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Product information:
The "Just The Tune Series" by Rick Townend  contain a collection of some the best known and most loved traditional tunes in American bluegrass and old-time music. In fact, you will be very hard pushed to find a bluegrass or old-time music "picking" session at which one or more of these tunes were not played. Despite having been recorded by many different artists over the years, until now it has been difficult to find versions suitable to learn from,.or play along to. They are often too fast, in "difficult" keys, not in concert pitch, over decorated or have other defects that make it difficult to use them a source for tune learning.
  These albums, for the first time, bring together all the old favourites in one collection. They are recorded and arranged to make them a pleasure to listen to, and at the same time, making them easy to play along with, and to learn from. Each tune is repeated several times (most tracks are about 4 minutes) the first repeats emphasize the tune in a simpler from, and as the track progresses more decoration and instrument leads are brought in to demonstrate the tune might be played on different instruments. The tunes are recorded at moderate speed to make listening and learning easier. (Volume 7 is faster, being at a medium session speed) The instruments used are Banjo (bluegrass and old-time styles), Guitar (lead & rhythm), Mandolin, Fiddle, Autoharp, Dobro, Dulcimer and Bass. Not all instruments are used on all tracks.
  The "Just The Tune" series are supplied on mixed media CDs. This means that as well as being playable in your normal Hi-Fi or personal stereo, they can also be played in your Windows based PC. When played on a PC you can view on screen or print out, standard music notation scores and instrument tabs for each tune. Tabs are provided for Banjo (5stringG), Dobro, Dulcimer, Guitar (open), Guitar (capo),  Mandolin, and Tenor banjo. The tabs show the string and fret for each melody note. The printed tablatures from the Just the Tune CDs are "royalty free" for non-commercial use. So you can print out or copy the tab sheets to give to friends, students etc (handy if you're a music teacher). However, you may NOT make copies of the CD or it's files.
How to Order:
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If you prefer to download the price is £5.00 per volume (see order info page), or CDs are £8.00 each or £20.00 for any three. Add £1.00 per order for post & packing for UK delivery or £3.00 for overseas. If order online using Paypal, HERE

Just The
tune vol 1

1) Angeline The Baker D, 2) Arkansas Traveler D, 3) Buffalo Gals G, 4) Cluck Old Hen A, 5) Cripple Creek G, 6) The Girl I Left Behind Me G, 7) Golden Slippers G, 8) Ragtime Annie D, 9) Reuben's Train D, 10) Shortening Bread A, 11) Down in The Willow Garden G

Just the
tune vol 2

1) Eighth Of January  D, 2) Flop Eared Mule D , 3) Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss  D, 4) June Apple ALiberty  D, 6) Liza Jane G, 7) Mississippi Sawyer D, 8) Old Joe Clark A, 9) Over The Waterfall D, 10) Whiskey Before Breakfast D, 11) In the Pines D

Just the
tune vol 3

1) Bill Cheatum A. 2) Billy In The Low  Ground C, 3) Cumberland Gap G, 3a) Cumberland Old time version Fire On The Mountain A, 5) Frosty Morning A, 6) Redwing  G, 7) Rose Tree , 8) Sally Goodin' A , 9) Sandy River Belles G, 10) Turkey In The Straw G, 11) All the good times A

Just the
tune vol 4

1) Black Mountain Rag C , 2) Cherokee Shuffle A, 3) Grandfathers Clock G, 4) Home Sweet Home D, 5) Red Haired Boy G, 6) Sailors Hornpipe G, 7) Sally Ann G, 8) Soldiers Joy D, 9) Sourwood Mountain A, 10) Waterbound G , 11) I never will marry  F

Just the
tune vol 5

1) Blackberry Blossom  G, 2) Bonaparte's Retreat  D, 3) Chicken Reel  D, 4) Dallas Rag  F, 5) Down Yonder D, 6) Ida Red  A, 7) Jenny Lind D, 8) Little Rabbit A, 9) Salt River/Creek A, 10) St Annes Reel D, 11) Star of County Down Em

Just the
tune vol 6

1) Bonaparte crossing Rhine A, 2) Cricket on the Hearth D, 3) Katy Hill  G, 4) Leather Britches G, 5) Lonesome Indian D, 6) Rachel aka Texas Twostep  D, 7) Devils Dream A, 8) Walking In The Parlor G, 9) West Fork Girls D, 10) Whistling Rufus C, 11) Amazing Grace G

tune vol 7

1)Pell Mell G, 2)Patty On The Turnpike Gmix, 3)Bluegrass Scramble Amix, 4) Fishers Hornpipe D, 5)Richmond Cotillion D, 6) Chinese Breakdown C, 7) Cindy G, 8) Dill Pickle Rag G , 9) Rakes Of Mallow G, 10) Kitchen Girl Amix, 11) Flowers Of the Forest A
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Buffalo Girls BANJO TAB
Buffalo Girls GUITAR TAB