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Click on the link to the song you want to see. The basic melody, with no backing is shown both as tablature for a standard tuned guitar, and as standard music notation. Lyrics and midis for most of these songs will be found elsewhere on this site.

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Gae To The Kye Wi' Me, Johnny Gaily The Troubador Gairdener Child The Gairdner Child The Gal Thet Got Stuck The Gallant Brigantine The Gallant Forty Twa The Gallant Weaver The Gallowa' Hills The Gals Of Chile The Galveston Flood Galway Bay The Galway Shawl The Gambling Man Gambling On The Sabbath Day Gamecard Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping Gaol Song Garbage The Garden Song The Garden Song(1) The Garden Where The Praties Grow Garryowen Garton Mother's Lullaby The Gas-man Cometh The Gay Goshawk The Gay Spanish Maid Gee But I Wanna Go Home General Henry Munroe A Gentleman Of Exeter Gently, Johnny, My Jingalo Geordie Geordie(1) Geordie (2) George Collins George Collins (2) George Reilly (4) The German Musicianer Get Me Down My Petticoat Get That Boat Get Up And Bar The Door Get Up And Go Get Up, Jack; John Sit Down The Ghost Of Tom Ghost Riders In The Sky The Ghostly Crew The Ghst Of Bras D'or Gideon's Band Gie The Lass Her Fairing Gight's Ladye Gil Brenton Gilderoy Gilderoy(1) Gill Morice Gill Morrice The Girl I Left Behind The Girl I Left Behind(1) The Girl On The Greenbriar Shore The Girl With The Waterfall The Girls At Home Girls Of The Shamrock Shore Git Along, Little Dogies Git Away, Old Man Git Back Blues Give Ear To A Frolicksome Ditty Give Me The Roses While I Live Give The Boss His Due Glasgow Peggie (hielan' Lads) Glasgow Peggy 2 Glendy Burke Glenlogie Glenlogie(1) Glenwhorple Highlanders Globe Trotting Nelly Bly Gloomy Night Glorious Ale Glorious Beer Gloucestershire Wassail Go Down Death Go Down, Moses Go Down, Old Hannah Go Down, Old Hannah(1) Go Down You Murderers Go From My Window Go No More A-rushing Go Tell Aunt Rhody Go, Tell It On The Mountain God Bless The Child God Moves On The Water God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen   God Save The King Goin' Back To Carolina Going Dry Golden Apples Of The Sun The Golden Ball Golden Slippers The Golden Vanity The Golden Vanity(1) The Golden Vanity(2) The Golden Vanity(3) The Golden Vanity(4) Golden Vanity Golden Wedding Day (old Gray Bonnet) Golden Willow Tree Gonna Keep My Skillet Greasy Good Christian Men, Rejoice Good Fish Chowder Good King Wenceslas The Good Old Way The Good Ship Kangaroo Goodbye, Fare-ye-well Goodbye Old Friend Goodbye Old Friend(1) Goodbye, Old Paint Goodbye To The 30-foot Trailer Goodnight Loving Trial The Gooey-duck Song Gossip Joan Gossip Joan(1) Got No Luck With The Women Gower Wassail Grafted Into The Army The Grand Conversation Of Napoleon The Grand Coulee Dam Grandma's Advice The Granite Mill Fire The Gray Goose Great-grandad A Great Big Sea Hove In Long Beach The Great Courthouse Great Grandad Great Silkie Great Speckled Bird Great Storm Is Over Great Tom Is Cast The Great Wheel Green Bed Green Bed (jackson) Green Beds The Green Brier Shore Green Broom Green Bushes The Green Fields Of America (2) Green Fields Of America (3) The Green Fields Of Amerikay The Green Grass The Green Grassy Slopes Green Gravel Green Grow The Rashes, O Green Grow The Rushes, O(2) Green Grows The Laurel Green Hills Of France (no Man's Land) The Green Linnet Green Mossy Banks Of The Lea The Green Mossy Banks Of The Lea(1) The Green Mossy Banks Of The Lea The Green Mossy Banks Of The Lee(2) Green Mountain The Green Willow Tree Greenback Dollar The Greenbrier Shore (2) The Greenland Whale Greenland Whale Fisheries Greensleeves Greenwood Laddie The Gresford Disaster Grey Cock The Grey Funnel Line The Grey Mare Grey Selchie Of Sule Skerry The Grey Silkie Of Sule Skerry Grigaloo Grimsby Lads Groundhog Gude Wallace Gumtree Canoe Guy Reed Gypsy Davy The Gypsy Laddie The Gypsy Laddie(1) Gypsy Rover The Gypsy's Warning

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