Singing-Bluegrass Harmony

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One of my recent projects has been with "Grass Roots", who are very experienced professional bluegrass band, to produce a collection of CDs similar to our Just the Tune series. These CDs are intended not only to be good to listen to in their own right, but also to provide tutorage in bluegrass harmony singing. Each CD will also include tablature for each song, the tab will not only show the melody line but also the harmony notes sung. Up to 4 harmony parts are used, and tablature is provided for Banjo, Guitar, and Mandolin, standard music notation is also provided. The CDs are provided in a mixed-media format so that they can play on your hi-fi just like regular music CDs but when played on your PC will also allow you to view and print out scores an tabs as well as playing the music. Like the JTT series we will also be providing this album in a downloadable form as well as CD.

We will be using favourite traditional bluegrass songs with 11 or 12 tracks per CD the songs chosen for the first volume are:

1)A Beautiful Life, 2)Boil Them Cabbage Down, 3)Columbus Stockade Blues, 4)Down The Road, 5)Footprints in the Snow, 6)I Ain't Broke but I'm badly Bent, 7)Keep On The Sunny Side, 8)The Midnight Special, 9)Old Joe Clark, 10)Shady Grove, 11)Sitting On Top Of The World, 12)The Wreck Of The Old 97

Tracks 1 and 3 have mp3 clips you can listen to by clicking on them, these samples are on 64 bit to make smaller file size but the proper ones are full CD quality.

Grass Roots

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Here is an article by Rick Townend on how to sing bluegrass harmony.

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