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Traditional Christian Hymn Lyrics.

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Earths Mighty Maker Whose Command Earth Has Many A Noble City Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright Ein Feste Burg Enduring Soul Of All Our Life England Arise The Long Long Night Is Over Ere In Thy Childhood Mid The Desert Places Eternal Beam Of Light Divine Eternal Father Strong To Save Eternal Glory Of The Sky Eternal God We Look To Thee Eternal Light Divinity Eternal Light Eternal Light Eternal Monarch King Most High Eternal Power Whose High Abode Eternal Ruler Of The Ceaseless Round Eternal Source Of Every Joy Evensong Is Hushed In Silence Every Morning The Red Sun Exalted High At Gods Right Hand Fairest Lord Jesus Ruler Of All Nature Fair Waved The Golden Corn Faithful Shepherd Feed Me Faithful Vigil Ended Faith Is The Christians Evidence Faith Of Our Fathers Living Still Fambai Makristu Mukrwa Kwenyu Far Be Sorrow Tears And Sighing Far Down The Ages Now Far From My Heavenly Home Far From My Thoughts Vain World Be Gone Father Again In Jesus Name We Meet Father Eternal Ruler Of Creation Father Hear The Prayer We Offer Father In Heaven Who Lovest All Father Let Me Dedicate Father Most Holy Merciful And Loving Father Most Holy Merciful And Tender Father Of All From Land And Sea Father Of All To Thee Father Of All Whose Love Profound Father Of Heaven Whose Love Profound Father Of Heaven Who Hast Created All Father Of Men In Whom Are One Father Of Mercies Bow Thine Ear Father Of Mercies God Of Love Father Of Mercies In Thy Word Father Of Spirits Whose Divine Control Father See Thy Children Father Son And Holy Ghost In Solemn Power Come Down Father Son And Holy Ghost One In Three And Three In One Father To Thee My Soul I Lift Father To Thee We Look In All Our Sorrow Father We Praise Thee Now The Night Is Over Father Whateer Of Earthly Bliss Father Whose Love We Have Wronged Father Who Hast Gathered Father Who On Man Dost Shower Fierce Raged The Tempest Oer The Deep Fierce Was The Wild Billow Fight The Good Fight With All Thy Might Fill Thou My Life O Lord My God Firmly I Believe And Truly First Of Martyrs Fling Out The Banner Let It Float Forgive Them O My Father Forsaken Once And Thrice Denied Forth In Thy Name O Lord I Go Forty Days And Forty Nights Forward Be Our Watchword For All The Saints Who From Their Labors Rest For All Thy Saints A Noble Throng For All Thy Saints O Lord For Ever We Would Gaze On Thee For Ever With The Lord For Mercy Courage Kindness Mirth For My Sake And The Gospels Go For Thee O Dear Dear Country For The Beauty Of The Earth For The Dear Ones Parted From Us For Those We Love Within The Veil For Thy Dear Saints O Lord For Thy Dear Saint O Lord For Thy Mercy And Thy Grace Fountain Of Mercy God Of Love From All That Dwell Below The Skies From All Thy Saints In Warfare From East To West From Shore To Shore From Egypts Bondage Come From Every Stormy Wind That Blows From Foes That Would The Land Devour From Glory To Glory Advancing We Praise Thee O Lord From Glory Unto Glory Be This Our Joyous Song From Greenlands Icy Mountains From Highest Heaven The Eternal Son From Lowest Depths Of Woe From Ocean Unto Ocean From Out The Cloud Of Amber Light From Thee All Skill And Science Flow From The Deeps Of Grief And Fear From The Eastern Mountains From Virgins Womb This Christmas Day Did Spring From Whence These Dire Omens Round

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