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Click on the link to the song you want to see. The basic melody, with no backing is shown both as tablature for a standard tuned guitar, and as standard music notation. Lyrics and midis for most of these songs will be found elsewhere on this site.

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Ma Baker's Little Acre Macpherson's Lament Mad Moll Mad Robin (love Me Little, Love Me Long) Madam, Will You Walk? Maggie Lauder Maggie May Maid Freed From Gallows Maid Gaed Tae The Mill The Maid Of Australia The Maid Of Buncloudy The Maid Of Tottenham The Maid On The Mountain's Brow The Maid On The Shore Maid On The Shore (2) The Maid Thet Sold Her Barley The Maiden's Lament The Maid's Conjuring Book Maids When You're Young Mairi's Wedding Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor Make New Friends Make New Friends (round) Making Whoopie The Male Female Highwayman Mally's Meek Man-o-war Sailor Man Of Constant Sorrow The Man On The Flying Trapeze Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home Man With The Microphone A Man Without A Woman Manassa Junction The Manchester Angel The Manchester Rambler Mango Walk A Man's A Man For All That The Mantle So Green Many A Man Been Murdered In Luzon Many T'ousand Gone Marching Through Georgia] Marco Polo The Margot Evans (let The Bullgine Run) Marnie, Come Fare Away Married And Single Life Married And Single Life(1) Martin Said To His Man Martinmas Time Marvelous Toy Mary Ann The Mary Ellen Carter Mary Golden Tree Mary Had A Baby Mary Had A Little Lamb (2) Mary Hamilton The Mary L. Mckay Mary Mack Mary Mild Mary Morison Mary Nail Mary On The Wild Moor Mary On The Wild Moor (wind Blew Across The Mary Somers Maryland, My Maryland The Maskin Rung Mason's Apron Master Mcgrath Matt Hyland Mattie Groves Maurice Kelly May Day Carol Mayn Rue-platz Mcafee's Confession Mcalpine's Fusiliers Mccarthy's Widow Mccassery Mccollister Mcpherson's Farewell Meadowlands Meagher's Children The Means Test Man The Meeks Murder The Meeks Murder (3) Meet Me By The Moonlight The Meeting Of The Waters Meg Drummond The Memory Of The Dead Men Of Harlech Mercedes Benz The Merchant's Only Son The Merchant's Son The Mermaid The Mermaid (5) Merry May The Maid Be M'ginty's Meal And Ale Michael, Row The Boat Ashore Michie Bainjo Mick Mcguire Mickey Mouse Theme A Mighty Fortress Is Our Brain Mighty Mississippi A Mighty Ship Was The Gundremar Mill O' Tifty's Annie The Mill, The Mill, O The Miller And The Lass The Miller O' Straloch The Miller Of Dee The Miller's Daughters Miner's Child's Dream Miner's Doom Miner's Lifegard Mingulay Boat Song Mining Camp Blues Mining Camp Blues(1) Mining Camp Blues(2) Mining Camp Blues(3) The Minstrel Boy The Miramichi Fire Miss Lucy Loo Miss Smith Mister Bach Mister Frog Went A-courtin' The Mistletoe Bough Misty, Moisty Morning Mobile Bay Mockin' Bird Hill Molecatcher Molly Ban Molly Bawn And Brian Og Molly Brannigan Molly Malone The Money Crop Monto The Monymustk Lads The Moonshiner Mormond Braes Morrisey And The Russian Sailor (2) Morrisey And The Russion Sailor Moscow Nights Mother, Is The Battle Over Mother Is The Battle Over? Mother, Make My Bed Soon Mothrlss Mount And Go Mountain Dew Mountain Meadows Massacre The Mountains Of Mourne Moving Day Moving On The Moving On Song Mr. Fox Mrs. Macdonald's Lament Mrs. Mcgrath Mrs. Murphy's Chowder Mrs. Murphy's Chowder (overalls) Muff Lawler, The Squealer Mule On The Mount The Mule Song The Mulligan Guards The Murder Of Colonel Sharp The Murder Of Sarah Vail Murdered By A Brother Mursheen Durkin Mush, Mush, Mush Too-ri-li-ady Music Alone Shall Live Music, Sweet Music Musing On The Roaring Ocean Mussels In The Corner Mustang Gray My Ain Folk My Blue-eyed Jane My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean My Bonnie Wee Hen My Bonny, Bonny Boy My Boy Billy My Boy Billy(1) My Boy Billy(2) My Boy Billy(3) My Boy Billy(4) My Boy, Billy Boy My Boy Tammy My Boy Tommy, O! My Boy Willy My Brother Sylveste My Children Are Laughing My Clinch Mountain Home My Dame Had A Lame Tame Crane My Dancing Day My Dirty Stream My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog My Donald My Father, How Long? My Father's Old Sou'wester My Gal Is A High Born Lady My Gal's A Corker My Good-looking Man My Good Old Man My Grandfather's Clock My Heart's In The Highlands My Husband Got No Courage In Him My Irish Molly-o My Irish Molly-o(1) My Laddie Sits Ower Late Up My Last Farewell To Sterling My Last Ol' Dollar My Little Bimbo My Love Is Like A Dewdrop My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose My Love She's But A Lassie Yet My Mother Chose My Husband My Oklahoma Home, It Blowed Away My Peggy's Face My Singing Bird My Sweetheart's The Mule In The Mine My Wife's A Wanton Wee Thing The Mystic Veil

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