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A large collection of charts that provide the chord playing sequences for 400 popular session and jam songs and tunes.

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Session Tune Chord Playing ChartsTHIS IS THE SECOND COLLECTION of chord charts on this site. Thanks to the folks at the PEGRAM JAM for this collection. They describe themselves as follows:

The Pegram Jam began when a group of folks (mostly fiddle students) started playing Old Time/String Band music together in Pegram, Tennessee, just west of Nashville, back in December 2001. We were told by our teachers that we needed to practice with other musicians. Kirk decided to offer a room in his home to hold a weekly jam. Folks just kept coming every Tuesday, much to our complete amazement. We played practically every week until December 2007, when the jam was discontinued. There is also a PDF version of this chart book available from their site.


Here you will find the sequence of chord changes for a large number of popular session tunes and songs. As with out other collection, a wide variety of types of music are represented including Irish, English, Bluegrass, Oldtimey, New England, Scottish, Shetland and various others. However, with this collection the emphasis is more on Old-time and Bluegrass than the other types. The keys given here are the most commonly used for the named tune or song, but be warned, there can be considerable variation in the key actually used in sessions depending on local traditions and preferences. Tune versions are also subject to regional variability as well as the choices and interpretation made by the many and various musicians who transcribed these chord charts.The first collection is HERE where you will also find a description of how to read these charts.


Many, but not all of the tunes listed below are in the Public Domain; do not assume that because they are old
tunes that they are without copyright protection. They appear in this collection solely to demonstrate chord
structure to an accompanist.

Each page has about 10 charts on it.

The songs/tunes are arranged in alphabetical order, each line of titles is a link which will take you to the page with the charts for those tunes. You can skip forward or back pages by using the Previous or Next links or click on Contents to come back to this page.

If you would like a really huge collection of these chord charts Ryan Thomson (Captain Fiddle) does a 120 page book with charts for 1400 tunes.

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----------------------------------CHORD CHARTS FOLLOW----------------------------------

Adieu Foulard, Alabama Jubilee, Aly’s Waltz, Angeline The Baker, Arkansas Traveler, The Ash Grove p1

Ashland Breakdown, Ashoken Farewell, Avalon Quickstep, Azalea Waltz, Backup And Push, Banish Misfortune, The Banshee, Barndance Polka p2

Behind the Bush in the Garden, Big Footed Man, Big Mon, Big Sandy River, Big Sciota, Bile Them Cabbage Down, Bill Cheatham, Bill Malley’s Barndance, Bill Malley’s Schottische, Bill Sullivan’s Polka p3

Billy In The Lowground, Birdie, Bitter Creek, Black Widow Romp, Blackberry Blossom, Bue Bonnets Over the Border, Blue Eagle, Bluegrass Stomp, Bob Taylor’s March p4

Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine, Bonaparte’s Retreat, Bonnie Kate, Boston Boy, Bound To Have A Little Fun, Boys, My Money’s All Gone, Boys of Blue Hill, Briar Picker Brown, Britches Full of Stitches, Brushy Fork of Johns Creek p5

Brushy Run, Buck Mountain, Buffalo Gals, Bull at the Wagon, Calico, Calliope House, Camp Meetingon the 4th of July, Campbell’s Farewell toRed Gap, Captain and His Whiskers p6

Cattle In The Cane, Chattanooga, Cherokee Shuffle, Cheyenne, Chickens Three Feet High, Chief Sitting Bull, Chinese Breakdown, Chinquapin, Chinquapin Hunting p7

Cincinnati Rag, Cindy, Cindy, Clinch Mountain Backstep, Cluck Old Hen, Cold Frosty Morning, Colored Aristocracy, Cooley’s Reel p8

Cora Dye, Cotton Eyed Joe, Cotton Patch Rag, Cowboy Waltz, Crested Hens, Cricket on the Hearth, Cripple Creek, Cross Eyed Fiddler p9

Crow Creek, The Cuckoo, Cuckoos Nest, Cumberland Gap, Dans en Dro, DeKalb Rangers, Dennis Murphy’s Polka, Denver Belle, The Devil Eat The Groundhog, Devil’s Dream p10

Dill Pickle Rag, Dogs in the Dishes, Down by the River, Down by the Sally Gardens, Down Yonder, Draggin’ The Bow, Drowsy Maggie, Dry and Dusty, Dubuque p11

Ducks On The Millpond, Ducks On The Pond, Duke of Perth, Durang’s Hornpipe, Dusty Sam, East Tennessee Blues, Ebeneezer, Ebeneezer Scrooge, Eighth of January, Elk River Blues p12

Elzik’s Farewell, Faded Love, Fair Morning Hornpipe, Fannie Powers Waltz, Farewell Blues, Farewell to Long Hollow, Farewell Trion, Festival Waltz p13

Fire on the Mountain, Fishers Hornpipe, Flop-Eared Mule, Flowers of Edinburgh, Fly Around, Flying Cloud Cotillion, For The Sake Of Old Decency, Forked Deer, Fun’s All Over, The p14

Garry Owen, Geese Honking, Georgia Railroad, Ger the Rigor, Getting Out Of The Way, Of The Federals, Gimme Back My Fifteen Cents, Girl I Left Behind Me, Glory In The Meeting House, Going Across The Sea, Gold Rush p15

Golden Slippers, Good-Natured Man, Goodbye Liza Jane, Goodnight Waltz, Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around, The Grand Picnic, Granny, Does Your Dog Bite, Gray Eagle p16

Greenleaf Fancy, Greasy Coat, Great Big Taters, Growling Old Man,, Grumbling Old Woman, Gwine Down The Valley, Hanged Man’s Reel, Hard Times, Harvest Home Hornpipe, Haste To The Wedding p17

Heel-and-Toe Polka, Hell Among The Yearlings, Hell Broke Loose In Georgia, Henry Reed’s Breakdown, High Dad In The Morning, Home Sweet Home, Horse To Kerfunken, Hosses in the Cane Break p18

Hunting The Buffalo, I Buried My Wife, And Danced On Her Grave, Indian Ate A Woodcock, Innishire, Irish Washer Woman, Italian Waltz, Jackie Tar, Jake Gilley, Jaybird p19

Jenny In The Kitchen, Jenny Lynn, Jerusalem Ridge, Jig of Slurs, Jimmy In The Swamp, Joe Cooley’s Reel, John Riley The Shepherd, John Ryan’s Polka, John Salyer’s Waltz p20

Johnny Don’t Get Drunk, Josey Girl, Josey-O, Julia Delaney, Julianne Johnson, June Apple, Kansas Waltz, Katy Hill, Katy, Bar The Door, Kentucky Waltz p21

Kesh Jig, Kilnamona Barndance, King Jesus, King Of The Faeries, Kiss Me Waltz, Kitchen Girl, Knockabout Polka, Knotsman’s Reel, Lafayette, Lady Of The Lake p22

Last Night’s Fun, Leather Britches, Leonard in the Ditch, Liberty, Liebestraum, Limerock, Little Birdie, Little Dutch Girl, Little Liza Jane p23

Little Maggie, Little Rabbit, Lonesome John, Lonesome Moonlight Waltz, Louisville Breakdown, Lovers Waltz, Lucy Farr, Maggie In The Woods, Magpie p24

Maid Behind The Bar, Maidens Prayer, Maneater, Margaret’s Waltz, Martha Campbell, Maury’s Wedding, Memories Of Shetland, Merry Blacksmith, Methodist Preacher p25

Midnight On The Water, Miller’s Reel, Miss McLeods, Miss Monaghans Reel, Mississippi Sawyer, Mist Covered Mountain, Monaghan Jig, Morrisons Jig p26

Muddy Road, Musical Priest, My Darling Asleep, Nail That Catfish To A Tree, Needle Case, New Broom, New Five Cents, New Money, North Carolina Breakdown p27

O’Carolan’s Draught, O Donna O Boo, Off to California, Oh, Lady Be Good, Oh, Susanna, Oil City Quickstep, Old Blue Tick p28

Old French, Old Gray Cat, Old Horse and Buggy, Old Joe, Old Joe Clark, Old Joe’s Jig, Old Molly Hare, Old Mother Flanagan, Old Virginia Reel p29

Old Yella Dog, Ook Pik Waltz, On The Road To Boston, Opera Reel, Ora Lee, Out on the Ocean, Over The Waterfall, Over Yonder, Oyster River p30

Paddy on the Turnpike, Peacock Rag, Peeler Creek Waltz, Petronella, Pike’s Peak, Possum N Taters, Rachel, Ragtime Annie, Raise Them Chickens p31

Rakes of Mallow, Red Apple Rag, Red Haired Boy, Red Head Blues, Red Lick, Redwing, Reel du Isador, Rickett’s Hornpipe p32

Rights of Man, Road To Lisdoonvarna, Roanoke, Rock All The Babies To Sleep, Rock The Cradle Joe, Rock The Cradle Lucy, Rocks of Bawn, Rose Of Sharon p33

Rocky Mountain, Rose Tree, Royal Box Waltz, Rubber Dolly, The Rusty Gun, Rye Straw, Sackett Harbor, Saddle On Case, Sadie at the Back Door, Sail Away Ladies p34

Sally Ann, Sally Goodin, Sally Johnson, Salt Creek, San Antonio Rose, Sandy Boys, Sandy River Belle, Sarah Armstrong p35

Saturday Night Waltz, The Scholar, Seamus Cooleys Jig, Seneca Square Dance, Seychelles Waltz, Shady Grove, Shana McLeod’s, Sheebeg Sheemore, Shove The Pigs Foot p36

A Little Closer to the Fire, Silver Bell, Silver Spire, Smash The Windows, Smith’s Reel, Snowflake Reel, Snowshoes, Soap Suds Over The Fence, Soldiers Joy, South Wind, Spanish Lady p37

Spirit of ‘92, Spotted Pony, Spring Creek Gals, Springfield Gals, Squirrel Hunters, St Anne’s Reel, Star of Bethlehem, Star of Munster p38

Star of the County Down, Staten Island Hornpipe, Stay All Night, Steaks On The Grill, Step Around Johnny, Stones Rag, Stony Point, Sugar Hill p39

Sugar In The Gourd, Sugar Tree Stomp, Swallowtail Jig, Swannanoa Waltz, Sweet Hour Of Prayer, Swing Lady Home, Tam Lin, Teabag Blues, Teahan’s Favorite p40

Temperance Reel, Tennessee Wagoner, Tennessee Waltz, Texas Gales, That’s My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It, The Cat Came Back, Three Thin Dimes, Tombigbee Waltz, Tombstone Junction p41

Too Young to Marry, Toss The Feathers, Trip To Durrow, Trouble Down in Georgia, Tugboat, Turkey in the Straw, Tuscaloosa Waltz p42

Twin Sisters, Valley Forge, Waiting For Nancy, Wake Susan, Wake Up Darling Corey, Walking In My Sleep, Walking To and From Alderscholan, Waltz of the Little Girls p43

Waltz Young Jane, Watchman, Ring the Bell, Waterbound, Waynesboro, West Fork Gals, Westphalia Waltz, When We Were Young, Maggie, Whimbush Rag p44

Whiskey Before Breakfast, Wild Rose Of The Mountain, Wildwood Flower, Willow Creek, Willie Coleman’s Jig, Wind That Shakes The Barley, Windcrest, Winder Slide, Winging It p45

Wink The Other Eye, The Wise Man, Woodchoppers Reel, Year of Jubilo, Yella Gals in A, Yella Gals in G, Yellow Barber, Yellow Rose Of Texas p46

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