Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics: Titles Beginning OBR

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O Brother, Be Faithful-Uriah Smith O Brother, Life's Journey Beginning-Ira Sankey O Brothers, Lift Your Voices-Edward Bickersteth O Canada-Stanley Weir O Captain of God's Host-Reginald Heber O Changeless Word-Julia Johnston O Chief of Cities, Bethlehem-Aurelius Prudentius O Child of God-Fanny Crosby O Child of Lowly Manger Birth-Ferdinand Blanchard O Christ, Forget Not Them Who Stand-Margaret Elizabeth Sangster O Christ, Our God-George Bourne O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart's Desire-Latin th or th Century O Christ, Our Joy, Gone Up on High-th Century Latin O Christ, Our Joy, to Whom Is Given-From the Latin O Christ, Our King, Creator, Lord-Gregory I O Christ, Our True and Only Light-Johann Heermann O Christ, Redeemer of Our Race-Unknown author O Christ, Thou Hast Ascended-Edward Bickersteth Jr O Christ, Thy Constant Blessing-John Anketell O Christ, What Burdens Bowed Thy Head-Anne Cousin O Christ, Who Art the Light and Day-Latin before O Christ, Who Didst Our Tasks Fulfill-Louis Benson O Christ, Who Hast Prepared a Place-Jean de Santeuil O Christ, the Heavens' Eternal King-th Century Latin O Christ, the Lord of Heaven, to Thee-Ray Palmer O Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life-George Squier O Christian Home-Joshua Drake O Christians, Leagued Together-Lillian Cassaday and Margaret Seebach O Christmas Night!-Joost van den Vondel O Church of God Triumphant-E M Bangs O Church of God, Arise!-Fanny Crosby O Come All Ye Saints-Franklin Hunter O Come Before the Lord-The Psalter O Come Let Us Sing to the Lord-Attributed to James Montgomery O Come and Dwell in Me-Charles Wesley O Come and Mourn with Me-Frederick Faber O Come and Sing to God, the Lord-Scottish Psalter O Come and to Jehovah Sing-The Psalter O Come, All Ye Faithful-John Wade ca O Come, Loud Anthems Let Us Sing-Tate and Brady O Come, My People, to My Law-The Psalter O Come, My Soul, Bless Thou the Lord Thy Maker-The Psalter O Come, O Come, Emmanuel-From the Latin O Come, Redeemer of Mankind-Ambrose of Milan O Comfort to the Dreary-Josiah Conder O Comforter, Gentle and Tender-Albert Simpson O Could I Find, from Day to Day-Benjamin Cleveland ca O Could I Speak the Matchless Worth-Samuel Medley O Crown of Rejoicing-Johnathan Atchinson O Cry Aloud and Spare Not-Ruth Emswiler O Dark Was the Night-Anonymous before O Darkest Woe-Johann Rist O Daughters Blest of Galilee-William How O Day So Wondrous-Harold Marlow O Day of God, Draw Nigh-Robert Scott O Day of Light and Gladness-Frederick Hosmer O Day of Rest and Gladness-Christopher Wordsworth O Dearest Jesus-Johann Heerman O Do Some Good Deed Every Day-Eben Rexford O Earth, Thou Shalt Not Languish-Eliza Snell O Eden, Dear Eden-Fanny Crosby O Everlasting Light-Horatius Bonar O Faithful God, Thanks Be to Thee-Nikolaus Selnecker O Father, All Creating-John Ellerton O Father, Bless the Children-John Ellerton O Father, Forgive!-Stella Thompson O Father, Hear My Morning Prayer-Frances Percy O Father, Kindly Deign to Hear-William Alger O Father, Thou Who Hast Created All-Albert Knapp O Father, Thy Kingdom Is Come upon Earth-Lina Sandell O Father, We Would Thank Thee-Ada Greenaway O Father, Who Didst All Things Make-William Heathcote O Father, You Are Sovereign-Margaret Clarkson O Father, by Whose Servants-George Briggs O Father, in Whose Great Design-Samuel Stone O Fly to Him-Fanny Crosby O Food That Weary Pilgrims Love-Mainz O Food of Men Wayfaring-From the Latin O Food to Pilgrims Given-Maintzich Gesangbuch O Friend Without Jesus-Roscoe Stott O Gift of Gifts!-Frederick Faber O Gift of God, We Praise Thee-Grace Uhler O Give Thanks to Him Who Made-Josiah Conder O Give the Lord Whole-Hearted Praise-The Psalter O Gladsome Light-Greek O Glorious Hope of Perfect Love-JohnCharles Wesley O Glorious King of Martyr Hosts-th Century Latin O God Our Father-W B Dick O God of Bethel, by Whose Hand-Philip Doddridge and John Logan O God of Earth and Altar-Gilbert Chesterton O God of God-John Julian O God of Grace and Righteousness-Isaac Watts O God of Hosts, the Mighty Lord-Tate and Brady O God of Hosts, with Thy Strong Hand-Zacharias Topelius O God of Life, Whose Power Benign-Arthur Russell O God of Light-Arthur BoothClibborn O God of Love, Grant Us Your Peace-John Dalles O God of Love, O King of Peace-Henry Baker O God of Love, to Thee We Bow-William Jenkins O God of Loveliness-Alfonso de' Liguori

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