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Bluegrass instrument playing methods and techniques(See note 1 at end)
Bluegrass Jamming guide
Bluegrass Harmony Singing, (See note 2 at end)
Bluegrass - What is it? - definition & background info
Mandolin Self Instructor - complete online tutorial - beginner to intermediate book with PDF
First Step, How to Play the Ukulele - Self instructor by Lew Stern Complete book with PDF
The Harry Reser Ukulele Method - Basic level self instructor Complete book with PDF
The Modern Ukulele Method by May Singhi Breen (Ukulele Lady) Complete book with PDF
200 songs for Ukulele - Sheet music with uke chord diagrams Complete book with PDF
Baritone Ukulele Self Instructor A Simplified, Illustrated uke tutorial Complete book with PDF
Hawaiian Steel Guitar - A Simple Tutor For Learning Steel Guitar Complete book
Bluegrass Your Fiddle - 10 part bluegrass fiddle tutorial by Rick Townend
Banjo Tutorials - bluegrass, frailing, learn by ear & backup by Patrick Costello
Fiddle Styles
Fiddle Technique
Fiddle Care
High Whistle
How To Play All The Popular Musical Instruments Extensive instrument playing tutor
The Eclipse Self-Instructor for 5 string banjo Complete tutorial
The New Method for Tenor Banjo Complete tutorial
Self learning tutorial for Ukulele Complete tutorial
The Kamiki Ukulele Method (Hawaiian style) Complete tutorial
How to Play The Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass Recorders Complete tutorial
Handbook Of Violin Playing - A Tutorial For Classical Style Violin Complete tutorial
Make Your Own Spanish Guitar - Complete plans and Instruction Complete tutorial
Melodeon and Seraphine Instructor - Instruction manual with excellent collection of songs
Singing & Songwriting
How to set song lyrics to music and create a tune - non-technical guide By Rick Townend
How to sing Complete book see note 3 at end.
Bluegrass Harmony singing See note 2 at end.
How to Sing A Song - Voice & body training for Lyric interpretation Complete Book
Voice Training In Speech & Song - online tutorial with exercises Complete Book
Training the Singing Voice - a meta-study of the subject Complete Book
Songwriters Lyric Helpers - Versification & Rhyming Dictionary Complete Book
How To Write A Popular Song - A non-technical how-to-do it system Complete Book
Aural Culture Based on Musical Appreciation - tutorial for sight singing
HOW TO SING PLAIN CHANT - Sing this ancient form of Church Music Tutorial,rules etc

Music Theory/Technology/Helpers/Styles/Reference etc

Using Chords
Chord Formation
Guide to Harmony
Guide to Modes
Beginning Harmony 1st year for class or private study Online textbook
Scales And Arpeggios For Piano - online reference book- Complete book

Music Technology & Acoustics
Music Technology & Home Recording Glossary- See note 4 at end
Acoustics & Sound For Musicians - Physical Basis Of The Art Of MusicComplete book
Resources & Helpers for Musicians
A bit about Jazz Chords for guitar - basic guide on how to use.
Chord Charts for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin & Fiddle - Includes chord theory
The Nashville Numbering System - transposition chords to different keys - how to Guide
Convert chords to any key Easy to use chart
Memorizing - for musicians
Traditional & Folk oriented Music Encyclopedia - Very Extensive
Scales for Banjo, Guitar & Mandolin - with tab
Chord Charts - Session Tunes & Songs sequence for 600+ songs  
Session Tune Chord Playing Charts playing sequences for 400 tunes.
MUSICAL MEMORY - how to improve your musical memory - Complete book
Styles of playing
Twelve Bar Blues - a basic guide on how to play
Teach Yourself Jazz - online guidebook- Complete book
Extempore Playing - 40 Lessons, how to correctly play improvisations.- Complete book
Reference/Research Items (see also main menu)
The National Music of America Sources & Influences By Louis C. Elson
Introduction To Folk Music In the United States Complete book
Child Ballads Complete book
Child Ballads 1860 version volume 1 of 8 Complete book
Child Ballads 1860 version volume 2 of 8 Complete book
Child Ballads 1860 version volume 3 of 8Complete book
Child Ballads 1860 version volume 4 of 8Complete book
Child Ballads 1860 version volume 5 of 8Complete book
Child Ballads 1860 version volume 6 of 8Complete book
Child Ballads 1860 version volume 7 of 8Complete book
Child Ballads 1860 version volume 8 of 8Complete book
Popular Music Of The Olden Time Vol 1 Complete book
Popular Music Of The Olden Time Vol 2 Complete book
Mr Jelly Roll Originator of Jazz by Alan Lomax Complete book
American Ballads & Folk Songs by John Lomax Complete book
Our Singing Country by John Lomax Complete book
Songs of the Cattle Trail & Cow Camp by John LomaxComplete book
Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads by John LomaxComplete book
The Book Of Jazz - online book Complete book
Folk & Traditional Music of the Western ContinentsComplete book by Bruno Nettl
The Stories Behind Famous Songs v1 Book by S. J. Adair Fitzgerald
The Stories Behind Famous Songs v2 Book by S. J. Adair Fitzgerald
The National Music Of The World Book by Henry Fothergill Chorley
Stephen Collins Foster Biography Book by Harold Vincent Milligan
Stephen Foster youth's golden gleam Complete book by Raymond Walters
Curiosities of Music Complete book by Louis C Elson
Folk Songs Of the American Negro An investigation Complete book by John Wesley Work
INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including Singing Games and Folk SongsBook by Margery Closey Quigley
Musical Instruments - The History Of Musical InstrumentsComplete book by Carl Engel
Military Music And Its Story - The Rise & Development Of Military Music Complete book by Henry George Farmer
Studies In Folk-song And Popular by Poetry Complete book by Alfred M. Williams
Traditional Dance
Appalachian Clogging (stepping) tutorial by Rosie Davis
Cowboy Dances - Western square dance by Lloyd Shaw Complete book
Singing Games - Folk Dances by George Bidstrup Complete book
Morris Dance by Cecil Sharp Complete book
American Square Dances of The West & Southwest Complete book
Misc items
Instrument Jokes
Barlow Knife and tune/song titles in traditional music
What is old time music
Song/Music Finder - index of popular music, songs & composers
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1) There is a set of tutorial CDs (The Just the Tune series by Rick Townend) which goes with this article. They include music tracks with tabs and standard notation for each and are a great way to learn bluegrass and oldtimey music. Check them out HERE.

2) There is a tutorial CD on bluegrass harmony with music tracks, tablature and notation that goes with this article, you will find it HERE

3) This is the book "How To Sing" by Lilli Lehmann. "Lilli Lehman (1848–1929). a German operatic soprano, had the superb quality and volume of voice, she became famous as Brünnhilde, Isolde, and in other roles in operas by Richard Wagner. She was also noted as an interpreter of W.A. Mozart." Not exactly bluegrass I know, but her very practical, hands on approach, might give you some useful tips.

4) This glossary of music technology and home recording terms is something I first put together when I was getting an "official" education in the subject. Since then it has been much updated and added to. It seems appropriate to put it here, as more and more musicians and bands working in traditional and folk music, are taking advantage of the ever improving and un costly audio software and hardware for home PCs to record and publish their own CDs. A worthy enterprise, as the established music business seems to have little interest in publishing real music. (You can tell I don't like them.) You will also find quite a lot of useful pure musical information.