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Click on the link to the song you want to see. The basic melody, with no backing is shown both as tablature for a standard tuned guitar, and as standard music notation. Lyrics and midis for most of these songs will be found elsewhere on this site.

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W. P. And A. Wabash Cannonball Wade In The Water The Waggoner The Wagoner's Curse On The Railroad The Wagoner's Lad Wait For The Wagon Waiting For The Rain Wake Nicodemus Wake O Wake, You Drowsy Sleeper Walk In Jerusalem Walk In The Light Wallabug Waltzing Matilda Waly, Waly Waly, Waly(1) Wanderin' The Wandering Cowboy The Wanton Seed A War Song War Song(1) A War Song (2) War Song The War Was A-raging The Warfare Is Raging The Wark O' The Weavers Warlike Seamen The Wars O' Germany (2) Wars Of Germany Washington And Lincoln Watching For Pa The Water Is Wide Waterloo Waterloo(1) Waterloo(2) Waterloo(3) The Waters Of Tyne Watkins Ale Wat'ry God A Waukrife Minnie Waulking Song Waves On The Sea Way Down In Dixie Way Out In Idaho Way Up The Ucletaw The Ways Of Man We All Take A Sup Of It In Our Turn We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder We Be Soldiers Three We Be Three Poor Mariners We Dear Labouring Men We Hate To See Them Go We Loop In The Purple Twilight We Never Had Such Taxes We Never Mention Aunt Clara We Shall Not Be Moved We Shall Overcome We Shall Walk Through The Valley We Three Kings Of Orient Are We Will March Through The Valley The Wealthy London Prentice Wearin' Of The Green Weary Of The Darning Weave-room Blues The Weaver Weaving Lilt Wedlock Wee Cooper O' Fife A Wee Drap O' Whisky A Wee Drappie O't The Wee Falorie ManThe Wee Little Croodin' Doo The Wee Wee Man Wee Willie Winkie Week Your Man's Awa' Weel May The Keel Row Weevily Wheat The Well Below The Valley The Well Below The Valley(1) We'll Rant And We'll Roar We'll Ranzo Ray Wella, Wella, Walle We're Gayly Yet We're Going To Pump Out Old Lake Erie Were You There Westering Home Westron Wynde Wha Is That At My Bower Door? Wha' Saw The Forty-second? Whack Fol The Diddle The Whale Catchers Whale Fishing Whale Fishing(1) Whale Fishing Song Whale Fishing Song(1) Wha'll Be King But Charlie Wha's Fu'? What A Court Hath Old England What A Friend We Have In Jesus What Did The Deep Sea Say? What Have They Done To The Rain What Means Noo A' The Young Men? What Put The Blood? What Shall I Do Gin My Hoggie Die What Was Your Name In The States What Would You Do? (married A Soldier) What's The Life Of A Man When A Fellow Is Out Of A Job When Bold King Edward When Cockle Shells Turn Silver Bells When Did We Have Sauerkraut? When First Into This Country When First To This Country When Fortune Turns The Wheel When I Look Tae Yon High Hills When I Was A Brave Cowboy When I Was A Fair Maid When I Was A Young Men When I Was Young, I Had No Sense When Irish Eyes Are Smiling When Jesus Wept (round)

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