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Traditional Christian Hymn Lyrics.

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Caeli Deus Sanctissime Call Jehovah Thy Salvation Call Them In The Poor The Wretched Calm Me My God And Keep Me Calm Calm On The Listening Ear Of Night Calvary Calvary Canst Thou Count The Stars That Twinkle Can A Little Child Like Me Can I See Anothers Woe Can You Count The Stars That Brightly Captains Of The Saintly Band Captain Of Israels Host And Guide Captain Of Our Salvation Take Carol Sweetly Carol Cast Away The Works Of Darkness Cast Thy Care On Jesus Celestial Word To This Our Earth Change Is Our Portion Here Cheer Up Desponding Soul Chief Of Martyrs He Whose Name Chief Of Sinners Though I Be Childhoods Years Are Passing Oer Us Children Of Earth For Heaven We Seek Children Of Jerusalem Children Of The Heavenly King Child In The Manger Child Of The Stables Secret Birth Christians Awake Salute The Happy Morn Christians Sing Out With Exultation Christians Sing The Incarnation Christians To The Paschal Victim Christian Children Advent Bids You Christian Dost Thou See Them Christian Seek Not Yet Repose Christian Unflinching Stand Christ Above All Glory Seated Christ Be My Leader By Night As By Day Christ Be The Lord Of All Our Days Christ Be With Me Christ By Heavenly Hosts Adored Christ Enthroned In Highest Heaven Christ For The World We Sing Christ From The Dead Is Raisd And Made Christ Had Regained The Sky Christ Hath A Garden Walled Around Christ In Highest Heaven Enthroned Christ Is Alive Let Christians Sing Christ Is Born Exalt His Name Christ Is Coming Let Creation Christ Is Gone Up Yet Ere He Passed Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation Christ Is Now Risen Again Christ Is Our Cornerstone Christ Is Risen Alleluia Christ Is Risen As He Said Christ Is Risen Christ Is Risen Christ Is Risen Shout Hosanna Christ Is The Foundation Of The House We Raise Christ Is The One Who Calls Christ Is The Worlds Light Christ Is The Worlds Redeemer Christ I Am Christs Christ Jesus Lay In Deaths Strong Bands Christ Leads Me Through No Darker Rooms Christ Of All My Hopes The Ground Christ Our King To Heaven Ascendeth Christ Our Passover Has Been Sacrificed For Us Christ Our Redeemer Knew Temptations Hour Christ The Fair Glory Of The Holy Angels Christ The Life Of All The Living Christ The Lord Is Risen Christ The Lord Is Risen Again Christ The Lord Is Risen Today Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (leeson) Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (wesley) Christ The Victorious Give To Your Servants Christ The Way Of Life Possess Me Christ The Worker Christ Upon The Mountain Peak Christ Was Born On Christmas Day Christ We Come Before Thee Christ Whose Glory Fills The Skies Christ Who Called Disciples To Him Christ Who Once Amongst Us Christ Will Gather In His Own Church Of The Living God City Of God How Broad And Far Come Dearest Lord Descend And Dwell Come Down O Love Divine Come Ever Blessed Spirit Come Come Faithful People Come Away Come Gracious Spirit Heavenly Dove Come Holy Ghost Creator Blest Come Holy Ghost Creator Come Come Holy Ghost Our Hearts Inspire Come Holy Ghost Our Souls Inspire Come Holy Ghost Who Ever One Come Holy Ghost With God The Son Come Holy Spirit Come Let Thy Bright Beams Arise Come Holy Spirit Heavenly Dove Come Labor On Come Let Our Voices Join Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs Come Let Us Join Our Friends Above Come Let Us Join The Church Above Come Let Us To The Lord Our God Come Let Us With Our Lord Arise Come My Soul Thou Must Be Waking Come My Soul Thy Suit Prepare Come My Way My Truth My Life Come O Come In Pious Lays Come O Creator Spirit Come Come O Thou Traveler Unknown Come Pure Hearts In Sweetest Measures Come Rejoicing Faithful Men Come See The Place Where Jesus Lay Come Sing With Holy Gladness Come Sing Ye Choirs Exultant Come Thou Almighty King Come Thou Holy Paraclete Come Thou Holy Spirit Come Come Thou Long-expected Jesus Come Thou Redeemer Of The Earth Come To Calvarys Holy Mountain Come To Me Lord When First I Wake Come To Our Poor Natures Night Come To The Savior Make No Delay Come Unto Me Ye Weary Come Ye Disconsolate Come Ye Faithful Raise The Anthem Come Ye Faithful Raise The Strain Come Ye People Raise The Anthem Come Ye Thankful People Come Come Ye That Love The Lord Come Ye Yourselves Apart And Rest Awhile Command Thy Blessing From Above Commit Thou All Thy Griefs Commit Thou All Thy Ways Conquering Kings Their Titles Take Creator Of The Earth And Sky Creator Of The Starry Height Creator Of The World To Thee Creator Spirit By Whose Aid Crown Him With Many Crowns

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.