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Lord God, We Worship Thee-Johann Franck Lord God, the Holy Ghost-James Montgomery Lord Jehovah, in Thy Temple-Henry McCook ca Lord Jesu, Who at Lazarus' Tomb-Hardwicke Rawnsley Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now-Wilhelm II of SachsenWeimar Lord Jesus Christ, My Life, My Light-Martin Behm Lord Jesus Christ, My Savior Blest-Hans Sthen ca Lord Jesus Christ, Thou Hast Prepared-Samuel Kinner Lord Jesus Christ, Thou Living Bread-Johann Rist Lord Jesus Christ, We Humbly Pray-Henry Jacobs Lord Jesus Christ, with Us Abide-Nikolaus Selnecker et al Lord Jesus, Are We One with Thee-James Deck Lord Jesus, Blessed Giver-Amos Wells before Lord Jesus, Come!-George Jekell Lord Jesus, God and Man-Henry Baker Lord Jesus, Let Thy Watchful Care-Edward Swaine Lord Jesus, Think on Me-Synesius of Cyrene ca Lord Jesus, Thou Dost Keep Thy Child-Jean Pigott Lord Jesus, We Give Thanks to Thee-Christoph Fischer Lord Jesus, When We Stand Afar-William How Lord Jesus, Who Art Come-Eberhard Fischer Lord Jesus, in the Days of Old-James Noble Lord Jesus, on the Holy Mount-John Anketell Lord Jesus, with Thy Presence Bless-Joa�hana�nes de Wattea�ville Lord Over All, If Thou Hast Made-Charles Wesley Lord and Savior, True and Kind-Handley Moule Lord of All Being-Oliver Holmes Lord of All Power and Might-Hugh Stowell Lord of All Worlds-John Adams Lord of Creation, Bow Thine Ear-From the Latin Lord of Earth, Thy Forming Hand-Robert Grant Lord of Glory, Who Hast Bought Us-Eliza Alderson Lord of Life and King of Glory-Christian Burke Lord of Life, All Praise Excelling-Peter Moran Lord of Life, Prophetic Spirit-John Keble Lord of Light, Whose Name Outshineth-Howell Lewis Lord of Mercy and of Might-Reginald Heber Lord of My Life!-Anonymous Lord of Our Highest Love!-Gilbert Tickle Lord of Our Life, God Whom We Fear-Samuel Smith Lord of Our Life, and God of Our Salvation-Matthus von Lawenstern Lord of Power, Lord of Might-Godfrey Thring Lord of Spirits, I Surrender-Johann Welhaven Lord of True Light-Henry Moxley Lord of the Church, We Humbly Pray-Edward Osler Lord of the Dance-Sydney Carter Lord of the Gospel Harvest-William Bradbury Lord of the Harvest! It Is Right and Meet-Samuel Stone Lord of the Harvest, Hear-Charles Wesley Lord of the Harvest, Once Again-Joseph Anstice Lord of the Hearts of Men-Charles Coffin Lord of the Lands-Albert Watson Lord of the Living Harvest-John Monsell Lord of the Sabbath and Its Light-Anonymous Lord of the Sabbath, Hear Us Pray-Philip Doddridge Lord of the Worlds Above-Isaac Watts Lord, 'Tis a Pleasant Thing to Stand-Isaac Watts Lord, All I Am Is Known to Thee-Isaac Watts Lord, Be Thy Word My Rule-Christopher Wordsworth Lord, Behold Us with Thy Blessing-Henry Buckoll Lord, Bless and Pity Us-The Psalter Lord, Cause Thy Face on Us to Shine-Thomas Cotterill Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing-John Fawcett Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing-Henry Buckoll Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor-George Bourne Lord, Forever at Thy Side-James Montgomery Lord, Give Us Souls-George Bennard Lord, Grant Your Peace-Ken Turley Lord, Guard and Guide the Men Who Fly-Mary Hamilton Lord, Hast Thou Cast the Nation Off-Isaac Watts Lord, Hear Me When I Pray-The Psalter Lord, Hear Me in Distress-The Psalter Lord, Hear My Prayer-From Psalm Lord, Hear the Right-From Psalm Lord, Help Us Ever to Retain-Ludwig Helmbold Lord, Her Watch Thy Church Is Keeping-Henry Downton Lord, How Secure and Blest Are They-Isaac Watts Lord, How Shall I Be Meeting-Paul Gerhardt Lord, I Am Fondly, Earnestly Longing-Elisha Hoffman Lord, I Am Thine-Isaac Watts Lord, I Am Thine, Entirely Thine-Samuel Davies Lord, I Am Vile, Conceived in Sin-Isaac Watts Lord, I Approach Thy Mercy Seat-John Newton Lord, I Believe-Daniel Howard Lord, I Believe a Rest Remains-Charles Wesley Lord, I Believe; Thy Power I Own-John Wreford Lord, I Can Suffer Thy Rebukes-Isaac Watts Lord, I Cannot Let Thee Go-John Newton Lord, I Deserve Thy Deepest Wrath-Basil Manly Jr Lord, I Esteem Thy Judgments Right-Isaac Watts Lord, I Have Made Thy Word My Choice-Isaac Watts Lord, I Have Shut the Door-William Runyan Lord, I Lift My Soul to Thee-The Psalter Lord, I Want to Be a Christian-American folk hymn Lord, I Was Blind-William Matson Lord, I Will Bless Thee All My Days-Isaac Watts Lord, I Will Praise Thy Name-The Psalter Lord, I Would Own Thy Tender Care-Jane Taylor Lord, I Would Spread My Sore Distress-Isaac Watts Lord, I'm Coming Home-William Kirkpatrick

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