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A Comprehensive Robert Burns collection of 700+ songs and lyrics with pdf for printing.

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Mallys Meek Mallys Sweet Man Was Made To Mourn A Dirge Mark Yonder Pomp Of Costly Fashion Mary Morison Masonic Song Meg O The Mill Another Version Meg O The Mill Merry Hae I Been Teethin A Heckle Monody On A Lady Famed For Her Caprice Montgomeries Peggy Motto Prefixed To The Authors First Publication Mphersons Farewell Mr William Smellie A Sketch Musing On The Roaring Ocean My Bonie Bell My Bonie Laddie Highland Laddie My Bonie Mary My Collier Laddie My Eppie Adair My Eppie Macnab My Father Was A Farmer Upon The Carrick Border O My Father Was A Farmer My Girl Shes Airy Fragment My Girl Shes Airy Shes Buxom And Gay My Harry Was A Gallant Gay My Heart Is A Breaking Dear Tittie My Heart Is Sair I Dare Na Tell My Heart Is Wae And Unco Wae My Hearts In The Highlands My Highland Lassie O My Hoggie My Lord A Hunting My Love Shes But A Lassie Yet My Nanie O My Nanies Awa My Native Land Sae Far Awa My Peggys Charms My Peggys Face My Peggys Form My Sandy Gied To Me A Ring My Spouse Nancy My Tochers The Jewel My Wifes A Winsome Wee Thing Nae Gentle Dames Tho Eer Sae Fair Natures Law A Poem Humbly Inscribed To Gavin Hamilton News Lassies News Nithsdales Welcome Hame No Churchman Am I For To Rail And To Write No Churchman Am I Now In Her Green Mantle Blythe Nature Arrays Now Rosy May Comes In Wi Flowers Now Spring Has Clad The Grove In Green

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