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My God, since thou hast raised me up

1. My God, since thou hast raised me up,
Thee I'll extol with thankful voice;
Restored by thine Almighty power,
With fear before thee I'll rejoice.

2. With troubles worn, with pain oppress'd,
To thee I cry'd, and thou didst save;
Thou didst support my sinking hopes,
My life didst rescue from the grave.

3. Wherefore, ye saints, rejoice with me,
With me sing praises to the Lord;
Call all his goodness. to your mind,
And all his faithfulness record.

4. His anger is but short: his love.
Which is our life, hath certain stay,
Grief may continue for a night.
But joy returns with rising day.

5. Then, what I vowed in my distress,
In happier hours I now will give,
And strive that in my grateful verse,
His praises may for ever live.

6. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The blest and undivided Three ;
The one sole giver of all life.
Glory and praise for ever be

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