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Click on the link to the song you want to see. The basic melody, with no backing is shown both as tablature for a standard tuned guitar, and as standard music notation. Lyrics and midis for most of these songs will be found elsewhere on this site.

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I Am A Pilgrim I Am A Suffragette I Am A Wee Laddy I Am A Wild Young Irish Boy I Believe If I Lived My Life Again I Came To This Country In 1865 I Came To This Country In 1865(1) I Can Not Call Her Mother I Can See Your Aura And Its's Ugly I Can't Feel At Home In This World Anyme I Can't Find Brummagem I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound I Care Not For These Ladies I Ddn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier I Dreamed There Were Unicorns I Gave My Love A Cherry I Got To Roll (ham And Eggs) I Have A Song To Sing-o I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day I Ken Whaur I'm Gaun I Know Moonlight I Know My Love I Know Where I'm Going I Live Not Where I Love I Lost My Love I Love My Love In Secret I Maun Hae A Wife I Never Will Marry I Read It In The Daily News I Rede You Beware O' The Ripples I Remember Loving You I Ride An Old Paint I Saw Three Ships I Sliced Pastrami For The Cia I Used To Work In Chicago I Walk The Road Again I Want A Girl I Want To Go Home I Want To Play Piano In A Whorehouse I Wanted Wings I Was Young (poor Man's Labour) I Will Bow And Be Simple I Will Give My Love An Apple I Will Guide Thee I Will Set My Ship In Order1 I Will Set My Ship In Order2 I Will Set My Ship In Order3 I Will Set My Ship In Order4 I Will Set My Ship In Order5 I Will Set My Ship In Order6 I Will Set My Ship In Order7 I Will Set My Ship In Order8 I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground I Wish That You Were Dead, Goodman I Wish They'd Do It Now I Won't Be A Nun I Won't Go Hunting Wth You Jake I Would Not Die In Summertime If Ever I Marry (i'll Marry A Maid) If He's Good Enough For Lindy If I Was A Blackbird If The Heart Of A Man If Wishes Were Fishes Il Etat Un Petit Navire Ilkla Moor Baht 'at I'll Fly Away I'll Hear The Trumpet Sound I'll Lay Ye Doon, Love I'll Mak You Be Fain To Follow Me I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen I'll Tell My Ma I'm A Freeborn Man I'm A Rover, Seldom Sober I'm Going To Georgia I'm Henery The Eighth, I Am I'm Just A Poor Wayfaring Stranger I'm Marching Inland I'm My Own Granpa I'm Never To Marry I'm Never To Marry(1) I'm Off To Boise City I'm Off To Boise City(1) I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry I'm Working On The Food Chain Imaginary Trouble In Bruton Town In Canso Strait In Old Pod-auger Times In Seaport Town In The Baggage Coach Ahead In The Evening In The Hills Of Shilloh In The Pines In The Pines(1) Indeed Pretty Polly Indicating Rock Inglewood Cocky The Innocent Hare (sportsmen Arouse) Insurance Man Blues The Internationale The Intoxicated Rat The Invincible Armada The Irish Dragoons Irish Girl The Irish Jubilee The Irish Labourer The Irish Mail Robbery The Irish Rover Irish Soldier Laddie The Irishman The Iron Horse I's The B'y Isabeau S'y Promene The Island Lass Isle Au Haut Lullaby Isn't It Grand, Boys It Ain't Gonna Rain No More It Ain't Me, Babe It Is Na, Jean, Thy Bonie Face It Rains It Was On One Monday Morning It'a A Pleasure To Know You It's A Long Way To Tipperary It's Better Than That It's Better To Be Single It's The Syme The 'ole World Over I've Got No Use For The Women I've Got Rings On My Fingers I've Got Rings On My Fingers(1) I've Got Sixpence I've Worked Eight Hours This Day

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