The National Music of America - online book

The Sources & Factors that Formed America's Music.

This Illustrated Book Also Includes Some Sheet Music.

By Louis C. Elson, Pub by L. C. Page and Company Boston, Circa 1900

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American porch musiciansAbout This Book

IN NO DEPARTMENT of musical history has there been more of careless and unverified statement, of unquestioning acceptance of tradition, than in the chronicles of our national music. The author by no means claims to have cleared up the mists which hang over some parts of the subject; he may, however, state that where conflicting tales were told, which could neither be confirmed nor disproved, he has presented both sides of the question without prejudice. The origin of " Yankee Doodle," for example, has not been discovered, but it has been pointed out that many things which have been accepted as ascertained facts have by no means the certainty of history. A slight discursion to show the growth of the national taste in music in America, has been deemed pertinent to the subject. No apology is needed for a full presentation of the music of the Pilgrims and the Puri­tans, for not only have errors crept into the popular comprehension of this important topic, but this may be regarded as the chief seed whence the early music of our country sprang. Most of the musical illustrations are drawn from early (often original) editions, in the library of the author.

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