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Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned Maker Of Earth To Thee Alone Maker Of Man Who From Thy Throne Make Me A Captive Lord Martyr Of God Whose Strength Was Steeled Mary Weep Not Weep No Longer Master No Offering Men Of England Who Inherit Men Whose Boast It Is That Ye Mercy Descending From Above Met At This Most Solemn Time Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Morn Of Morns And Day Of Days Most Ancient Of All Mysteries Most Glorious Lord Of Life That On This Day Most Holy Lord And God Of Heaven Motherhood Sublime Eternal My Country Tis Of Thee My Faith Looks Up To Thee My Father For Another Night My God Accept My Heart This Day My God And Father While I Stray My God And Is Thy Table Spread My God How Wonderful Thou Art My God I Love Thee Not Because My God I Thank Thee Who Hast Made My God My Father While I Stray My God My God And Can It Be My God My God Why Dost Thou Me Forsake My God My King Thy Various Praise
My God Permit Me Not To Be My God Since Thou Hast Raised Me Up My Grateful Soul For Ever Praise My Heart Is Resting My Jesus As Thou Wilt My Lord My Life My Love My Lord My Love Was Crucified My Lord My Master At Thy Feet Adoring My Opening Eyes With Rapture See My Savior Hanging On The Tree My Sins Have Taken Such A Hold On Me My Song Is Love Unknown My Soul Be On Thy Guard My Soul Praise The Lord My Soul Repeat His Praise My Soul There Is A Country My Soul With Patience Waits My Spirit Longs For Thee My Spirit On Thy Care Nature With Open Volume Stands Nearer My God To Thee Never Further Than Thy Cross New Every Morning Is The Love New Wonders Of Thy Mighty Hand Nights Shadows Falling Not All The Blood Of Beasts Not Always On The Mount May We Not By The Martyrs Death Alone Not By Thy Mighty Hand Not For Our Sins Alone Not To The Terrors Of The Lord Not With A Choir Of Angels Without Number Not Worthy Lord To Gather Now Doth The Sun Ascend The Sky Now From The Altar Of My Heart Now God Be With Us Now Gracious Lord Thine Arm Reveal Now In Holy Celebration Now In Lifes Breezy Morning Now Is The Healing Time Decreed Now Let Our Cheerful Eyes Survey Now May He Who From The Dead Now May The God Of Grace And Power Now My Soul Thy Voice Upraising Now My Tongue The Mystery Telling Now On Land And Sea Now Thank We All Our God Now That The Daylight Dies Away Now That The Daylight Fills The Sky Now That The Sun Is Gleaming Bright Now The Busy Week Is Done Now The Day Is Over Now The Laborers Task Is Oer Now To Him Who Loved Us Gave Us No Coward Soul Is Mine No Gospel Like This Feast No Not Despairingly

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.