anew
The World Can Neither Give Nor Take
The World Is Very Evil
The Year Is Gone Beyond Recall
The Year Is Swiftly Waning
Thine Arm O Lord In Days Of Old
Thine Be The Glory Risen Conquering Son
Thine For Ever God Of Love
Thirty Years Among Us Dwelling
This Day At Thy Creating Word
This Day The First Of Days Was Made
This Is The Day Of Light
This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made
This Joyful Eastertide
Those Eternal Bowers
Though I Should Seek To Wash Me Clean
Thou Art Coming O My Savior
Thou Art Gone Up On High
Thou Art My Hiding Place O Lord
Thou Art My Life If Thou But Turn Away
Thou Art O God The Life And Light
Thou Art The Christ O Lord
Thou Art The Way By Thee Alone
Thou Art The Way To Thee Alone
Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne And Thy Kingly Crown
Thou God All Glory Honor Power
Thou Hallowed Chosen Morn Of Praise
Thou Hidden Love Of God Whose Height
Thou In Whose Name The Two Or Three
Thou Judge By Whom Each Empire Fell
Thou Judge Of Quick And Dead
Thou Knowest Lord The Weariness And Sorrow
Thou Long Disowned Reviled Oppressed
Thou Lord By Strictest Search Hast Known
Thou Lord Hast Power To Heal
Thou Sayst Take Up Thy Cross
Thou Spakest Lord And Into One
Thou The Christ For Ever One
Thou To Whom The Sick And Dying
Thou True Vine That Heals The Nations
Thou Whom Chiefest I Desire
Thou Whose Almighty Word
Thou Whose Birth On Earth
Thou Who At Thy First Eucharist
Thou Who Sentest Thine Apostles
Three In One And One In Three
Throned Upon The Awful Tree
Through All The Changing Scenes Of Life
Through All The Dangers Of The Night
Through Him Who All Our Sickness Felt
Through Midnight Gloom From Macedon
Through The Day Thy Love Has Spared Us
Through The Night Of Doubt And Sorrow
Through The Night Thy Angels Kept
Throw Away Thy Rod
Thy Hand O God Has Guided
Thy Heaven On Which Tis Bliss To Look
Thy Kingdom Come On Bended Knee
Thy Kingdom Come O God
Thy Life Was Given For Me
Thy Way Not Mine O Lord
Till He Come--o Let The Words
Time Hastens On Ye Longing Saints
Tis Done That New And Heavenly Birth
Tis Good Lord To Be Here
Tis Good Lord To Be Here1
Tis Winter Now The Fallen Snow
Tis Winter Now The Fallen Snow1
Today O Lord A Holier Work
Today Thy Mercy Calls Us
To Christ The Prince Of Peace
To God The Everlasting Who Abides
To God The Only Wise
To God With Heart And Cheerful Voice
To Jesus Our Exalted Lord
To Mercy Pity Peace And Love
To My Humble Supplication
To Our Redeemers Glorious Name
To Thee Before The Close Of Day
To Thee Our God We Fly
To Thee O Comforter Divine
To Thee O Lord Our Hearts We Raise
To Thee Whose Eye All Nature Owns
To The Name Of Our Salvation
To Thy Temple I Repair
Triumphant Zion Lift Thy Head
Triumphant Zion Lift Thy Head1
Trumpet Of God Sound High
Turn Back O Man Forswear
Two Brothers Freely Cast Their Lot
Unchanging God Hear From Eternal Heaven
Upon The Holy Mount They Stood
Up In Heaven Up In Heaven
Up To The Throne Of God
Up To Those Bright And Gladsome Hills
Vexilla Regis Prodeunt
Victim Divine Thy Grace We Claim
Virgin-born We Bow Before Thee
Wake Awake For Night Is Flying
Wake O Wake With Tidings Thrilling
Watchman Tell Us Of The Night
Weary Of Earth And Laden With My Sin
Weary Of Wandering From My God
Weeping As They Go Their Way
Weep Not For Him Who Onward Bears
Welcome Happy Morning
Welcome Sweet Day Of Rest
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
Weve No Abiding City Here
We Are But Little Children Weak
We Are Soldiers Of Christ Who Is Mighty To Save
We Build Our School On Thee O Lord
We Come Unto Our Fathers God
We Give Immortal Praise
We Give Thee But Thine Own
We Hail Thee Now O Jesus
We Have Not Known Thee As We Ought
We Know Thee Who Thou Art
We Lift Our Hearts O Father
We Love The Place O God
We March We March To Victory
We Plow The Fields And Scatter
We Praise Thy Name All Holy Lord
We Praise Thy Name O Lord Most High
We Pray Thee Heavenly Father
We Saw Thee Not When Thou Didst Come
We Sing The Glorious Conquest
We Sing The Praise Of Him Who Died
We Thank Thee Lord For This Fair Earth
We Three Kings Of Orient Are
We Walk By Faith And Not By Sight
We Would See Jesus For The Shadows Lengthen
What Are These In Bright Array
What Are These That Glow From Afar
What Child Is This Who Laid To Rest
What Conscience Dictates To Be Done
What Our Father Does Is Well
What Star Is This With Beams So Bright
What Sweet Of Life Endureth
What Thanks And Praise To Thee We Owe
What Time The Evening Shadows Fall
What Various Hindrances We Meet
Whence Those Sounds Symphonious
When All Thy Mercies O My God
When At Thy Footstool Lord I Bend
When Came In Flesh The Incarnate Word
When Christ Our Lord Had Passed Once More
When Christ Was Born In Bethlehem
When Christ Was Born Of Mary Free
When Danger Woes Or Death Are Nigh
When God Of Old Came Down From Heaven
When His Salvation Bringing
When Israel By Divine Command
When I Can Read My Title Clear
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
When Jesus Had Died To Tiberias Sea
When Jesus Left His Fathers Throne
When Jesus Left His Heavenly Throne
When Jordan Hushed His Waters Still
When Lord To This Our Western Land
When Morning Gilds The Skies
When On My Day Of Life
When Our Heads Are Bowed With Woe
When Rising From The Bed Of Death
When Shades Of Night Around Us Close
When Shall Thy Love Constrain
When Spring Unlocks The Flowers
When The Day Of Toil Is Done
When The Unquiet Hours Depart
When Those We Love Are Snatched Away
When Through The Torn Sail The Wild Tempest Is Streaming
When We Are Raised From Deep Distress
When Wounded Sore The Stricken Heart
Wherefore O Father We Thy Humble Servants
Wherefore O Father We Thy Humble Servants (jervois)
Where Cross The Crowded Ways Of Life
Where High The Heavenly Temple Stands
Where Is This Stupendous Stranger
While Angels Thus O Lord Rejoice
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night
While Thee I Seek Protecting Power
Who Are These Like Stars Appearing
Who Is He In Yonder Stall
Who Is On The Lords Side
Who Is This So Weak And Helpless
Who Is This That Comes From Edom
Who Is This With Garments Gory
Who Would True Valor See
Why Doth That Impious Herod Fear
Why Impious Herod Shouldst Thou Fear
Why Should I Fear The Darkest Hour
Wilt Thou Forgive That Sin By Man Begun
Within The Churchs Sacred Fold
Within The Fathers House
With Broken Heart And Contrite Sigh
With Christ We Share A Mystic Grave
With Gladsome Feet We Press
With Glory Clad With Strength Arrayed
With Golden Splendor And With Roseate Hues Of Morn
With Hearts Renewed And Cleansed From Guilt
With Joy Shall I Behold The Day
With The Sweet Word Of Peace
With Weary Feet And Saddened Heart
Witness Ye Men And Angels Now
Word Supreme Before Creation
Work For The Day Is Coming
Work Is Sweet For God Has Blessed
Yesterday With Exultation
Ye Boundless Realms Of Joy
Ye Choirs Of New Jerusalem
Ye Choirs Of New Jerusalem (original
Ye Christian Heralds Go Proclaim
Ye Clouds And Darkness Hosts Of Night
Ye Deathless Messengers Of Christ
Ye Faithful Souls Who Jesus Know
Ye Fields Of Light Celestial Plains
Ye Holy Angels Bright
Ye Humble Souls Approach Your God
Ye Humble Souls That Seek The Lord
Ye Servants Of God Your Master Proclaim
Ye Servants Of The Lord
Ye Sons And Daughters Of The King
Ye That Have Spent The Silent Night
Ye That Know The Lord Is Gracious
Ye Watchers And Ye Holy Ones
Ye Who Own The Faith Of Jesus
Youth When Devoted To The Lord
You Living Christ Our Eyes Behold
You That Have Spent The Silent Night
Zions Daughters Sons Of Jerusalem
Zions Daughter Weep No More
Zions King Shall Reign Victorious

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.