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An index of popular music and songs from the last 500 years.
Provides name, composer of music and lyrics (if different) and date information for many thousands of songs and tunes that have been highly popular from about 1500.

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How the Index is Organised & Finding a Song

Song finder Just click on a letter on the nav-bar or above and on Song-Finder to return to this page. The songs are in alphabetical order with information on four separate songs on each page. The song
index pages are indexed on the first 3 characters in the name, where there are more than 4 entries for any 3 characters, a numeric suffix is added starting at 10.

Abbreviations Used in the Index:
A name in the field marked LM means lyrics and music where written by the same person(s) A name in the M field indicate the author of the music and in the L field the author of the lyrics.

A Dose Of Nostalgia You may find it interesting to browse these titles. If you are like me you will be amazed by how many titles you find you remember from childhood or teenage years.

What type of songs are are you looking for?

It covers the most popular titles, i.e. songs that have had significant popularity at some time. These are mostly songs from English speaking parts of the world although a few European language items are also included. All are from the western musical tradition and no attempt has been made to include items from other traditions. Pretty much all all genres have been included from classical to film, tv, theatre and even advertising - the criteria of popularity has been the main one for choosing what to include. You will also find many pieces more commonly thought of as being traditional or folk music indexed these sometimes had their origins in some early popular song which was then "folk processed" and it's real origins forgotten.

Only basic information is provided - the song title (and alternative titles) the composers name and the year of publication. Many songs have different authors for the lyrics and the music, where available both have been provided. You may find more detailed song or author information in the resources below.

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