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Safely Safely Gathered In Safely Through Another Week Safe In The Arms Of Jesus Safe Upon The Billowy Deep Saints Of God Lo Jesus People Saint Of God Elect And Precious Salvation Doth To God Belong Salvation O The Joyful Sound Savior Again To Thy Dear Name We Raise Savior And Can It Be Savior Blessed Savior Savior Breathe An Evening Blessing Savior Eternal Health And Life Of The World Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us Savior Source Of Every Blessing Savior Sprinkle Many Nations Savior Teach Me Day By Day Savior When In Dust To Thee Savior When Night Involves The Skies Savior Who Didst Healing Give Savior Who Thy Flock Art Feeding Saw You Never In The Twilight Say Not The Struggle Nought Availeth See Amid The Winters Snow See Father Thy Beloved Son See In The Vineyard Of The Lord See The Conqueror Mounts In Triumph See The Destined Day Arise Send Thou O Lord To Every Place Servants Of God Awake Servant Of God Remember Shall We Not Love Thee Mother Dear Shepherd Divine Our Wants Relieve Shepherd Of Souls Refresh And Bless Shine On Our Souls Eternal God Shine Thou Upon Us Lord Shout The Glad Tidings Exultingly Sing Silent Night Holy Night Since Christ Our Passover Is Slain Sinful Sighing To Be Blest Sing Alleluia Forth In Duteous Praise Sing My Soul His Wondrous Love Sing My Tongue The Glorious Battle Sing My Tongue The Glorious Battle Sing O Sing This Blessed Morn Sing Praise To God Who Reigns Above Sing Praise To The Lord The Childrens Hymn Sing To The Lord The Childrens Hymn Sing We All The Joys And Sorrows Sing We The Glory Of Our God Sing We Triumphant Hymns Of Praise Sing Ye Faithful Sing With Gladness Six Days Of Labor Now Are Past Softly Now The Light Of Day Soldiers Of Christ Arise Soldiers Of The Cross Arise Soldiers Who Are Christs Below Sometimes A Light Surprises Songs Of Praise The Angels Sang Songs Of Thankfulness And Praise Sons Of Men Behold From Afar Son Of A Virgin Maker Of Thy Mother Son Of God Eternal Savior Son Of The Highest Deign To Cast Soon May The Last Glad Song Arise Souls In Heathen Darkness Lying Souls Of Men Why Will Ye Scatter Soul Of My Savior Sanctify My Breast Sound Aloud Jehovahs Praises Sovereign Ruler Of The Skies Sow The Seed Beside All Waters Speed Thy Servants Savior Speed Them Spirit Blest Who Art Adored Spirit Divine Attend Our Prayers Spirit Of Mercy Truth And Love Spread O Spread Thou Mighty Word Stand Up And Bless The Lord Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus Stars Of The Morning So Gloriously Bright Stay Thou Insulted Spirit Stay Stern Daughter Of The Voice Of God Still Throned In Heaven To Men In Unbelief Still Will We Trust Though Earth Seem Dark Strengthen For Service Lord The Hands Strong Son Of God Immortal Love Summer Suns Are Glowing Sunset And Evening Star Sun Of My Soul Thou Savior Dear Sweet Day So Cool So Calm So Bright Sweet Feast Of Love Divine Sweet Flowerets Of The Martyr Band Sweet Infancy Sweet Is The Work My God My King Sweet Sacrament Divine Sweet Savior Bless Us Ere We Go Sweet Savior In Thy Pitying Grace Sweet The Moments Rich In Blessing

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.