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Click on the link to the song you want to see. The basic melody, with no backing is shown both as tablature for a standard tuned guitar, and as standard music notation. Lyrics and midis for most of these songs will be found elsewhere on this site.

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Pace-egging Song Pack Up Your Sorrows Paddy And The Whale Paddy Backwards Paddy Doyle Paddy On The Canal Paddy West (tramps And Hawkers, Etc.) Paddy Works On The Railway Paddy Works On The Railway (1) Paddy Works On The Railway (2) Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore The Paisley Officer Panic Is On Paper Of Pins Paradise Valley The Parting Glass Pass Around Your Bottle Passing By Pastime With Good Company Pastime With Good Company(1) Pat Malloy Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead Pat O'brien Patrick Sheehan Patriot Game The Patriotic Diggers Pattonio, The Pride Of The Plains Paul Jones Paul Jones(1) The Pauper's Drive Pay Me The Money Down Peace Of The River Peck O' Maut The Pedlar The Pedlar (2) Peeler And The Goat Peg And Awl Peg O' Ramsay Peggy Alison Peggy Gordon The Pensioner's Com[laint The Perfect Woman Peri-meri-dictum Domini Perry Merry Dictum (riddle Song) Persia's Crew Peter Emberly Petty Harbour Bait Skiff The Philadelphia Lawyer Philippenitis Phoebe Snow Pick A Bale Of Cotton Pick Me Up On Your Way Down A Picture From Life's Other Side The Picture On The Wall The Picture That Is Turned Toward The Wa The Pill The Pine Barrens Song Pinery Boy A Pint O Wine The Pioneers Pioneer's Song The Piper O' Dundee A Place In The Choir The Plain Golden Band The Plains Of Illinois Plains Of Waterloo Plaisir D'amour Please, Mommy, Please Stay Home With Me Please, Mr. Conductor (lightning Express) Please To See The King The Plodder Seam The Plooman Lad (hishie Ba) Plooman Laddies The Ploughboy The Ploughman The Ploughman(1) Po' Farmer The Poacher's Fate Poll And Sal Pollution Polly Oliver Polly On The Shore Polly Wolly Doodle The Poor Auld Maid Poor But Ambitious (too Proud To Beg) Poor Ellen Smith Poor Ellen Smith(1) Poor Jack Poor Lil Poor Little Girls Of Ontario Poor Lonesome Cowboy The Poor Man The Poor Man's Family Poor Murdered Woman Poor Old Maid Poor Old Man The Poor Whore's Complaint The Poore Man Pays For All Pop Goes The Weasel The Popular Wobbly (they Go Wild...) Portadown Portland County Jail Portsmouth City The Potato Poverty Knock Ppace Of The River Pray, Fair One Be Kind The Preacher And The Slave Precious Lord Prentice Boy Pretty Boy Floyd Pretty Little Baby Pretty Little Bird Pretty Little Miss Pretty Maid Milking Her Goat Pretty Nancy Of Yarmouth Pretty Polly Pretty Polly Perkins Of Paddington Green Pretty Saro Prince Charlie The Prince Of Morocco Prison Of Newfoundland A Prisoner For Life A Prisoner For Life(1) Prisoner's Song (if I Had The Wings...) The Private Still Proud Margaret The Puddy In The Well Puff, The Magic Dragon Punchin' Dough Push Boat Put John On The Islan' Put My Little Shoes Away Puttin' On The Style Puttin' On The Style(1)

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