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Click on the link to the song you want to see. The basic melody, with no backing is shown both as tablature for a standard tuned guitar, and as standard music notation. Lyrics and midis for most of these songs will be found elsewhere on this site.

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The Factory Girl The Factory Girl (2) Faded Coat Of Blue Faded Love Fair Annie Fair Betsy Fair Fanny Moore Fair Fanny Moore(1) Fair Flower Of Northumberland Fair Flower Of Northumberland(1) Fair Janet A Fair Lady Of The Plains The Fair Maid Of Islington Fair Nelson Fair Nottamun Town The Fair Of Turloughmore Fair William And Lady Maisry The Faithful Sailor Boy The Faithful Sailor Boy(1) False-hearted Lover The False Bride False Bride (dancing At Whitsun Etc.) False, False Hae Ye Been To Me, My Love The False Knight And The Wee Boy The False Knight On The Road False Knight On The Road The False Knight Upon The Road The False Knight Upon The Road(1) The False Lady False Lamkin False Lover Won Back Or Bonnie Love The False Young Man The False Young Man(1) The Famine Song (praties They Grow Smal) Famous Flower Of Serving Men Famous Flower Of Servingmen Fanny Blair Fanny Blair(1) Fare Thee Well, My Own True Love Fare Ye Well, Lovely Nancy Farewell Dear Rosanna Farewell Dear Rosanna(1) Farewell Dear Rosanna(2) Farewell He Farewell Shanty Farewell To Grog Farewell To Novia Scotia Farewell To Old Bedford Farewell To Tarwaithie Farewell To Whisky The Farmer In The Dell The Farmer Is The Man The Farmer Is The Man(1) Farmer Michael Hayes Farmer There Lived In The North Country The Farmer's Boy The Farmer's Boy(1) Farther Along The Fatal Snowstorm The Fatal Wedding Father Grumble Father Murphy Of County Wexford Father Was Killed By The Pinkerton Men Fathom The Bowl Fear A'bhata Fear An Bhate (the Boatman) The Feein' Time Felix The Soldier Feller From Fortune The Female Highwayman Female Rambling Sailor Female Sailor Bold Female Suffrage A Fenian Song The Fenians' Escape Ferryland Sealer Festival Love Fete Champetre Fiddler's Green Fiddler's Green (cavalry) The Field Of Bannockburn The Fields Of AthenryFifteen Miles From Birmingham Fifty Cents Filibustering The Final Trawl The Finding Of Moses Fine Knacks For Ladies Finn Waterside Finnegan's Wake Finuola, The Gem Of The Roe Fionlandia Fire Down Below Fire Down Below(1) Fire Down Below(2) Fire In The Hole The Fire Of Frendraught Fireball Mail The Fireship The Fireship(1) The First Love Dream The First Noel The First Of The Emigrants The First Thing The First Time Ever The Fisher Who Died In His Bed The Fishes' Lamentation Fitba' Crazy The Five Carlins Five Foot Flirt Flash Companie Flash Gals Of The Town Flat River Girl The Flemings Of Torbay Flora, The Lily Of The West Flow Gently Sweet Afton The Flower Of Magherally The Flower Of Northumberland The Flower Of Northumberland(1) The Flower Of Sweet Strabane Flowers Of The Valley Flowers Of The Valley(1) Flowers Of The Valley(2) The Flowor O' Northumberland Flunky Jim The Flying Cloud The Flying Dutchman The Fog Galliard The Foggy Dew The Foggy Dew(1) The Foggy Dew(2) The Foggy Dew(3) The Foggy, Foggy Dew Follow Me Up To Carlow Follow The Band A Fond Kiss (farewell To Nancy) A Fool Such As I For He's A Jolly Good Fellow For Those In Peril On The Sea The Forfar Soldier The Forsaken Mermaid Fortune My Foe Forty Long Miles Four Drunken Maidens Four Drunken Maidens(1) Four Green Fields Four Little Johnny Cakes Four Long Hours Four Loom Weave The Four Maries Four Old Whores Four Pounds A Day Four Walls The Fox Fox Hollow Song Fox Went Out The Foxy Devil Frae The Friends And Land I Love Frank Gardiner Frankie And Albert Frankie And Johnnie Frankie Silver Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again Freedom On The Wallaby Frere Jacques The Friar In The Well The Friar In The Well(1) Friends And Neighbors Frog Weny A-courting The Froggy He From Buffalo To Troy From Clare To Here From Clare To Here(1) From Thee, Eliza Frozen Logger Fuller And Warren The Funeral Party

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