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Jerusalem High Tower Thy Glorious Walls Jerusalem My Happy Home Jerusalem On High Jerusalem That Place Divine Jerusalem The Golden Jerusalem Thou City Blest Jesus And Shall It Ever Be Jesus Calls Us Oer The Tumult Jesus Came The Heavens Adoring Jesus Christ Is Risen Jesus Christ Is Risen Today Jesus From Thy Throne On High Jesus Gentlest Savior Jesus Good Above All Other Jesus Grant Me This I Pray Jesus Guide Our Way Jesus In Thy Dying Woes Jesus Is God The Solid Earth Jesus I Live To Thee Jesus I My Cross Have Taken Jesus King Of Glory Jesus Lives Thy Terrors Now Jesus Lord Of Life And Glory Jesus Lord Of Our Salvation Jesus Lord We Look To Thee Jesus Lover Of My Soul Jesus Master Whom I Serve Jesus Meek And Gentle Jesus Meek And Lowly Jesus My Lord My God My All Jesus My Savior Look On Me Jesus My Strength My Hope Jesus Name All Names Above Jesus Name Of Wondrous Love Jesus Our Hope Our Hearts Desire Jesus Our Lenten Fast Of Thee Jesus Priceless Treasure Jesus Savior Of My Soul Jesus Shall Reign Whereer The Sun Jesus Son Of Mary Jesus Still Lead On Jesus Sun Of Righteousness Jesus Tender Shepherd Hear Me Jesus These Eyes Have Never Seen Jesus The Crucified Pleads For Me Jesus The Fathers Only Son Jesus The Very Thought Is Sweet Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee Jesus The Virgins Crown Do Thou Jesus The Worlds Redeeming Lord Jesus Thou Hast Willed It Jesus Thou Joy Of Loving Hearts Jesus Thy Boundless Love To Me Jesus Thy Mercies Are Untold Jesus To Thy Table Led Jesus Whereer Thy People Meet Jesus With Thy Church Abide Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee Joy And Triumph Everlasting Joy Because The Circling Year Joy Dawned Again On Easter Day Joy Fills Our Inmost Heart Today Joy Is A Fruit That Will Not Grow Joy To The World The Lord Is Come Judge Eternal Throned In Splendor Just As I Am Without One Plea Keep Thyself Pure Christs Soldier Kindly Spring Again Is Here King Of Glory King Of Peace King Of Saints To Whom The Number King Of Saints We Offer Know Ye The Lord Hath Borne Away

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.