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Click on the link to the song you want to see. The basic melody, with no backing is shown both as tablature for a standard tuned guitar, and as standard music notation. Lyrics and midis for most of these songs will be found elsewhere on this site.

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T Stands For Thomas Tail Toddle The Tailor And The Crow The Tailor And The Louse The Tailor And The Mouse The Tailor's Breeches Take A Drink On Me Take Me Out To The Ball Game Take This Hammer Taku Miners Tam Glen Tam Lane (tam Lin, Etc.) Tam Lin Tam Lin(1) Tam Lin(2) Tammany Tanqueray Maetinis, Oh! Taps The Tarpaulin Jacket Tarranty, My Son The Tarry Sailor Tarry Trousers Tarry Trousers(1) Tarry Trousers (2) Tarry Wool Tattie Jock Tavern In The Town The Taylor Fell Thro' The Bed Te Farmington Canal Song A Tea Party Song The Tea Tax Teaming Up The Cariboo Road Teddy O'neill Tee Roo The Teetotal Society Tell All The World, John Tell Old Bill Tell Poor Lou I'm Gone The Telling Takes Me Home Ten O'clock And All Is Well Ten Sticks Of Dynamite Ten Thousand Cattle Ten Thousand Cattle(1) Ten Thousand Miles Ten Thousand Miles Away The Tenderfoot The Tennessee Stud Tenting On The Old Camp-ground Terence, My Son Terror Time Tex-i-an Boys The Texas Cowboy Texas Jack Texas Rangers That Crazy War That's What It's Like In The Navy Their Brains Were Small Then Cherry Tree (3) Theniel Menzie's Bony Mary Theniel Menzie's Bony Mary(1) There But For Fortune There Is A Happy Land There Lived Twa Sisters There Was A Wee Wifey There Was An Old Farmer There Was An Old Miller There Was Twa Wives There Waur Three Ladies In A Ha' There'll Be A Hot Time There's A Hole In The Bucket There's An Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse There's Nae Luck About The House These Old Cumberland Mountain Farms Things About Comin' My Way This Endris Night This Great War This Land Is Your Land This Little Light Of Mine This Train Thomas And Nancy Thomas Of Winesbury Thomas The Rhymer Those Brown Eyes Three Birds Three Blind Mice The Three Brothers The Three Crows Three Dishes And Six Questions Three Drops Of Poison Three Drunken Maidens Three Girls Drowned Three Grains Of Corn The Three Hunters Three Jolly Rogues Of Lynne Three Jolly Sneaksmen Three Jolly Welchmen Three Jolly Welshmen The Three Knights The Three Maids The Three Mcfarlands Three Men Of Eddystone Three Merry Men Three Nights And A Sunday The Three Ravens Three Score And Ten Three Travelers Three Weeks Before Easter Threes (dog And Pony) Thw Old Sow Song Thyme, It Is A Precious Thing Tibbie Dunbar Tickle Cove Pond Tie Me Kangaroo Down Tiftie's Annie Tifty's Annie Tifty's Annie(1) Till I Go Down To Bimini The Time I've Lost In Wooing Time To Be Made A Wife Times Is Hard The Tinker's Courtship Tipping It Up To Nancy Tipping It Up To Nancy(1) Tiranti, My Son Tis Finished The Titanic The Titanic(2) The Titanic(3) The Titanic(4) Tittery Nan To Daunton Me To The Beggin' I Will Go To The Weaver's Gin Ye Go Tobacco Union Tobacco's But An Indian Weed Told My Captain Tom Bolyn Tom Bolynn Tom Bolynn(1) Tom Cat Blues Tom Dewey's Victory Song Tom Dooley Tom Dooley(1) Tom Joad Tom O'neil Tom Pierce (tam Pearse)(widdicombe Fair) Tommy's Gone To Hilo Tone The Bell Easy Too Much Of A Good Thing Torn A' My Goon The Town I Loved So Well The Trail To Mexico The Train That Carried My Girl From Town Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! Tramp On The Street The Tree Craws Trees They Do Grow High The Trees They Grow So High A Trip On The Erie The Trooper And The Maid The Trooper And The Maid(1) The Trooper And The Tailor The Trooper Watering His Nagg The Trooper's Horse Trouble In Mind Truck Driving Woman The True And Trembling Brakeman The True Lovers Departure Tryspir Tullochgorum Tumba-bloody-rumba The Turkey-rogherlee Turkey In The Straw The Turkish Lady Turmit Hoeing Turn Around Turn Ye To Me Turning Toward The Morning Turpin Hero Turtle Dove Twa And Twa Twa Bonnie Maidens The Twa Brothers Twa Corbies The Twa Corbies (4) The Twa Corbies (5) The Twa Emperors Twa Recruitin' Sergeants The Twa Sisters The Twa Sisters(1) The Twa Sisters(3) The Twangman Twelve Gates To The City The Twenty-first Of Liverpool The Twenty-fourth Of February Twenty-one Years Twenty Tons Of Tnt The Twin Ballots Two-cent Coal Two Brothers The Two Brothers(1) The Two Brothers(2) The Two Drummers (my Mother Was A Lady) Two Little Sisters Two Little Sisters(1) The Two Little Sisters The Two Lost French Fliers Two Lovers Discoursing The Two Magicians Two Maidens Went Milking One Day The Two Puritains The Two Sisters The Two Sisters(1) The Two Sisters(10) The Two Sisters(11) The Two Sisters(14) The Two Sisters(15) The Two Sisters(16) The Two Sisters(17) The Two Sisters(18) The Two Sisters(19) The Two Sisters(2) The Two Sisters(21) Two Sisters The Two Sisters(3) The Two Sisters(4) The Two Sisters(5) The Two Sisters(6) The Two Sisters(7) The Two Sisters(8) The Two Sisters(9) Two Sisters (binorrie) Two Young Brethren Tying Ten Knots In The Devil's Tail Tyranty, My Son The Tyre Fitter The Tythe Pig

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